Affiliate Marketing Software For Networks And Brands

Scaleo allows you to optimize, analyze and track your affiliate campaigns in real-time.
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Affiliate Marketing Software for Advertisers
If you are looking to expand your marketing efforts and add an affiliate division to your business, Scaleo offers the perfect solution: a widgetized white-label platform that will be integrated seamlessly into your business, allowing for a smooth user experience and flawless tracking in the background.
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Affiliate Marketing Software Network
Running a network? Scaleo can offer you a customizable white-label solution for managing thousands of affiliates, advertisers, creative assets in one place, with uncompromised performance speed and a robust backend. You and your affiliates will love the neat interface and a support team that truly cares.
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Affiliate Marketing Software for Media Buyers
Looking for a reliable tracking tool to manage all forms of online media in one place? Scaleo allows you to easily control every click, conversion, and lead. Enhanced statistics, real-time reporting, reliable robust infrastructure, advanced API, and many more advanced features.
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“Scaleo increased our sales by a huge margin. We get to invite affiliates and optimize their traffic. User friendly, super easy to navigate, very affordable price plans, great pre-sale and after-sale support - Scaleo has all the tools you need to start and grow your business.”
James P., Marketing Manager - KrediKings Ltd.
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4.75 out of 5
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Great user experience Affiliate marketing software 2020 Award by FinanceOnline
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Migrating from another affiliate marketing software?

  • If you are currently using another affiliate marketing software by one of our competitors, we offer smooth, effortless (and free!) migration of your entire business to Scaleo.
  • Our dedicated support team is here for you 24/7 to guide and help you throughout.
  • Rich integrations and APIs selection makes it easy for your business to grow while providing custom solutions.
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Key Benefits of Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

UI Customization
UI Customization
Customize our affiliate software to fit your business perfectly. Upload your logo, choose brand colors, connect your custom domain and many more customization options.
Anti-Fraud Logic™
Anti-Fraud Logic™
Our in-built Anti-Fraud Logic™ algorithm combines and analyzes dozens of internal and external measuring points to detect and eliminate fraud traffic in real-time
Lightning-fast Interface
Lightning-fast Interface
Save time with Scaleo, as our intuitive and lightning-fast UI offers dozens of useful widgets, filters and data points.
No Redirection Tracking
No Redirection Tracking
Affiliate marketing is all about smooth tracking - avoid additional redirects and send traffic to advertisers’ landing pages directly. Unlock the limitations of all major ad platforms.
AI Technology
AI Technology
Stay ahead of the competition with Scaleo's Al-powered affiliate tools. Use advanced modern technologies and grow your business efficiently and automatically.
Since affiliate marketing is a global business, Scaleo allows you to add offers in different currencies. You will never need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations.
Track your affiliate marketing campaigns easily
  • Always online: guaranteed 99.99% uptime with Scaleo’s robust infrastructure
  • Eliminate fraudulent traffic from your affiliate campaigns using our in-built Anti-Fraud Logic™
  • Fully customizable affiliate marketing software solution
Track your affiliate marketing campaigns easily
Analyze your data for actionable insights
  • Access real-time data combined with instantly generated reports
  • Detailed statistics with 30+ data breakdowns and 50+ data points
  • Export data to your favorite BI tool for additional possibilities
Analyze your data for actionable insights
Optimize affiliate performance with our AI-tools
  • Monetize every click using our smart traffic redirection
  • Allow our affiliate marketing automation feature do the work for you
  • Receive alerts and tips on how to optimize and boost your affiliate marketing performance
Optimize ad performance with our AI-tools
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