Online revenue models are ceaselessly expanding. With the rise of the internet, the world is at everyone’s feet. You no longer have to do boring work for a boss, but you can let your creativity run free. Over the years, various online revenue models have been created/born.

Earning models that allow you to be your own boss earn a lot of money and above all, enjoy freedom.

No more traffic jams on your way to work at 08:00 in the morning. Never have to be accountable to that annoying supervisor again. No more obligations to colleagues. And never again the payslip with that low salary on it. No, you can say goodbye to your paid job by working with an online revenue model. You can immediately change your life in a really nice way.

Which online revenue models can you choose from?

You will find all the relevant information about this in this article. We have listed the best online revenue models for you so that you can immediately make the right choice for yourself. 

Regardless of your chosen revenue model, the (digital) world is at your feet!

What Are The Online Revenue Models Available in 2020?
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What Are The Online Revenue Models Available in 2022?

  • Online revenue model 1: starting your own eshop
  • Online revenue model 2: reading emails
  • Online revenue model 3: affiliate marketing
  • Online revenue model 4: stock trading
  • Online revenue model 5: dropshipping
  • Online revenue model 6: starting your own business & offering digital services
  • Online revenue model 7: selling training courses, courses or e-books
  • Online revenue model 8: SaaS
  • Online revenue model 9: developing apps

Online revenue model 1: starting your own eshop

Has it always been your dream to start your own brand? Then you don’t have to open a physical store, as you can also start up your own eshop. By starting your own eshop, you enjoy a lot of freedom; After all, you decide which products you will sell and at what prices, etc. By starting your own eshop, you can earn a lot of money. 

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You do have to consider that you will have to deal with the necessary risks. After all, you must keep your stock somewhere, meaning you may have to rent a business property. 

You are also responsible for the quality of your products, shipment, and product return. Starting your own eshop is certainly not a completely risk-free online revenue model.

The fact is that starting your own eshop is great fun. You can put your egg completely into this, enjoy much freedom, and no two days are the same. Those are certainly reasons to start your own eshop!

Online revenue model 2: reading emails

Is it possible to make money in such a simple way? Yes, that is certainly possible. By reading emails and carrying out certain assignments, you can earn nice monthly pocket money.

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This online business model does not take up too much time, does not require any (technical) knowledge, and is, therefore, very easy to implement. You have to consider a relatively low income and not very challenging work.

Would you like to earn money by reading emails? Then you can register for this at one of the programs. Would you like to start earning more money immediately? Then register with multiple programs and start reading the emails immediately!

Online revenue model 3: affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the most interesting online revenue models if you can avoid the most common affiliate marketing mistakes. This is mainly due to the ratio between risk-taking and the money you can earn. Or rather, the lack of risks and the endless possibilities to make a lot of money.

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In affiliate marketing, you actually work together with advertisers. You get the ‘right’ to promote products from the advertisers. You can promote these products via, for example, reviews, via social media, or via e-shop or even without a blog.

The aim is, in any case, to promote the advertisers’ products. Visitors to your website should be enthusiastic about purchasing a certain product. If the visitor is interested in buying the product, he can click on a button or on an affiliate link.

The visitor is then redirected to the advertiser’s website. The visitor can order the article on that website and make the payment. The advertising party’s website sees that this visitor comes from your website; the affiliate link you used is unique.

When you make such a sale, you will receive a certain commission. In many cases, this is a certain percentage of the order value, so as you manage to get more and more visitors to your affiliate website, the chances are that you will earn nice pocket money.

Because you do not run any risks yourself, you need little start-up capital and can earn money. Affiliate marketing has grown into online revenue model #1. Would you also like to get started with affiliate marketing? You can acquire all the necessary knowledge with the help of the Affiliate Marketing Revolution.

Online revenue model 4: stock trading

Do you have a strong interest in the stock market and associated stocks? Then you can also trade in the shares via the internet. A frequently heard variant is day trading, you focus on the daily price of a share. You buy the share at the lowest possible price and sell it – on the same day – at the highest possible price. With day trading, it is thus possible to earn money online.

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If you want to trade in stocks, you must consider the risk. After all, many external factors influence the price of a share. You may lose much of your investment if you make a few wrong choices. Partly for this reason, this online revenue model is only recommended for people who have already built up a nice capital and are willing to take some risk.

Business model 5: dropshipping

A Complete Guide To All The Online Revenue Models in 2020

Dropshipping is actually a variant of having your own eshop. With this online revenue model, you only work with a third party, a dropshipping party. This party is responsible for storing all products, shipping the products, and receiving any returns.

This means you spend a lot less time selling products. Another advantage is that you can offer many products since you do not have to keep them in stock. You do have to take into account the responsibility you bear. If a customer orders through your eshop, you are responsible for handling it. 

So you must find a dropshipping party that can be fully trusted and does a good job.

dropshipping - A Complete Guide To All The Online Revenue Models in 2020

The advantage is that you can earn much money through this online revenue model. You lose a certain portion per order to the dropshipping party, but building up a nice capital is still possible. That is certainly the case if you compare it with the time you have lost; after all, the most time-consuming jobs are taken care of for you. Automating everything is possible so that every order is automatically forwarded to the dropshipping party.

Online revenue model 6: starting your own business & offering digital services

You can, of course, also choose to start your own company. The digital services you offer can also be performed anywhere in the world. You are not dependent on location or time; for example, you are your own boss and only perform digital services.

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You can think of designing websites, logos, and the like, offering social media marketing, search engine optimization, and writing web texts. 

The absolute advantage of this is that there is / will remain a continuous demand for such services. The world of e-commerce has been growing rapidly for several years now; this growth is expected to continue in the coming years. With such an online business, you should certainly be able to achieve many successes.

In addition, it is, of course, necessary that you deliver quality, that you keep agreements, and that you work hard. Making money online (unfortunately) cannot be done by sitting back. Regardless of which online revenue model you choose from this article, you must work hard to get the desired results!

Online revenue model 7: selling training courses, courses or e-books

A flourishing revenue model is also the sale of training courses, courses, and e-books. By offering such online products, you can build a nice source of income. It is also good to know that this is a fairly passive form of income. After all, you only have to write the e-book once or develop the training only once. Every student who subsequently registers for your course makes money in the drawer.

Online revenue model 8: SAAS

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You can also choose to develop a software package yourself. You can then sell this software package for, for example, a monthly amount to other (digital) entrepreneurs.

The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you must have a lot of knowledge and that you must be creative. After all, many software packages and programs have already been invented.

Online revenue model 9: developing apps

Finally, it is also possible to develop apps. You can place these apps in the stores of Android and iOS, where you can use a certain amount. If someone wants to buy the app, he has to pay an x ​​amount. As your app is bought more often, the income can increase considerably.

You can also make use of in-content sales. You see such sales at Fortnite, for example. That game is free, but you can still spend a lot of money on it. After all, if you want to dress up or improve your character, you must pay for it. Many players in such a game are inclined to spend money. That is Fortnite’s business model and can be described as quite successful.

What is the best online revenue model for you?

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In this article, you have found a selection of the big hat with online revenue models. Many of these revenue models are fairly popular, while others require highly specialized knowledge. The fact is that you can go in all kinds of directions thanks to these online revenue models. Therefore, the answer to the question ‘What is the best online revenue model for you?’ is completely personal.

The advice is, therefore, to try out different online revenue models, even Rev Share. Immerse yourself in a few online revenue models and start experimenting. You will then automatically notice what you are good at, where your interests lie, and what you can be successful with. At least remember one thing; the (digital) world is at your feet. 

As long as you work hard, have good ideas, and have the necessary patience/perseverance, you, too, can become a successful digital entrepreneur!

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