The affiliate marketing environment is changing enormously fast in the gaming industry. In the face of stricter privacy rules and evolving tracking technologies, how can you make sure that your affiliate program survives and thrives?

This post will delve into the issues and prospects confronted by iGaming’s affiliate managers as well as Scaleo, an affiliate software that navigates this dynamic landscape.

cyber security in igaming partner business
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The Cookie Crumbles: The End of an Era in Affiliate Tracking

Do you recall the small data pieces called cookies that used to follow your online activities? However, third-party cookies are disappearing. Major browsers, including Safari and Chrome, are currently getting rid of them because of privacy issues that keep arising.

What Were Third-Party Cookies Used For?

Affiliate marketing relied on third-party cookies that tracked individuals through various sites to enable affiliate marketers to measure conversions and give commissions. Nonetheless, this strategy is now dangerous due to the reliance on third-party cookies.

How Does This Impact iGaming Affiliate Marketing?

Attribution May Become Less AccurateTracking a user’s journey across different websites becomes challenging without third-party cookies, potentially leading to inaccuracies in conversion attribution.
Conversion Rates May DecreaseAffiliates may see a drop in reported conversions due to less precise tracking, resulting in reduced payouts and diminished motivation to promote the brand.
Costs IncreaseiGaming operators might need to invest in new tracking technologies or rely more on paid advertising to compensate for the absence of third-party cookies.

So, What’s the Solution?

The answer is in cookieless tracking methods. Server-side tracking and first-party data collection are the only solutions to get accurate attribution.

Don’t panic, though!

This change gives a chance to build a more privacy-oriented and sustainable affiliate program. The time has come for acceptance of the new age of cookieless tracking.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP): The Privacy Watchdog

Have you ever come across Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)? You should think of it as a watchdog for your privacy online. It is Safari browser’s built-in feature that actively counteracts cross-site tracking.


This machine-learning-powered ITP detects and stops trackers attempting to follow you through the web.

Why is ITP Critical to Affiliate Marketing?

Because ITP limits the lifetime of tracking cookies, it significantly affects affiliate marketing. Initially, third-party cookies had a lifespan of 24 hours under ITP. Nowadays, the latest updates have seen all third-party cookies blocked completely by default.Therefore, this has considerably shortened the time frame within which conversions are tracked and assigned to the accurate affiliates.

What do You Need to Know About Browser-Based Privacy Features?

ITP does not operate in isolation in regards to privacy. Other browsers like Firefox and Brave have also implemented their own tracking prevention mechanisms. For instance, Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks known trackers by default. Also, as at 2023 it was predicted that more than 42% of internet users worldwide were using browsers with integrated ad-blocking and anti-tracking functions.

The Impact on Affiliate Marketing Data:

Sure, here’s the information presented in a table format:

Shorter Tracking WindowReduced ability to monitor customer activities across multiple websites, making it harder to accurately attribute conversions.
Inaccurate ReportingAffiliate managers might record lower conversion rates and revenue due to incomplete data, potentially leading to conflicts with vendors.
Impersonalized MarketingWith less information available, target marketing campaigns become less effective, impacting player acquisition and retention efforts.

The Numbers Don’t Lie:

AppsFlyer conducted a study that showed that ITP 2.1 alone reduced the average click-through attribution window from 30 days to merely 24 hours. This abrupt transformation has implications throughout the iGaming affiliate ecosystem.

Affiliate tracking techniques are now less dependable as privacy is changing. Nonetheless, do not despair! It’s not all gloom and doom for tomorrow. By making adjustments to these developments and adopting emerging tracking technologies, your affiliate program can be made to withstand future threats while maintaining growth.

Why It Matters for iGaming: A Direct Hit to Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing drives iGaming. It is a strong avenue to get new players and increase profits. Nevertheless, the dynamic privacy environment with declining third-party cookies and increasing ITP tracking prevention measures has been undermining this critical channel.

How is the iGaming Industry Uniquely Affected?

The iGaming industry is particularly vulnerable to these changes due to its reliance on affiliate marketing and the often complex user journeys involved in player acquisition.

Here’s why:

  • Cross-Device Tracking Challenges: iGaming players frequently switch between devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) during their journey from initial click to conversion. With the restrictions imposed by ITP and other privacy measures, tracking these cross-device journeys becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Longer Conversion Windows: Unlike e-commerce, where conversions often happen within a single session, iGaming conversions can take days or even weeks. This extended conversion window makes accurate attribution even more challenging when tracking mechanisms are limited.
  • High Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC): iGaming is known for its high CAC, making it crucial to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) of affiliate marketing campaigns. With less reliable tracking data, determining the true effectiveness of affiliate efforts becomes more complex.

The Real-World Consequences:

Sure, here’s the information presented in a table format:

Conversions MisattributionIncorrectly attributing conversions to the wrong affiliate or direct traffic can result in unfair payouts and dissatisfaction among partners.
Reporting Affiliate Performance LowerAffiliates may appear to have lower conversion rates than they actually do, leading to decreased motivation and potential migration to other platforms.
Campaign Optimization ChallengesDifficulty in identifying genuine contributors among campaigns, channels, and affiliates due to inadequate data complicates effective optimization efforts.

To iGaming affiliates, the changes in tracking are not merely an annoyance; they represent a serious menace to their effectiveness and profitability. However, there is a ray of hope. To that end, adopting new methods of following up and being proactive will assist iGaming operators to adapt to these shifts while still reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing.

The Rise of Cookieless Tracking: A New Dawn for iGaming Affiliates

The death of third-party cookies won’t spell doom for affiliate marketing. In fact, it is ushering in a fresh era of innovation and opportunity. Instead of being privacy-friendly alone, cookie-less tracking methods are filling the breach as a result of their robustness and reliability.

Server-Side Tracking: Precision Engine

Let us discuss server-side tracking, this changes the rules in the cookieless world. Rather than depending on browsers to keep tracking information, it takes place on your servers themselves. This therefore makes it less vulnerable to ITP restrictions and other browser-based privacy measures.

How Does It Work?

Instead of saving this information into a cookie on a user’s browser when they click on an affiliate link, this tracking data goes directly to your server. Other pertinent details might include things like the click timestamp or even an affiliate ID among others. In instances where conversion occurs, business can accurately attribute them to relevant affiliates through correct servers even when the customer shifts devices or deletes all his/her cookies.

The Advantages:

AdvantagesHow it Impacts Your Business?
Better PrecisionServer-side tracking provides a more precise depiction of user behavior, enhancing attribution accuracy and ensuring fairer payouts.
More PrivacyServer-side tracking minimizes reliance on third-party cookies, promoting user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.
More FlexibilityGreater control over collected data enables the creation of customized monitoring solutions tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Platforms like Scaleo have already integrated server-side tracking, offering iGaming operators a seamless transition to this cutting-edge technology.

Introducing Scaleo: Your Affiliate Marketing Powerhouse

As technology changes in iGaming, Scaleo is an affiliate marketing platform that will not only keep up with these changes, but set the pace. Scaleo has been designed to tackle the intricacies of current tracking methods upfront.

Building for a Cookieless Future

Scaleo is no ordinary affiliate software; it’s a glimpse into what lies ahead. This is created under the knowledge that the widely relied upon third-party cookies have become obsolete. Consequently, Scaleo has been built such as to incorporate leading-edge tracking solutions among them server-side tracking which, regardless of browser constraints or privacy settings, can ensure accuracy and efficiency in your affiliates’ program.

Server-Side Mastery

Scaleo’s server-side tracking forms part of its future-proof strategy. By processing tracking data on your own servers, Scaleo bypasses the limitations imposed by ITP and similar technologies. This means you can track user journeys across devices and browsers with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring every conversion is attributed to the right affiliate.

First Party Data Integration:

Server-side tracking is not where Scaleo ends. It allows you to harness some of your most valuable assets – first-party data. With Scaleo, you can easily merge this incredible resource with existing customer data so as to know more about your audience through whom campaigns can be personalized resulting in higher conversions

The Scaleo Difference:

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Scaleo’s robust tracking suite covers all bases, from clicks and impressions to conversions and revenue.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Get up-to-the-minute insights into your affiliate program’s performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions on the fly.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Tailor Scaleo to your unique needs with customizable commission structures, payout options, and reporting dashboards.
  • Anti-Fraud Protection: Safeguard your program’s integrity with Scaleo’s advanced fraud detection tools, which identify and prevent suspicious activity.

Your Partner in Growth:

Scaleo is more than software—it’s like your partner that has invested in your victory.

With specifically dedicated customer care, comprehensive modules for training and development coupled with innovation, Scaleo gives you the power to create an affiliate program that will be future-proof in the world of iGaming as it keeps on changing.

Don’t let a cookieless future hold you back. Welcome this dimension into your marketing campaigns by going for Scaleo, the affiliate-marketing powerhouse for winners.

Complete Tracking Suite: A 360-Degree View of Your Affiliate Performance by Scaleo

In a dynamic iGaming world where players use different channels and devices, not having a full understanding of how your affiliate marketing works can never be allowed. This is what makes scaleo’s tracking suit so powerful because it provides this kind of information – from every vantage point:

Beyond Clicks: Track Every Touchpoint

The function of scaleo goes beyond monitoring clicks. It allows marketers to trace all possible touch points across different media. You can track everything whether it is a social media post ,banner ad or special landing page for affiliates – whatever channel you engage through, scaleo tracks it all.

Multi-Device Mastery:

Players are always changing between mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets—Scaleo ensures that user behavior is tracked seamlessly across all platforms thus ensuring accurate attribution regardless of the platform chosen by users to access your brand. Cross-device tracking is crucial for iGambling as players tend to start their journey on one device while converting on another.

Granular Insights:

Scaleo’s capabilities extend beyond basic metrics when it comes to its ability to track activities. Look deep into campaigns’ performances through such granules as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, average order values (AOV), among others. This helps identifying what works best and what doesn’t hence enabling data-driven optimization leading to maximum ROI.

Real-Time Reporting:

Scaleos real-time reporting ensures that you have the latest statistics on how the system performs. Do not wait for reports to be compiled – check out your campaign’s performance in real-time and thus be able to respond promptly to any trends, make timely adjustments.

Built for iGaming:

Scaleo tracking suite has been customized to meet the specific demands of the iGaming industry, where it recognizes the peculiarities of player acquisition, retention, and LTV optimization. With Scaleo, you get a tracking software speaking your language providing you with insights necessary for winning over competitors within such a difficult market as iGaming.

Anti-Fraud Protection: Safeguarding Your Affiliate Program’s Integrity

When your program’s budget goes down the drain and its efficiency compromised due to click fraud, sham leads, or any other kind of ill-intentioned conducts. That has been the reason why Scaleo takes serious concerns with regard to fraud prevention and therefore will provide you with inbuilt tools that will secure the integrity of your program as well as guarantee fair play.

Advanced Fraud Detection Algorithms:

The fraud detection engine of Scaleo makes use of complex algorithms that are always on the lookout for fraudulent behavior. This proactive approach allows Scaleo to detect and flag suspicious activity even before it affects your program.

Tailor-Made Anti-Fraud Policies:

Scaleo recognizes that each iGaming affiliate program is unique and therefore it has customizable anti-fraud policies that allow you to adjust the system according to your specific requirements and risk tolerance levels. You will be able to set up thresholds for clicks, conversions and other metrics which will activate alerts or trigger automatic actions whenever they are surpassed.

Real-Time Observations and Warning Systems:

With real-time monitoring capacities from Scaleo, you have immediate visibility into your affiliate program’s activities. Immediate notifications are sent if any doubtful activities are identified so that you can react promptly by taking investigative steps and minimizing any potential harm.

Partnership in Safeguarding:

Scaleo is committed not only in technology but also in an anti-fraud initiative. They have put together a support team who works around the clock helping clients during such times of crisis thus ensuring that their business continues to flourish under no threat or danger from fraud issues.

Having the solid measures against fraud provided by Scaleo in place guarantees the safety of your iGaming affiliate program against malicious individuals. This does save money as well as builds trust between ethical affiliates at a time when there is a need for growth within this sector marked by transparency.

Future-Proofing Your Affiliate Program with Scaleo

iGaming is a constantly changing sector, so just like everything else in the sector, your affiliate program has to change. Scaleo is designed to be a partner in this course of development and help you create a future-hearty program that fits any environmental changes.

Silky transition

Transitioning from one affiliate software to another doesn’t have to be hectic. With Scaleo integration into your existing iGaming platform, it’s easy and smooth changeover. Whether you are using proprietary or popular solutions, Scaleo offers flexible APIs and integration options that will make that possible.

Proficient support: Your loyal companion

If you succeed, they will also thrive – that’s what Scaleo believes in. That’s why they provide clients with specialized assistance services at every step of their work process. In order to see that the outcomes of such programs become the best possible outcome for your business enterprise, Scaleo company experts are there right from start through installation and continuation as well as troubleshooting.

Adaptive: A Future-Ready Affiliate Platform

The future of tracking remains unknown but one thing is certain; change happens. So with adaptability being its cornerstone, this is how Scaleo was made possible. The platform can easily adapt new tracking technologies via its open API and flexible architecture thus ensuring innovation is not left behind by the system.

You need a platform for growth that scales along with your business; this is something that scale-o understands well enough. They keep on adding new integrations or features through continuous development so as to keep ahead when it comes to your affiliate program.

By choosing scale-o software for affiliates, you invest not only into a partnership capable of adapting difficulties facing the iGaming scene but also into a future proofed affiliate program able to deliver results consistently overtime.


It’s both challenging and exciting about the future direction of iGaming affiliate marketing. The landscape around tracking technologies evolves while privacy regulations tighten; hence adaptation is no longer a choice but a must-do.

You can navigate the changing landscape and not just survive, but profit from it using cookieless tracking solutions, focusing on first-party data, and partnering with platforms that are built for tomorrow. Always stay informed. Remain flexible. Invest in tools and associations that will empower your affiliate program to evolve as the times change.

This way you can future-proof your affiliate program to be an impactful driver of growth and success in a volatile iGaming space through proactive approach and right strategies.The future of cookies may be uncertain; however, it’s also full of possibilities. Are you ready to take advantage of them?

Ready to Embark on the Cookieless Future of iGaming Affiliate Marketing?

Now is the future. Do not let your affiliate program be held back by obsolete tracking techniques. Boldly embrace the era after cookies and prepare yourself to flourish in constancy that surrounds us.

cyber security in igaming partner business

Start constructing a long-lasting affiliate program. Discover new ways of solving them and invest in new technologies that will help you succeed in the future while remembering that your players are waiting for you and they want to see your iGaming affiliate marketing in coming years.

Last Updated on June 12, 2024


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