How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing. The concept is increasingly being mentioned now in the coronavirus crisis when people are staying home and need to figure out a way to make money online. Some people get rich while sleeping. Others don’t.

How can you also earn money with affiliate marketing? And how do you really make a successful business out of it? 

With the right strategy, the right effort, and the right patience, you can succeed too.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means that you promote other people’s products (from the advertiser). You (the affiliate) receive a fee per sold product or per lead. A third party, the affiliate program, keeps track of all this based on cookies. They also receive a small percentage per sale or lead.

The fees can vary widely. 

How to Promote Affiliate Marketing Products Without A Blog

For example, there is often a high fee for clothing/fashion but a much lower fee for electronics. After all, the margin of clothing is much higher, but it is often also cheaper. There are tons of options to choose from, but it’s also important to consider the competition. 

Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing? A good competitor analysis should be your first priority.

The advantages of affiliate marketing

Earning money with affiliate marketing has several advantages. 

A major advantage is that you do not need to keep any stock yourself. After all, the real e-shop sends the products to you.

You also have no ‘hassle’ about returning products. After all, this is also arranged via the e-shop. Customer service and all other peripheral matters are also arranged through the shop.

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You basically only lead the customer to the website. A big advantage of this is of course that you can do this work anywhere in the world. Many successful affiliate marketers now live abroad, where life is cheaper and where the sun always shines. That sounds like music to your ears, right?

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing: How Does It Work?

It actually works very simply. You lead the customer to the website of the provider. If he buys a product here, you will receive a commission amount. That amount is recorded and collected by the affiliate program. 

affiliate marketing

They hold the amount until the sale is approved in its entirety. After all, consumers can also return the product, so you do not receive the amount immediately. Besides, there is often a payout threshold—most affiliate parties only payout at $25 or more.

The possibilities

Would you like to earn money with affiliate marketing? Then you can promote products in different ways. For example, you can create your own website, opt for email marketing, or promote it via social media.

Make money with the WordPress website.

Earning money with affiliate marketing: a WordPress website is perhaps the most obvious option. It is becoming easier to set up and maintain a website yourself.

Of course, we can help you with that too. If your website is easy to find in search engines, it will also attract many visitors. With the help of links and banners, you can then forward this traffic to the webshop you are promoting. As soon as visitors place an order here, you will receive a fee for it.

However, it is difficult to make a website ‘easy to find’. After all, there are already countless other websites that make money with affiliate marketing, which are also found well. That is why SEO optimization and link building are important concepts when you get started with your own WordPress website. We will tell you more about this later in this article (heading ‘Website advice’).

Make Money through Google Ads.

Many affiliate sites try to get high in Google through SEO and link building. This is financially attractive, but it is a time-consuming job to get results. Do you have less patience, and do you want to score quickly with your website? Then try advertising through Google Ads.

With Ads, you quickly send a large number of visitors to your website. You do pay for this, but this investment pays for itself quickly if you approach it smartly. 

Making money with email marketing

Several parties earn their money with the help of email marketing. However, you will have to collect email addresses first. The people who register for your newsletter will also have to confirm this registration via their own email address.

With the advent of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), email marketing has become more difficult. It is, of course, not impossible, but a WordPress website is easier for someone who is just starting out. Besides, not every advertiser accepts email marketing.

Earning money through social media

Finally, you can also choose to promote via social media. A lot of people use Facebook. There are, namely, 1.66 billion users worldwide.

More and more consumers also have an Instagram account. Snapchat has also become extremely popular (especially among young people). Of course, there are also options that you can consider. For example, do you have a popular Facebook or Instagram page? Then there may also be possibilities here.

Our advice

Would you like to earn money with affiliate marketing, and are you just starting? Then we recommend a WordPress website. Such a website is relatively easy to create and is generally more readily accepted by advertisers. After all, you first need approval from the advertiser before you can promote them.

Without approval, you will not receive any commission.

Making money with affiliate marketing: website advice

Want to make money with affiliate marketing?

Then, as mentioned, a WordPress website is the best choice. Once you have a quality site, you can always expand it with email marketing and social media.

After all, you can also acquire registrants through your website. This also makes collecting email addresses easier. You can also link social media channels so that you can bring more traffic to your site.

Good structure

Your website must have a good structure. The site must not only be easy to understand for the visitor, but the search engines must also be able to make something of it. Therefore, provide a clear navigation structure. 

Provide internal links that strengthen your website. Your visitors must click through to your site as much as possible. This is appreciated by the search engine because it offers interesting content, which also places the site higher in the search results. 

Making money with affiliate marketing can become much easier with the help of a quality website.

Your website easy to find

If you want to generate a lot of income, it is also important that you get enough visitors to your website. That is why it must be easy to find. However, a website that is easy to find is not an easy task. That requires a lot of effort and patience. With the help of good content, you can already take steps in the right direction.

However, the structure and technology of your website are just as important. For that reason, it is therefore also important to consult an expert. After all, it is better to have it right the first time to pay off immediately.

Would you like to earn money with affiliate marketing? Then a good website should not be missing. The SEO, as mentioned above, texts are important, but it is also important that other websites find your website interesting. If you get links to your website from other websites, it basically means that your content is appreciated. This is also called link building.

The more links you get from qualitative and relevant websites, the higher the site will be in the search results.

Of course, we can help you with SEO and link building. We have an enormous network. Naturally, we can ensure that you get enough links to your website.

Stay up to date

Moreover, you must keep your website up-to-date. Are there new items in a webshop that you are promoting? Update your product list and preferably write articles about this product. These news articles can be indexed again by the search engines, making your site easier to find.

Here too, you can apply internal link building again so that your pages are found better. There are countless possibilities if you put your website together properly or have it put together. Making money with affiliate marketing does require some patience, but once you are found good, no one will take it away from you.

Earning money with affiliate marketing: we are happy to help you!

Would you like to earn money with affiliate marketing, but are you not sure where to start? Are you still unsure, for example, between your own website, social media channels, or promotion via email marketing? Then we are happy to help you. We have already set up countless successful affiliate websites and can, therefore, advise you well. Feel free to contact us and send us a message via the contact form on the contact page.

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