Affiliate newsletters can be a pain if you are a business owner. You know that constantly interacting with your affiliates is one of the most reliable ways to keep them engaged. However, how do you write the ideal newsletter that will stand out in their inbox and motivate them to take action?

An affiliate newsletter is your opportunity to notify your affiliates about everything in one shot. From your brand vision and ongoing promotions to relevant contact information and resources they lack. 

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened

However, first and foremost, it’s your opportunity to motivate your affiliates to keep doing a good job.

As impressive as your affiliate program may be, most people have offline lives. Consider this in your approach when composing your newsletter. This can help you find the sweet spot that makes your affiliates’ lives easier and make you money in the process.

In this blog post, I have assembled some of the key elements to help you pitch your affiliate newsletters and get your partners to promote your products.

1 – Affiliate Newsletters Relevance

Your affiliates won’t read through boring emails any more than you do. At the very least, you need your affiliate newsletter to be relevant

It could be tempting to stay in continuous contact with your affiliates. However, blasting them with endless emails can be a little overwhelming. 

Imagine it from your partner’s viewpoint: 

  • What sort of email would get your attention? 
  • What would get you to open the email – and really read it?

Well-timed and relevant newsletters can make all the difference in the world. 

From notifying your affiliates about seasonal promotions and discounts to advertising new product/service releases, competitions, or other incentives that affiliates enjoy.

Do you have enough affiliates for various product lines, campaigns, or niches

Email marketing services (such as MailChimp or aWeber) let you build separate mailing lists, which means you can segment your affiliates by groups. You can then send the most suitable newsletters only to the relevant affiliates – and keep your affiliate program well-organized. 

It’s worthless if some newsletters are good if they’re not properly segmented. 

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened? - affiliate newsletters

Alternatively, you can send out a regular general monthly newsletter to all your affiliates with basic general updates.

2 – Affiliate incentives

You want to catch your affiliates’ attention right away. Make them want to click through and open your email. In this case, highlighting any particular incentives can be very powerful. 

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened

A competition, giveaway, or special bonus for top affiliates – all this can motivate affiliates more. 

So, you definitely want to make your newsletter recipients aware of special these bonuses asap.

3 – The subject line of the affiliate newsletter

This is the fundamental line your affiliates see in their inbox, so make it powerful!

The subject line should be short enough to fit in one line and sum up the newsletter’s essence. 

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened

Mentioning your affiliate program‘s name can make your newsletters quickly identifiable in an inbox full of offers and other emails. It will also create brand consistency if your affiliates are looking forward to your emails. 

Moreover, adding a slogan about the purpose of the newsletter (seasonal promotion, discount, or special deal) right after the name of your affiliate program can adequately communicate the subject without coming across as too “promotional” right off the bat.

Alternatively, you may choose to thank your affiliates for their partnership, ask an intriguing question, or add a call-to-action in your subject line. 

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened

Anything eye-catching and relevant to the newsletter’s content should be summarized concisely in your subject line. 

Depending on your affiliate’s level of engagement, individual life circumstances, or other factors, they will make the decision whether or not to open your email – based on the subject line.

4 – The greeting in the affiliate newsletter

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened? - affiliate newsletters

The newsletter greeting is a big opportunity to personalize your newsletter. Some email marketing platforms have built-in systems for attaching subscriber-specific content to your email campaigns. 

For example, you can personalize greetings (or other elements) through text-based labels that match specific data, such as a first/last name.

5 – The main message of the affiliate newsletter

So, you’ve caught your affiliate’s attention enough to open your email. Or, maybe they have their inbox settings set to display previews of the message’s contents. 

To consider both scenarios, it’s necessary to put the most important information at the beginning of your newsletter. You need your affiliates to know immediately that your email is worth opening and reading.


The body of your affiliate newsletter should include all the key points as concisely as possible. 


  • Your goal is to efficiently and effectively communicate with your affiliates while valuing their time. 
  • You’re building a relationship with every affiliate. 
  • Your affiliates are not your customers. You don’t need to sell anything, so personal touches make a big difference
  • While images and HTML may make a newsletter look fancy, the clean and plain text feels more personal and useful for newsletters’ CTR.

If you are sending a newsletter to inform your affiliates of an expected promotion – increase engagement by providing all the resources they need. This includes banners, promo codes, and other resources. 

Having these details ideally bulleted or otherwise prominently highlighted will help your affiliates instantly and easily understand what they need to get started.

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Whatever you’re advertising, you’ll want to add information about the most important (or relevant) product features. You may even incorporate some short ideas or examples of how to promote it better

  • Discounting a product that never gets discounted? Make a big deal of it. 
  • Offering a seasonal product? Use your creativity to craft a brief and engaging line that gets your affiliates inspired. 

You might even provide them with things like keywords, slogans, or other “inspiration” to help them put together interesting social media posts, write targeted blog posts, or put together catchy YouTube videos.

6 – Direct contact information

One of the most crucial aspects of your newsletter is personal contact information, which allows your affiliates to get in touch with you (or their affiliate manager) if they have any questions. 

increase ROI with email marketing

Things like your phone number, email address, messenger handle, or any social media accounts you use for communication with affiliates. Also, a link to your website for reference and incentive. 

When your affiliates understand that you’re easily reachable and surely there for them if they need help, they are much more likely to invest in your program. This sense of confidence gives them extra assurance.

Affiliate Newsletters – Conclusion 

Affiliate newsletters need to be precise, sharp, and short!

How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened? - affiliate newsletters

When it comes to affiliate interactions, speaking your affiliates’ language (incentives, details, and personalized message) keeps your brand, program, and products in front of them. This forms a positive association and encourages them to work. 

When your affiliates know you value their energy and time, you’re responsible and guide them – that you will give them everything they require to do a good job. They could surprise you with increased performance, boosted conversions, and more revenue for both of you.

Look at your affiliates as your partners, literally. You work together towards a mutual goal.

Last Updated on November 4, 2020


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