New Update: Signup Customization

New Update: Signup Customization

We just launched another very handy new feature at Scaleo. 

Signup Customization

Scaleo has now also an option for adjusting the sign up forms. 
This feature is available at the Settings page of your platform.

The first thing you notice – this adjustment can be done for affiliates and advertisers sign ups separately:

All settings and switches for affiliates and advertisers look identical, so we’ll proceed with describing it for affiliates.

With the first switcher you can allow or deny the ability to sign up for affiliates:

When disabled, the “Sign Up” button will be hidden at the login form of the platform.

The set of Standard fields. These fields can’t be switched off and are always mandatory:

The second field set contains all adjustable fields. Any field here could be:

  • Switched off. This field won’t be presented on the form.
  • Set as required. The field is present on the form and needs to be filled out in order to proceed.
  • Set as optional. The field is present on the form, however it could be left empty.

The full set of such fields is on the screenshot bellow:

Custom Fields
In this section you can add as many fields as you like. For each of them you can indicate the field TitleType and Description (optional).
You can choose among three types:

  • Short text. Standard text field, up to 128 characters.
  • Long text. Text area field, up to 256 characters.
  • Yes/No switcher. Could be used for any questions or statements, which require the yes/no answer.

Advanced Settings

Here you can set some additional options:

  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy switchers.
    When set ON, the appropriate checkbox will be shown on the reg form. Such checkbox is required for checking prior to sending the reg data.
  • Custom Sign Up URL. 
    You may use this to set the external URL for sign up purposes. When set, the click on the Sign Up button will bring the user to the indicated link instead of standard Scaleo one.
    Leave it blank, if you don’t want to use Custom Sign Up URL.

  • Redirect URL After Sign Up. 
    When set, the user will be redirected to the desired URL once he has submitted the form.
    That way, you can direct them to a custom thank you page, explaining what happens now after he registered.

Once you are done with all settings, you can check how the form looks like:

New Update: Featured Offers

New Update: Featured Offers

We just added another very handy new feature into Scaleo.

Featured Offers:

Admin and managers can switch any offer to be shown as a “Featured offer”, which means such an offer will stand out among other offers in the list in order to catch affiliates attention.
This feature can be easily activated at the offers edit page, right bellow the Status section:


Once it is done, all affiliates will instantly see those “Featured Offers” in their Affiliate Dashboard.

  1. The offer appears at the “Featured Offers” tab on the Dashboard:

  1. The offer is marked with a special label in the list: 

Note: keep in mind, that you’ll receive the best performance, when using this feature ONLY for Public and Private offers availability (“For all” and “By request” options)
If “Featured Offer” is activated for offers, which are hidden or only certain affiliates can see it, it will not be visible to any other affiliates.


All Admin/Full Manager can also quickly see those featured offers by using the filter in the offers overview:


  • Yes – means show only featured offers
  • No – show all common offers, but not featured
  • Not chosen – show all offers, including featured
New Update: Referral Feature

New Update: Referral Feature

We are very happy to announce that all Tracking Platforms are updated now with our newest referral feature.
So, let’s directly have a look at it!

You can activate the Scaleo Referral Program at the Settings page of your platform: open the Advanced tab and switch it ON


As follows from the screenshot above, you also have two options to adjust:

  1. Default Referrals Commission. This value will be used for all new affiliates registrations
  2. Program Starting Date. Here you can set the date of your Referral Program’s beginning. In other words, since this particular date the referral commission will be applied for affiliates (sponsors), who have referrals.

Note: You can edit the commission of selected affiliates manually in his profile

How It Works

Each affiliate has now a new Referrals menu item.
When affiliate opens this page, he can find his personal referral link:

So all new affiliates, who used this link for the registration, will become referrals of this initial affiliate, who provided the link (a Sponsor affiliate). The Sponsor affiliate will receive commission from earnings of his referrals (it will appear on a separate balance):

The percent of this commission depends on the value, which is set for each referral affiliate.
The affiliate can check the list of all referrals along with commissions values also on the Referrals page:

Admin Access

Admin has a permission to set/edit affiliates referral commissions and assign the sponsor ID to any affiliate. It could be done at the affiliate’s edit profile page:

So it is possible to change these values even after affiliates registration.

Note: this couldn’t be done neither by Limited Manager nor by Full Access Manager.
Only Admin has access to these properties.


The Referrals Report is available:

  1. Under Admin/Managers. You can build the report for all or selected sponsors. The “By Referrals” breakdown is available.
  2. Under Affiliate. Shows stats by referrals for this particular affiliate:


Finally, affiliate can request the payment from his referral commission balance as usual, just need to select the source balance:

Note: the minimum payment level should be reached in order to be able to add the payment request.

New Update: Unique Tracking Domains for each Affiliate

New Update: Unique Tracking Domains for each Affiliate

Today’s update is kind of a special one, as we introduce you to a very unique and new feature for all of your affiliates.

From now on, every affiliate can setup his very own tracking domain for all your offers.

But also, you as admin will get the option to set multiple tracking domains as well as select, which tracking domain is used for any particular offer

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(remote) Sales Representative / Account Manager wanted!

(remote) Sales Representative / Account Manager wanted!

Scaleo – Affiliate Tracking is looking for a Sales Representative / Account Manager for our Sales Team.
(this is a remote position )

You will be the first line of contact with potential clients but also the to-go person for existing ones.
You play an extremely important role by interacting with new and existing clients to get a deeper understanding of their business and advertising needs.
Turning prospects into clients but also gathering feedback and see how we can make their life easier by adding new features to our tracking solution.

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New Update: Widgets & Sources

New Update: Widgets & Sources

We are very proud to announce our newest update for your Scaleo Tracking Platform.
This update include the following new features as well as some improvement to existing ones.

New Feature: Widgets

Scaleo allows you now to show custom information to your Affiliates, Advertisers or even Managers.
During your daily business, you are most likely have some offers which might need some special attention.

But how can you put your affiliates and managers attention to it? Sure, you could email them, but will they read it?

With our new Widgets you make sure they get the information right there where they are active anyways.
In your Platform.

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January 2017: Improvements & New Features

January 2017: Improvements & New Features

January 2017: Improvements & New Features

As you know, we are constantly improving Scaleo in order to make things easier for all our clients.
Today we would like to announce our latest update which is live for all platforms already.
In this update the following improvements and changes are included.
– Renamed Report Section
To make it easier, finding the right report, we renamed them accordingly.
It should be easier now, to directly head to the report you are searching for. 
– Added Timezone for Reporting
Below of every report you will find now the timezone of your platform so that all your partners are aware, which timezone applies for the reporting.
– Added Redirect Feature for SubID’s
Within the “Advanced Rules” Tab, we added a new condition where you can redirect traffic for selected subid’s.
This is how it works:
1. add condition “Affiliate” and pick the affiliate where the subid belongs to.
2. add condition “SubID” and select the slot where this subid is submitted (1-5)
3. enter the exact value of the subid you would like to redirect.
4. add parameter “Redirection” below and select the offer where you want to redirect all traffic from this subid.
– Added option to set NET Terms global and individual per Affiliate
Within Settings you are now able to set a global value for affiliates and advertisers regarding the NET payment terms of your network.
Of course you are also able to edit any affiliate manually or change his personal terms. 
Note: Individual terms will overwrite the global settings. 
Only Admin and Full Managers can edit those terms. All others (Affiliate/Advertiser/Limited Manager) can only view.
– Only Admin and Full Manager can edit Finance Payouts
We changed the access to all payout requests. 
Now only Admin and Full Manager can edit those payout requests.
– Admin and Full Manager can now filter Offerslist by Advertiser
Thanks to your feedback, we added a new filter for Admin and Full Managers. They now can filter Offers by Advertiser.
– Force Redirect to LP for Inappropriate Traffic.
Sometimes it is needed that even “Inappropriate Traffic” will not be redirected and every click still arrive at the advertisers landingpage.
Within the “Offer Edit Page”, we added a new function, at the very end of the page, where you can activate this feature.
All such inappropriate traffic will then still reach the landingpage, but conversions for this traffic will not be counted for affiliates and advertiser.
That’s it for today. 
We already work on our next great and awesome features.
Please let us know in case you also have ideas of….. what is missing in Scaleo!
New Feature: ISP/Carrier Targeting

New Feature: ISP/Carrier Targeting

ISP/Carrier Targeting

Besides the option to target GEO Locations (Country, Region, City) and Mobile (iOS/Android) or Desktop traffic, you can also target your traffic based on ISP or Carrier.

You can find this option at the “Targeting” tab, within the Offer-Edit page.
Simply select “Connection Type” and pick from the available options.

  • None (all traffic is allowed)
  • WiFi / Cable / DSL / Other
  • Mobile Internet

For Mobile Internet you have an additional ability to choose one or multiple mobile carriers:

You can also leave the Mobile Operator (Carrier) field blank. The offer will then accept all mobile operators, but won’t accept WiFi / Cable… etc.

Note: In order to get a list of available carriers, please select the GEO first and hit “save”.
Clicking on the field Mobile Operator (Carrier) will now show you a list of available carriers for this Country.

New Feature: Offer Rotation

New Feature: Offer Rotation

Offers Rotation

Besides URL(Landingpage) rotation you can rotate even offers.
This option is available in the URL’s & Rotation tab and appears in the dropdown if you add a new condition.

Just select the Offer with % of traffic option from the drop down.
Then just select the preferred offer, which should take part in the rotation:


So now, such an offer will be participating in the rotation among previously added URLs on the percentage basis with all rules, which were mentioned above:


Combining URLs and Offers rotation will allow you to determine your campaigns/products performance more deeply. Also, this will help your affiliates to get rid of a need to use tons of tracking links for different offers and just use one instead.

Let’s move further and investigate some other options, available for offers rotation:


  1. Auto Approve Affiliate for the Offer. Check this box, if you want your affiliates to freely access the rotation offer. Otherwise the redirection of an Inappropriate Traffic will take affect.
  2. Copy Affiliate Sub IDs. This allows to copy all transferred by affiliates Sub IDs values from the initial offer to the rotation offer during the offer-to-offer redirect process.

Force Rotation


This simple feature excludes the Main landing page URL, so it will not receive any traffic and you can concentrate traffic on the previously added destination points.

New Feature: Advanced Rules

New Feature: Advanced Rules

Today we applied a new update to all platforms.


Offerdescription now allows html.

That means, plenty of ways to visualize offers for your partners!
You can even add a video.


New Advanced Rules

In order to make the life of our clients more easier, we made some improvements to our current “Custom Parameters” Tab.
To better reflect the meaning and usage we also renamed it.

Goodbye Custom Parameters and Hello Advanced Rules!

You can find the new “Advanced Rules” section among the others at the Offer’s Edit page.
These rules are used in order to set custom payouts and/or caps for specific or all affiliates along with an ability to set custom redirect rules and date ranges, which these parameter will affect.

The adding form consists of two sections: conditions and parameters.



Conditions section.
Here you define the conditions:

  • Date Start
  • Date End
  • Affiliate
  • Geotargeting. By Countries
  • Geotargeting. By Regions
  • Geotargeting. By Cities

Parameters section.
Select the Parameter you want to change:

  • Payout from the Advertiser
  • Payout for Affiliate
  • Daily cap
  • Monthly cap
  • Total cap
  • Redirection
  • Redirection for Inappropriate Traffic

Logic of the process

Once the advanced rule is added, your platform is checking every transaction/click whether it does meet all mentioned conditions and if yes, applies selected parameters to it.

You can add one or multiple conditions/parameters for one rule.

Multiple Rules are possible, but keep in mind that the logic follows the order of the entries.
The following rule overwrites the previous rule if same conditions are used.


This feature is especially handy for setting payout changes for various date ranges.

E.g. you need to implement the payout increase for all affiliates starting from the next day. Follow next steps to do that:

  1. Just add the start date (set the next day for our example) and don’t add any other conditions in order to have this without an end date and applied for all affiliates:advanced-rules-2
  2. Enter new payout values:advanced-rules-3
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Our payout changes have been added and are shown in the list:
  5. advanced-rules-4

So in our example, the new payouts will cover all conversions for all affiliates which are recorded after the Start-Date of 2016-12-14.
Since no End-Date is selected it will keep this payout until you change it.

Important: use this way ONLY to add or edit all payout changes for the offer
DO NOT try to edit initial payout values at the Details tab of the Offer’s Edit page.
Otherwise this change will affect ALL previous dates and transactions.

Payouts by GEO

You can also set individual payouts for each GEO or Region.
To use this option, just add any geotargeting condition and select appropriate regions if needed, then add payouts:




You can set Daily, Monthly or a Total cap:
That way, each affiliate can have his personal Offer Cap, if required.


You can change one or all three Cap Conditions, according to your needs.

The Count Pending transactions checkbox gives you the ability to apply caps for pending transactions as well.

Note: If you set a custom cap for the specific affiliate and its value is higher than the cap value within the Offer Limitations tab, your platform will use the cap value from the Limitations tab and ignore the advanced rule.


Add this parameter to redirect all inappropriate traffic (wrong geo, cap reached, affiliate is not approved for this offer etc) of an affiliate/affiliates to another offer/offers.


If you choose several offers for the redirection, the redirection to them will be made by order.


All mentioned parameters can be set separately or all in one record (which totally depends on your needs):


To change anything in the existing parameter just click on it in the list and edit the rule.