Partner program software for mobile apps

We help mobile app vendors tap into the infinite potential of partner marketing promotion online.


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Launch your partner program faster with our advanced software.

Scaleo software is tailored specifically for mobile apps, right out-of-the-box. This allows you to focus on your business instead of wasting time developing the backend.

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    Advanced Payout Models
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    Advanced Dashboard and Reports
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    Advanced 100+ Integrations

Unlock the full potential of your partner marketing business


    Extend your affiliate platform with any third-party static or dynamic content

    Place additional content on the platform to show your affiliates or managers: promotions, guides, tools, app sharing, external and internal links.

    This way, you can tailor your platform to your needs down to the smallest details.


    Achieve better control over your team’s access by customizing user roles

    You can assign specific permissions for user groups as well as for individual users: access to certain pages and features, visibility of particular content, metrics, etc.

    This allows you to customize the platform to meet the needs of your employees while also protecting your data.


    Eliminate manual tasks with our invoicing and payment automation

    You can set up preferred payment methods, conditions, invoice frequency and advance scheduling of invoice generation.

    Leverage technology to automate manual tasks and save time for growing your business.


Unlimited Customizations

A brand-new Partner's interface.
  • Content Customization

    • Hide, add and rename sections
    • Add custom widgets to the dashboard
    • Set default metrics in dashboard and reports
  • Design Customization

    • Fully customize the design, from page menu colors to the top bar to adding banners
    • Modify platform elements via custom HTML code insertion
    • Switch between dark and light themes
  • Additional Pages

    • Add third-party static or dynamic content: promotions, guides, tools, apps sharing
    • Add custom menu points
    • Add external or internal links

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Why choose us?

  • Intuitive interface
    Intuitive interface

    Save time with a painless workflow. Our interface was built with straightforward navigation and easy-to-use functionality.

  • Visualized data and reports
    Visualized data and reports

    Scaleo is the only affiliate software on the market with full data visualization. Make informed decisions faster and easier thanks to the instant display of data in a visually understandable way.

  • Detailed reporting
    Detailed reporting

    Our reports deliver 30+ data points. Gain a deeper understanding of your partners' performance with detailed reports and valuable campaign insights.

  • Easy setup process
    Easy setup process

    Get started in minutes with an out-of-the-box solution and ready-to-use integrations. We've shortened the time it takes to set up a new account, so you can build a solid affiliate business presence in no time.

  • Powerful and easy-to-use API
    Powerful and easy-to-use API

    Our API offers unlimited opportunities for growing your business. Build seamless third-party integrations, automate the transfer of any data element or even build a custom portal for partners and advertisers.

  • Proactive fraud prevention
    Proactive fraud prevention

    Automated flagging of multiple accounts and fraud traffic. Sit back and relax, while our robust Anti-Fraud Logic algorithm identifies, prevents, and takes action against fraud in real-time.

Transfer all the phases, actions, and payouts into one system.

  • 3x CR increase
  • +300% Affiliate base growth
  • +75% ROI increase
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"It was the feature-rich platform and stylish modern interface that made us give Scaleo a try. After a few years we see Scaleo as a key partner for our business."

Ali McInnes Company Director

You're in good hands! Scaleo is trusted by companies of all sizes across the globe.

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