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Мы эффективная команда с опытом более 10 лет создания и обслуживания партнерских платформ и технологий трекинга. Комбинация нашего опыта и сильная команда помогают создавать хорошие решения для рекламодателей, сетей и партнеров.

Meet our team

Our Manifesto

We believe in simplicity. We stick to usability and transparency as the main direction of our brand development in absolutely all aspects.
We are customer-driven. We carefully study how our clients use our software and continuously improve its' usability and functionality.
Manufacturability. In 2020, we released a new version built from scratch using the latest technology. Enjoy the super-fast interface and stability.
Customer care is not an empty statement for us. We provide priority support on all stages, from initial setup to solving technical issues.
Data security is a big deal for us. We are doing our best to make sure our clients' data is safe and protected at all times.
We are motivated. We celebrate our achievements and we learn from our failures. We believe that every experience brings value.
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