3 Trends In B2B Marketing That You Cannot Ignore In 2021

3 trends in B2B marketing that you cannot overlook in 2021 - neuromarketing

We are halfway through 2020, and it is common for marketers to focus on the following year. Especially now that we are crawling out of a difficult post-coronavirus period, it is no wonder we prefer to focus on 2021. Some new terms are coming up, like neuromarketing, for example. Have you heard of it before? 

Today, we will be discussing three major movements that will impact the effectiveness of B2B marketing.

Neuromarketing is a basis for marketing strategy

Whether it is B2B or B2C; Marketing is a game of influencing behavior, and for that, you have to get to people’s brains. 

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The neuromarketing field focuses on the systems and processes in the human brain that lead to decision-making.

The neuromarketing studies provide interesting facts and methods for organizing B2B marketing more effectively and efficiently.

Neuromarketing is a field that has research and data as its foundation. B2B marketers will increasingly turn to the data foundations to make decisions. This concern themes such as:

How do I…

  • Develop products and services that are even more relevant?
  • I ensure a message and timing that makes an impact?
  • I improve my website and email marketing, newsletters to generate more effect?

Through neuromarketing insights, you get concrete handles for the type of word use, sentence structure, UX and UI structure, and channel choices to increase the effect. 

With the enormous knowledge that is available on this subject and the easier access to neuromarketing research, this will play a major role in B2B in 2021.

Neuromarketing: What You Need to Know?

“Neuromarketing” loosely relates to analyzing physiological and neural signals. This is done to obtain insight into consumers’ motives, choices, and judgments, which can help form creative advertisements, product improvement, pricing, and other shopping areas. 

So should companies invest in neuromarketing—whether through brain scans or cheaper techniques? Some already have: NBC and TimeWarner have operated neuromarketing units for years; technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have recently formed units. Karmarkar says that in-house neuro-capability is still out of reach for most organizations simply because of the expense but that smaller companies can look to partner with specialist consulting firms.

Harvard Business Review

Brain scan, which measures neurological activity, and physiological tracking, which also tracks eye movement and other elements for that activity, are the most popular analysis methods.

Influencer marketing in B2B

Okay, we have to differentiate this. As we know it in the B2C business, influencer marketing doesn’t blow over to B2B. What we do see, however, is a growing use of marketing through experts and blogs.

neuromarketing - How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

A common form of influencer marketing in B2B is a collaboration with knowledge leaders. 

Specialists or experienced professionals are deployed to recommend a service or product. 

You see this more and more in the SaaS world. Then products are more often than not get recommended by successful people.

You also see certain collaborations arise between industry leaders and brands and the development of joint ventures. Think of organizing a webinar or masterclass together. An alternative could be an online magazine or blog that takes advantage of the other’s network. For example, more and more B2B marketing companies choose to place guest blogs or use a sponsored post or interview on an online authority website.

Premium content marketing

A third pillar that forms the basis for all channels is a very good content marketing with a focus on quality. 

In 2021 it is still relevant to score high in Google and be findable for your target keywords. To achieve that, and capture the disoriented Google-visitor, you need to offer very powerful content.

That means; deliver depth, creativity, and value. 

This can also mean that your blog is no longer sufficient for your industry, and you could score with video marketing. YouTube still has a lot of space and prime-time for eager content consumers.

Whichever way you shape it, it will become a foundation for marketing tactics for most businesses. However, this can be a major challenge for many companies; generating good content is an investment and will not yield immediate returns.

However, if you have enough content, profit from it, and see the turnover increase, you are guaranteed to have sustainable, long-lasting marketing results.

In the coming weeks, we will post more blog posts in the run-up to 2021. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss an upcoming post. 

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