Let us introduce you to Scaleo’s 3.8 BETA release. This update is packed with innovative features, user-friendly improvements, and important bug fixes. It is designed to greatly improve your efficiency and take your affiliate marketing efforts to new heights. Stay tuned as we explore the details of what makes this release a game-changer.

Let’s go over what’s new in this most recent September 2023 release!

New Features

Affiliate Tiers: A Tailored Approach to Partner Management

Affiliate marketing has just entered a new era of efficiency with Scaleo’s Affiliate Tiers feature.

Now, you can segment your affiliates into various performance tiers.

This offers 3 pivotal advantages:

  1. Affiliate Tier Settings: Fine-tune your tier gradation in line with your strategic objectives.
  2. Affiliates: Optimize your partnerships based on performance, effortlessly categorizing partners into different tiers.
  3. Payouts: Customized compensation is no longer a hassle. Adjust payouts according to each partner’s performance tier.
Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

Adding a dash of color, we’ve incorporated vibrant frames to make partner identification a breeze.

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

Payouts by Country: Geo-Specific Earnings Unveiled

Streamline your payout structures with our new Payouts by Country feature.

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

This provides:

  1. Simplified Setup: Easily configure payouts for offers targeting different geographical locations.
  2. Intuitive Affiliate Portal: We’ve overhauled our Affiliate’s Portal to present a comprehensive and easy-to-understand layout of potential earnings.

Widgets: Your Affiliate Portal, Supercharged

New widgets have been added to the Affiliate Portal Configuration:

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -
  1. Payout by Country Widget: All country-specific payout data, now conveniently displayed in one location.
  2. Custom Payout Structure Widget: Gives affiliates a granular view of their specific payout options.

Goal Type Management: Align Your Objectives

With the new Goal Type Management feature, you can focus exclusively on the KPIs that matter most.

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

Customize goal types to align with your affiliate program’s unique needs.

Unique Session Span in Offer: Flexibility Meets Functionality

Introducing a fresh parameter that allows you to dictate the unique session interval, enabling customization to fit your particular needs.


Mailroom, Activity Log, and More

We’ve introduced new filters in our Mailroom and Activity Log, enhancing your message targeting and information retrieval capabilities.

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

Advanced support for JSON nested objects and arrays has been added, alongside the ability to regenerate API keys for added security.

Bug Fixes

Multiple bug fixes have been made, including but not limited to, XML Feed issues, API method inconsistencies, and UI glitches.

Scaleo 3.8: The Latest Beta Release Is Here! -

With this latest release, we are setting new standards in affiliate marketing. Join us in exploring these innovative features designed to give you an unparalleled experience.

Not a Scaleo client yet? Give it a try and see what the new version can do for your business!

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Last Updated on January 19, 2024


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