We’ve been running around like busy bees in our tech kitchen, and guess what?

It’s cooked. And it’s ready to be taken out of the oven!

Scaleo -

We cannot wait to introduce you all to our latest software update, which has been in the works for a while now. This is no ordinary update; it is more like a power-up for your affiliate management game.

Yes, March 2024 brought a significant update to Scaleo’s platform, enhancing the user experience and providing new tools for affiliate management. Here’s a comprehensive look at version 3.11.

🎉 General Updates

Scaleo's Update 3.11: A Leap Forward for Affiliate Management -

Terminology Customization

Scaleo now offers unprecedented flexibility with its terminology customization feature. No more feeling like you’re working with someone else’s software. Scaleo 3.11 lets you replace generic terms like “affiliate” with language that matches your brand and how you actually work – maybe you call them “partners” or “influencers.”

This simple change makes the platform feel more personalized and streamlined for your team.

Postback Management

A new page has been created for controlling postbacks enabling a simplified review and management process of all partner’s postback; this has further been broken down into two more levels:

  • All Affiliates and All Offers: Applies to all partners and offers.
  • Global (Offer): Applies to all partners but is specific to an offer.

Dashboard Widget Settings

Enhancements to widget settings on the Teammate’s Dashboard empower users to organize their workspace efficiently.

Scaleo's Update 3.11: A Leap Forward for Affiliate Management -

The order and visibility of widgets can now be customized, and a new metric option for Top Widgets lets you choose between displaying Revenue or Payout.

Monetary Number Format

The precision of monetary values in reports can now be adjusted to 2, 4, or 6 digits, offering a more detailed financial overview. This setting also applies to the generation of invoices in Affiliate Billing, which can be found under Settings > General.

User Interface Enhancements

The user interface has seen several improvements:

Scaleo's Update 3.11: A Leap Forward for Affiliate Management -
  • Color Selection: Easily distinguish between selected and unselected rows.
  • Context Menu Button: Navigate without horizontal scrolling, thanks to a new floating button.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Partner Filter Access: Now available to all managers.
  • Reports and Transactions: Enhanced default column saving.
  • API: New methods for retrieving tracking links.
  • Offer Details: Faster loading for partner lists and fixed issues with Traffic Types.
  • Activity Log: Better logging for Offer Availability.
  • Partner Portal: Resolved display and profile image saving issues.
  • UI: Various minor bug fixes.

🎊 Affiliate Network Features

Effortless Offer Editing

Scaleo's Update 3.11: A Leap Forward for Affiliate Management -

Now, you can even customize important details like goals and targeting directly from the list. This will not only save you time but also make sure that you have access to the right Offer settings immediately.

Creative Management

A newly created page for managing creatives provides easy access to all of the materials that are associated with the offer.

Tracking Enhancements

  • Fraud Count: Added for Ultimate Postback.
  • Additional Click Parameters: Ten new parameters (Custom 1-10) for detailed click tracking.
  • Sensitive Sub_IDs: Encode sensitive data transmitted in sub_id1-5 parameters by prefixing with “secret-”.


To demonstrate our dedication to delivering a powerful and user-friendly affiliate management platform, Scaleo has released version 3.11 of its software. Thanks to these enhancements, affiliate network management and performance tracking have never been more efficient or customizable.

To recap, here is a summary of what’s coming up this month:

UpdateWhat Does it Do?
Customization Tailored to Your NeedsEasily adapt platform terminology to fit your business case. Replace terms like “Affiliate” with options like “Partner”, “Influencer”, or “Publisher”.
Enhanced Postback ManagementGain instant access to all postbacks for each partner. Two new postback levels offer increased control and flexibility.
Improved Dashboard FunctionalityCustomize order and visibility of widgets on the dashboard. Prioritize revenue or payout metrics for valuable insights.
Enhanced Monetary Number FormatCustomize the order and visibility of widgets on the dashboard. Prioritize revenue or payout metrics for valuable insights.
Streamlined User InterfaceEnjoy a more visual and convenient user experience. Simplified navigation enhances usability.
Affiliate Network FeaturesEffortlessly edit offer information and manage creatives. Enhanced tracking and billing capabilities.
iGaming Operator & Broker UpdatesExperience transformative commission plans. Dedicated sections for players and traders. Streamlined creatives and landing page management.

As always, we are a customer-first affiliate software provider and your feedback is our top priority. Let us know if you liked the recent improvements, and as always, we encourage our customers to submit their feature wish-list to our roadmap.

Last Updated on April 6, 2024


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