Do you want to see your affiliate program for iGaming take it to the next level? What is the secret behind getting your affiliates motivated and involved?

A custom bonus system.

You can create a custom bonus system to award different bonuses to different people who are partners in your iGaming affiliate program based on their individual needs and interests. But how can you set up a bonus scheme that is peculiar to your affiliates?

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In this article, we will show you how to develop a custom-made bonus system that aligns with your company’s goals while also increasing the success of an iGaming affiliate program. Starting from understanding the needs of both the iGaming market and affiliates down to choosing software and commission structures, we have got you covered.

Nevertheless, before going into much detail, here are some amazing statistical facts about the industry of iGaming:

  • The iGaming industry is projected to reach a market value of $127.3 billion by 2027.
  • Asia Pacific is the largest market for iGaming, accounting for 32.6% of the global market share.
  • In 2020, the top 10 iGaming companies generated a combined revenue of over $20 billion.
  • The number of active iGaming players worldwide is estimated to reach 3 billion by 2025.

Now that you have a glimpse of the industry’s potential, let’s dive into the steps to create your own custom bonus system for your iGaming affiliates.

Understanding the iGaming Market and Affiliate Needs

For your iGaming associates, establish a custom bonus plan. It is important to have a thorough knowledge of iGaming market and the requirements of your associates prior to making any decisions. By looking at the trends in iGaming market and identifying the target audience, you can design an effective bonus program that will suit their preferences and motivations.

To add on this, other competitor bonus systems can be analyzed to gather industry best practices which are relevant in incentivizing affiliates within this industry.

Identifying Your Target Audience

One of the most important steps in creating a successful bonus plan for your iGaming partners is identifying your target market. Study the people you are trying to reach so you can learn about their interests and behaviors.

AspectExplanationHow to Identify?
Demographics 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦This includes age, gender, location, income, and education.* Analyze industry reports and market research on gaming demographics.
* Look at traffic data on your website or social media channels (if you already have an audience).
* Consider the genre of games you’ll be promoting (e.g., mobile games might skew younger, strategy games might attract a broader age range).
Psychographics 🧠This goes beyond demographics and considers interests, values, lifestyles, and motivations.* Engage with gaming forums and communities to understand player preferences and pain points.
* Look at popular gaming influencers and their audiences.
* Conduct surveys or polls to gather data directly from your target audience.
Gaming Preferences 🎮This includes preferred genres, platforms (PC, console, mobile), and playstyles (casual, competitive).* Research popular game genres and their target demographics.
* Look at what types of games are most streamed or watched on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.
* Consider the types of affiliate products you plan to promote (e.g., virtual currency for MMOs, pre-orders for AAA titles).
Online Behavior & Habits 🌐This considers where your audience spends their time online and how they consume content.* Analyze website traffic sources to see where your audience comes from (e.g., social media, search engines).
* Look at popular gaming websites, forums, and social media groups.
* Track what types of content resonate most with your audience (e.g., reviews, gameplay walkthroughs, esports news).

This will allow you to determine what motivates them, what they like and dislike, and ultimately how best to design bonuses that will get through.

So as to divide up your bonus system according to different groups consider these factors; age, gender, location (geography), frequency of play or time spent playing video games among other things should all be considered when designing bonuses for various player types within an online casino site such as yours!

Analyzing Competitor Bonus Systems

Examining other company’s reward schemes is one of the best ways to gain insights into what does and doesn’t work within a given industry. Take cues from your rivals’ bonus structures, incentives, and rewards when devising your own; this can help spark ideas while also highlighting areas for potential enhancement.

Try finding distinctive methods or inventive components that could make your program stand out among others in the field. Keeping up with current trends across various sectors and analyzing different approaches adopted by competitors will enable you to better tailor your strategy towards attracting and retaining top performing affiliates in iGaming.

Setting Clear Objectives for Your Bonus Program

In order to create an effective bonus system for iGaming partners, it is crucial to establish precise goals. Reflect on your general enterprise objectives and ensure they match with those of the reward scheme.

Do you want to amplify player procurement, raise income levels, better keep hold of affiliates or foster brand loyalty?

Objective ComponentExplanationiGaming Example
Specific 🎯Clearly define your desired outcome from the bonus program.Increase first-time deposits by 20% within the next quarter.
Measurable 📏Use Scaleo‘s reporting capabilities to track key metrics.Track affiliate-driven signups, conversion rates, and average deposit amounts in Scaleo dashboards.
Achievable 💪Set goals based on historical data and realistic market potential.Analyze past bonus campaigns and benchmark against competitors to determine achievable goals.
Relevant 🔗Align bonus objectives with your acquisition or retention goals.Offer a tiered bonus structure to incentivize affiliates to drive high-value players.
Time-bound ⏰Have a clear start and end date for the bonus program.Launch a month-long bonus campaign targeted towards new affiliates.

To direct how you will set up and enforce the bonus system, come up with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) targets. Not only do clear aims make it possible for you to measure the program’s success but also provide a direction for refining and modifying the bonus structure when necessary.

Legal Framework for iGaming Affiliate Bonuses

When creating a unique bonus system for your iGaming affiliates, it is important to be aware of the legal foundations surrounding them. You must comply with gambling laws in order to make sure that your bonus program is valid and trustworthy as well. Also, keeping customer information safe and private should be done at all times for the sake of the integrity of your business.

To become an official entity, you need certain licenses within your area’s jurisdiction; these may include but not limited to operating license for gambling activities, data protection licence(s) and financial license(s) which are necessary depending on where exactly you’re located among other factors such as region requirements etcetera.

These permits act as proof that whatever you do is within what’s allowed by law hence showing commitment towards this while also giving confidence to partners who know they’re working under recognized standards.

Knowing what regulations apply specifically within your locality is vital. Keep track of any changes made or new additions made so that adherence to these rules continues throughout time.

This way, one can comfortably operate their bonuses system without fear of any illegality that might arise, thereby gaining trust from their affiliates, too, in terms of following all necessary steps stipulated by law.

Selecting the Right Affiliate Software and Commission Structures

For your iGaming partners, choosing the best affiliate software is everything in creating a successful personalized bonus system. The software you choose should be specially developed for the iGaming industry and should cater for unique requirements while maximizing the performance of your bonus program.

One of the options that come to mind is Scaleo affiliate marketing software which has various features meant for iGaming. This includes comprehensive commission tracking capabilities that enable you to monitor and calculate accurately the commissions owed to your affiliates.

How to Set Up a Custom Bonus System for Your iGaming Affiliates? -
Scaleo dashboard

Other than just tracking commissions there are other features, which if present, could make your bonus system more effective. You may want to consider looking for CRM integration so that you can easily sync with your customer relationship management system.

You should also look at personalization as another important aspect when selecting an affiliate software provider. This means being able to set up different types of bonuses per each partner based on their performance alone; this will greatly increase motivation within your network.

scaleo partner marketing software

Automating workflows are crucial too as they help streamline operations related with running a successful incentive scheme. In this case, go for those applications which allow automatic bonus allocation and payout thereby cutting down manual work involved here saving both time & energy on part of administrators like yourself!

Another thing worth considering would be analytics and reporting capabilities because these features provide insights necessary for evaluating how well do affiliates perform vis-a-vis rewards given out through bonuses over time.

Hence forth it should offer reports so as track records from past periods thus giving actionable steps towards enhancing such schemes.

cyber security in igaming partner business

Security is also something else not left behind, especially within this sector where games involve real money transactions between players themselves or even between player(s) vs the house itself; therefore, compliance must always be maintained throughout by ensuring appropriate controls are put in place around sensitive information systems (SIS).

Payment processing features offered by any given provider are equally important during the selection process of affiliate marketing software tailored specifically towards meeting needs prevailing within the igaming space.

It might include things like multiple payment options together with smooth integration using preferred gateways, making it easier for bonuses to be paid out.

Affiliate Software Features
Commission Tracking
CRM Integration
Automated Workflows
Analytics and Reporting
Compliance and Security
Payment Processing

Custom Bonus System for iGaming Affiliates

To make sure that your iGaming partner program attains maximum success, it is important to design a personalized bonus system for your partners.

You can motivate them and push their performance to greater heights by creating bonus levels that are tailor-made for them, setting clear criteria upon which bonuses are given out as well as communicating the details about these rewards effectively.

Designing Tailored Bonus Tiers

In creating a personalized rewards program, make sure to match those bonus tiers with your partners’ achievements and intentions. Decide the level of each stage based on how many gamers one brings or how much money they earn for you. Also, it’s good always to aim higher — motivate them by rewarding them more as they reach new goals.

Defining Metrics for Bonus Allocation

In a custom bonus system, establishing metrics that are transparent and fair for the allocation of bonuses is essential — this prevents misunderstandings or arguments. Player retention rates, conversion rates and revenue milestones could be considered as some of the metrics.

You should use measurable indicators when allocating bonuses so that they can be tied directly to achievements; such an action will give clear incentives to affiliates while making everything seem fair.

Communicating Bonus Details to Affiliates

For your special bonus plan to be successful, you must communicate well. It is important to provide a clear and brief explanation on the mechanics of the system, how rewards are computed as well as when they will be given out.

You should communicate through different channels like sending email newsletters or providing information on a dedicated portal or even giving regular updates in your affiliate platform.

This will keep them informed and interested in what is happening around them. Open communication channels ensure that these marketers know what they can gain hence work harder towards achieving it.

Implementing and Managing Your Custom Bonus Plan

Once you have designed a custom bonus system for your iGaming affiliates, it’s time to implement and manage it effectively.

This section will guide you through the key steps involved in onboarding affiliates, automating bonus payouts, and monitoring affiliate performance to ensure the success of your bonus program.

Onboarding Affiliates to Your Bonus System

During the implementation of your bonus plan, it is vital to bring other employees on board with your bonus system. Make sure they know how their earning can be increased through this rewards scheme by providing a good training and support program. Explain the benefits and mechanics of the program while highlighting its peculiar incentives for them.

Among the ways that you could use to help affiliates get started are conducting webinars or creating video tutorials or providing them with detailed documentation that will guide them through everything they need to know about bonuses.

They should also be able to ask questions one-on-one, so offer individual assistance where necessary because people often lack motivation when trying something new, especially if there isn’t anyone around who understands what’s going on.

Automating Bonus Payouts

It is imperative to automate the payout of bonuses if you want to effectively manage your own bonus system. One may use such programs as Scaleo for affiliate management which can simplify this procedure by tracking, calculating and distributing rewards accurately. It can also automate payouts depending on certain rules or criteria that have been set in advance thus saving one’s time and minimizing mistakes caused by humans.

Keep a close eye on how well the automated system is working so that you can see whether any mistakes were made when crediting bonuses. If there are problems with payments themselves, fix them immediately, as this shows fairness and transparency within the bonus program.

Monitoring Affiliate Performance and Adjusting Incentives

To adjust motivation and develop a custom bonus plan, it is important that you observe how your associates are doing. For example, keep an eye on the number of players they refer, the revenue generated or even conversion rates made. Always evaluate this information so as to distinguish between those affiliates who perform well and those areas which require improvement.

Based on these results, change the incentives in your program based on performance and business goals. To motivate them more, recognize what the best-performing partner does by increasing their rewards. On the other hand, consider adjusting incentives for non-performing partners to enhance their efforts.

Consequently, transparency is key here. Inform your affiliates frequently about their progress and any alterations made in this regard too. At such times, they may need to know why certain things have been done differently from before and also how much was achieved per each target at every stage of realization vis extra income.

Such kind of openness builds trust among them because nobody likes being kept ignorant about what could affect his or her participation in a given project.


Creating a unique experience for iGaming affiliates through personalized bonus programs can be strategic when looking forward towards improved loyalty coupled with high output levels. Therefore, one needs to understand what really works best with different types of people who could become partners in such businesses hence making everything custom made just fit for them alone but still within legal framework pertaining iGaming affiliate bonuses.

You should always abide by any relevant rules governing gambling activities online especially if it concerns paying out money as incentives later on. This means that getting licenses must be done first before starting off anything else since failure may lead into serious legal problems thereby causing loss not only reputation among affiliates but trust too.

cyber security in igaming partner business

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