Having an affiliate program is a fantastic marketing strategy to get your casino or sportsbook business maximum exposure online. Affiliates play a crucial role in attracting new players to your online gambling company.

affiliate marketing software design for iGaming Industry

While there are other ways to promote online casinos or sportsbooks, affiliate marketing has earned a reputation for being the most effective iGaming marketing model. Based on our experience in the performance marketing industry, in this article, you will find out how you can build a successful affiliate network for your iGaming project.

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Step 1 – Planning Stage

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Target Market Analysis

First off, understanding your target market isn’t just a box to tick; it’s the cornerstone of a profitable affiliate program.

The iGaming world is a circus of options—casino games, sports betting, online poker, you name it. 

So, who are the ringleaders and the high-rollers you want to attract?

Knowing your target market is like knowing the rules of the game before you place your bets. Here’s a table outlining how to perform a comprehensive Target Market Analysis for your iGaming affiliate program.

Analysis CriteriaMethodologyData SourcesKey Takeaways
DemographicsAge, gender, income, and other standard demographic variables.Surveys, Government Statistics, AnalyticsIdentify the most likely users.
PsychographicsAttitudes, values, lifestyles, etc.Surveys, Social Media InsightsUnderstand the ‘why’ behind consumer choices.
Geographic LocationWhere is your audience located?Geo location Data, Market ResearchTailor marketing strategies to specific locations.
Behavioral TraitsSpending habits, brand loyalty, etc.Transaction Data, Customer InterviewsCustomize incentives and offerings.
Competitive AnalysisHow do your offers compare to competitors?Competitor Websites, Customer ReviewsIdentify gaps and opportunities in affiliate competitor analysis.
Market NeedsWhat does your target market need or want?Customer Feedback, ForumsDevelop services that meet these needs.
Market TrendsWhat trends might affect consumer behavior?Market Reports, News SourcesStay ahead of the curve.

By diving deep into these criteria from affiliate competitor analysis to market needs, you’ll not only get to know your audience but you’ll also figure out how to get them to take action. The more you know, the better you can tailor your affiliate program to suit your target market’s needs.

Start by segmenting your audience. Are they casual gamers or serious bettors? 

Maybe they’re into niche sports or prefer classic table games. Knowing this helps you and your affiliates tailor the messaging. One-size-fits-all is so last decade.

Now, get into the nitty-gritty: demographics, psychographics, and behavioral patterns. What age group dominates? Are they mobile users or desktop aficionados? What are their spending habits?

All these insights arm you with the kind of knowledge that turns a so-so affiliate program into a money-making machine.

Lastly, don’t forget to peep at your competitors if they’re doing something that’s working like gangbusters; there’s no harm in taking a leaf out of their playbook. 

Except you’re going to do it even better, right?

Goal setting & business analysis

The first and most critical step is to assess your overall business performance. What benefits will such an action bring? It enables operators to match current business opportunities and objectives to available resources.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful approach to build your audience and raise brand awareness in an iGaming business. While affiliates are a significant source of traffic in the industry, it is in operators’ best interests to establish a balance between affiliate marketing and other methods of bringing relevant visitors at the greatest value.

Even if an iGaming operator does all of the business analysis practically, there are certain general points to examine in any case:

  • Existing company situation (number of brands handled, data, existing audience, and so on).
  • Goals for the short and long term and new markets for expansion. It is necessary for determining priority geo and other target audience portrait indicators.
  • Financial KPIs and objectives. Determine how many players the brand can recruit at this point and whether the cost versus ROI is competitive enough. These calculations assist operators in disseminating their audience outreach strategy over all accessible promotion channels, including affiliate marketing.
  • Plans calling. This includes any ambitions for business growth, the introduction of new brands, and the ability to manage them all through a single affiliate management platform.

It is a crucial stage that entails contacting affiliates and creating relationships with both partners and athletes. Creating a welcoming environment for target gamers requires a few steps:

  • Creating and maintaining a solid brand reputation. This is an important consideration in affiliate agreements because both gamers and affiliates want fair and honest conditions.
  • The player experience is transparent and satisfying. The same is true for affiliates as it is for players: both the casino and the affiliate earn from players. A partner does not want to recommend players to a resource where they are likely to be defrauded.
  • Using your values to create promotional messaging for partners and players. A solid reputation is a fantastic foundation for developing a distinct brand proposition for players and affiliate partners.

At the same time, remember how this affects the return on partner investment. Affiliate commissions should be appealing and stimulating while not damaging the firm. A good affiliate management solution is adaptable enough to change compensation terms based on business needs.

It is also worth emphasizing that player promotion is important. No matter how dedicated the affiliate is, engaging gamers will be practically impossible if the offer is irrelevant. Put your ideas to the test by developing new campaigns and perks, hosting themed tournaments, and tracking outcomes. Trial and error are your finest teachers in this situation.

Step 2 – Legal Aspects

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Licenses Needed

When establishing an affiliate program in the iGaming sector, obtaining the proper licenses is the first step on your legal checklist. Licenses differ depending on your jurisdiction—be it Malta, the UK, or Gibraltar.

Here’s a table to guide you through the licensing maze.

License TypeJurisdictionPurposeIssuing AuthorityEstimated Cost
Gambling Operating LicenseCountry-specific (UK, Malta, Gibraltar, etc.)Legal operation of gambling activitiesNational Gaming Authority$10,000 – $1,000,000+
Software LicenseGlobalLegal use of iGaming softwareSoftware ProviderVaries
Affiliate LicensingJurisdiction-dependentAuthorizes you to collaborate with gambling operatorsRegulatory Bodies, Gambling Commissions$1,000 – $50,000
Data Protection LicenseEU (GDPR), California (CCPA), etc.Compliance with data protection lawsNational Data Protection AuthoritiesVaries
Financial LicenseCountry-specificHandle transactions related to betting/gamblingFinancial Conduct Authorities$5,000 – $50,000
Age Verification System LicenseCountry-specificEnsure compliance with age restrictionsVerification Software Providers$500 – $5,000
Intellectual Property RightsGlobalLegal ownership of trademarks, logos, etc.Intellectual Property Offices$200 – $2,000

Do keep in mind that these are ballpark figures and procedures, licenses, and costs can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction and the specific nature of your iGaming business.

You’ll likely require an operator license for the casino or sportsbook and additional permits for specific gaming activities. Without these, you’re basically a ship without a sail in a stormy sea.

Regulatory Hurdles

Regulatory compliance doesn’t end with obtaining a license; it’s a constant process. This includes ensuring that your affiliate program also abides by local advertising standards, data protection laws, and anti-money laundering regulations. 

An up-to-date understanding of the iGaming laws in each jurisdiction where you operate is crucial. Failure to comply can result in penalties or revocation of your operating license.

Compliance with Gambling Laws

A significant portion of your operational setup will guarantee that you and your affiliates strictly adhere to gambling laws. This covers everything from responsible gaming practices to transparent and fair terms and conditions. 

Monthly audits and regular updates to your compliance policies can help maintain this delicate balance.

Being aware of these legal aspects can save you from unwanted surprises and ensure that your iGaming affiliate program operates within the bounds of the law. Ignoring them is not an option unless you have a penchant for legal drama, hefty fines, or shutting down operations.

Step 3 – Tech Stack

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Choosing iGaming Affiliate Software

If there is one thing you must do when launching an affiliate program, it is to select an affiliate marketing software supplier. 

iGaming Affiliate SoftwareFeaturesPrice
Scaleo✅ Automated Billing
✅ iGaming KPIs
✅ Integrations
✅ Customizable Tiers
Nux Game❌ Automated Billing
✅ iGaming KPIs
❌ Integrations
❌ Customizable Tiers
Custom Quote
PartnerMatrix❌ Automated Billing
✅ iGaming KPIs
✅ Integrations
❌ Customizable Tiers
Custom Quote
BetConstruct❌ Automated Billing
❌ iGaming KPIs
✅ Integrations
❌ Customizable Tiers
Custom Quote
PartnerGator❌ Automated Billing
❌ iGaming KPIs
❌ Integrations
❌ Customizable Tiers
Custom Quote

The proper software provides the resources to make your affiliate marketing activities more cost-effective for both parties.

What should operators look for while selecting affiliate software?

Commissions for affiliates

In casino affiliate programs, many reward opportunities take center stage. Several reward choices allow a company to offer more financially advantageous and tempting terms for affiliate-partner cooperation.

Modern affiliate management software will offer more than just the conventional Revshare, Hybrid, and CPA arrangements. Modern solutions enable you to create one-of-a-kind commissions by combining numerous conditions and qualifiers and setting up several thresholds with different reward types.

CRM Integration

In the fast-paced world of iGaming, having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that’s seamlessly integrated with your affiliate program isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s essential. Why? Because you want to keep tabs on your player’s lifecycle just as closely as you track your affiliates. Here’s how to do it right:

Data Synchronization

You’ve got loads of data points from player activity, affiliate performance, and campaign success. Syncing this data between your affiliate platform and CRM ensures that you have real-time information at your fingertips. Trust me, “old data” is about as useful as a flat tire.


Want to send targeted promos that players can’t resist? Your CRM system, when integrated, can provide invaluable insights into player behavior. Maybe John Smith loves poker but hasn’t logged in for two weeks; it’s time to entice him back with a specialized offer, right?

Automated Workflows

Let’s automate the grunt work so you can focus on strategy. With a well-integrated CRM, you can set up workflows to automatically segment players, trigger affiliate payouts, or even flag high-value leads for personalized attention. Imagine your operation running like a Swiss watch—that’s the goal.

Analytics and Reporting

An integrated CRM provides robust analytics. Track the effectiveness of campaigns, affiliate performance, and ROI all in one place. No more hopping between platforms like a digital nomad in search of Wi-Fi.

Compliance and Security

Yep, back to the boring but necessary part—legal compliance. A tightly integrated CRM will make adhering to data protection regulations easier, ensuring that your players’ and affiliates’ data are secure.

Looking for affiliate software that was designed explicitly for the iGaming industry? Try Sclaeo free for 14 days!

partner marketing software for igaming industry

Here is what you can expect…

Scaleo FeatureDescription
iGaming ModulePre-built backend tailored for the iGaming industry. Includes commission plans, dashboards, and multi-brand support.
Funnel ReportsInsights into player journeys from affiliate click to registration and deposit.
KPI and Player ReportsComprehensive metrics on player activities like deposits, bets, wins, etc., helping you measure the value of each traffic source.
Additional PagesAllows integration of third-party content, promotions, guides, and more.
Advanced User RolesCustomize user roles and permissions for better team management and data protection.
Invoicing and PaymentsAutomated invoicing and payment setup to streamline business operations.
Unlimited CustomizationsModular architecture allows you to tailor the platform in detail, from dashboard metrics to design themes.
Free 14-day TrialFull-featured trial for two weeks, no credit card required.

Hope this table helps you see what Scaleo brings to the table!

Payment Processing

Because not all affiliate software supports integrated payment processing, operators must rely on third-party payment systems to pay their partners.

Globally, gaming affiliate programs have two choices:

  • Handle payments separately from the affiliate software solution. The software is merely a data and traffic tracker.
  • Pay from the affiliate tracking platform directly.

Consider the affiliate platform’s payment processing alternatives if affiliate payments are crucial to you. Prompt payments are essential for maintaining satisfying relationships with partners. Scaleo, for example, has an automated billing system that allows you to generate invoices in one click and in bulk.

Making payments straight from the software solution under the supervision of the platform provider is undoubtedly the more comfortable choice. Operators do not need to rely on third-party payment services.

Although the function is essential for running a successful affiliate program, affiliate solutions that include it are uncommon. Scaleo, for example, offers clients all of the advantages of built-in payment processing to improve operator transaction workflows.

Step 4 – Recruiting Affiliates

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Where to Find Them?

Locating the right affiliates is akin to finding the missing puzzle pieces that complete your iGaming picture. While generic affiliate networks are a common starting point, don’t overlook niche forums, social media platforms, and industry events where iGaming enthusiasts and professionals congregate. 

Reaching out to bloggers and influencers in the iGaming sector can also be a goldmine; they said a good partnership with them can bring in a plethora of engaged users.

What to Offer: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid?

Once you’ve identified potential affiliates, the next step is to present an irresistible offer. In the world of iGaming, you typically have a few compensation structures to consider:

  1. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Pay affiliates a flat fee for each player who signs up and makes a deposit. This one-off payment is attractive for affiliates looking for quick returns.
  2. Revenue Share (RevShare): Share a percentage of the revenue generated by the players an affiliate brings in. This option is more of a long-term relationship, beneficial for both you and your affiliate as long as the player remains active.
  3. Hybrid Models: A mix of CPA and RevShare, this model provides a smaller upfront payment along with a lower ongoing revenue share. This is often the sweet spot for many affiliates.
  4. Custom Deals: High-performing affiliates may require custom deals that could include higher percentages or additional bonuses based on performance milestones.

The more attractive and flexible your offer, the easier it will be to recruit quality affiliates who can drive consistent, high-value traffic to your iGaming business.

By focusing on where to find the right affiliates and offering lucrative, customizable deals, you lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial, long-lasting partnership. After all, the success of your affiliate program is a two-way street.

Step 5 – Setting Up the Affiliate Program

Creating an effective affiliate program involves more than just deciding on the commission structure and recruiting affiliates. The program’s infrastructure—the landing page, onboarding process, and terms and conditions—is the backbone. 

Let’s delve into each of these crucial aspects.

Landing Page Creation

A well-designed landing page for your affiliate program acts as the initial touchpoint, the “front door,” so to speak, for prospective partners. This page should offer:

  1. Clear Value Proposition: Spell out the benefits of joining your affiliate program. From commission rates to support services, make it clear why an affiliate should choose you over competitors.
  2. Sign-Up Form: An easily accessible form should be present to capture essential details. The fewer clicks needed to join, the better.
  3. Testimonials: If available, include testimonials from other successful affiliates. Social proof can significantly boost credibility.
  4. FAQ Section: Address common questions affiliates might have. This section helps in pre-empting inquiries and makes the process more straightforward.
  5. Contact Details: Make it simple for interested affiliates to reach out with questions or for clarifications.
  6. SEO Optimization: The landing page should also be optimized for search engines to naturally attract affiliates who are actively seeking opportunities in the iGaming sector.

Looking for a landing page builder?

If you’re launching an affiliate program, your landing page needs to be as appealing as a royal flush in a poker game. Here’s a table showcasing some of the best landing page builders to help you achieve that.

Landing Page BuilderFeaturesPrice
UnbounceDrag-and-drop builder, A/B testing, dynamic content for personalized experiences.Starting at $80/month
ClickFunnelsEasy-to-use, built-in A/B testing, numerous templates, affiliate program management features.Starting at $97/month
InstapageHeatmaps, split testing, AdMap to visualize ad campaigns.Starting at $149/month
LeadpagesCode-free drag-and-drop builder, built-in SEO settings, unlimited traffic and leads.Starting at $27/month
WixWide range of customizable templates, SEO-friendly, beginner-friendly.Free to $39/month
WebflowProfessional-grade design control, CMS and E-commerce integrated.Starting at $12/month
ElementorWordPress plugin, pixel-perfect design, pop-up builder.Free to $199/year

Each of these platforms offers something unique, whether it’s extensive customization options or analytics to inform your strategy. Choose the one that best aligns with your affiliate program’s needs, and you’ll be well on your way to converting clicks into loyal customers.

Affiliate Onboarding

A frictionless onboarding process can be the difference between a signed contract and a missed opportunity. Elements to consider include:

  1. Welcome Pack: Send a digital welcome package that contains all the necessary marketing material, such as banners, logos, and promotional codes, along with a guide on how to use them.
  2. Training Webinars/Videos: Offer educational content to new affiliates to help them understand the platform and maximize their earnings.
  3. Dedicated Account Manager: Assign an account manager to guide the affiliate through the initial stages. This personal touch fosters a better relationship and ensures quicker problem-solving.
  4. Tracking Dashboard: Provide access to an intuitive dashboard where affiliates can track their performance metrics, revenues, and payments in real time.

Program Terms and Conditions

Clearly defined terms and conditions are non-negotiable for any affiliate program. They serve as the contractual basis for your relationships with affiliates and must address the following:

  1. Commission Structure: Clearly outline how commissions are earned, calculated, and paid.
  2. Payment Terms: Specify the payment methods and schedules, minimum payment thresholds, and any associated fees.
  3. Behavioral Guidelines: Include clauses for compliance with advertising norms, anti-spam policies, and ethical standards.
  4. Liabilities and Warranties: Define the legal obligations and protections for both parties.
  5. Termination Policies: Set forth the conditions under which either party can terminate the affiliate relationship.
  6. Dispute Resolution: Lay out procedures for resolving disagreements or misunderstandings.

Marketing Tools for Affiliates

In iGaming, providing affiliates with the right marketing tools is tantamount to arming warriors with the best weapons before sending them into battle. Let’s examine the essential marketing tools, their features, and associated costs in a table format.

BannerflowCustomizable banners, real-time analytics, and interactive elements to boost engagement.Starting at $300/month
CanvaEasy-to-use design tool for creating visually appealing banners. Offers templates specifically for iGaming.Free to $30/month
VoucherifyPlatform for generating and managing promo codes. Allows dynamic QR code creation, geofencing, and more.Starting at $89/month
Coupon CarrierAnother tool to handle promo codes. Features include automatic code delivery via email or SMS and integrations with numerous platforms.Starting at $29/month
BufferSocial media scheduling and analytics. Optimal for posting social media kits across multiple platforms at the right times.Free to $85/month
HootsuiteAll-in-one social media management tool. Features include bulk scheduling, monitoring, and detailed analytics, making it perfect for managing social media kits.Starting at $49/month
SendibleAnother comprehensive social media tool designed for agencies. Offers similar features to Hootsuite but with a stronger focus on client reporting.Starting at $29/month

Equipping your affiliates with tools like these enhances their ability to market your iGaming business effectively. This assortment of tools caters to different marketing needs—from visually striking banners to easily shareable promo codes and well-timed social media posts. By offering a variety of options, you empower your affiliates to choose the methods that best resonate with their audience, thus increasing the potential for higher conversions.

Create Multiple affiliate campaigns.

Before you launch an affiliate marketing program, be sure the affiliate system permits affiliates to develop various affiliate campaigns for diverse traffic sources. 

An affiliate campaign in this context refers to a partner’s promotion in a certain traffic channel (e.g., social media). The partner employs special banners and text that entice the audience to click on the referral link, allowing the campaign’s success to be tracked.

Partners value having access to various media formats and resolutions and frequently collaborate across numerous channels. Having software that meets this requirement can persuade affiliates to choose you as their partner over the next gambling affiliate scheme.

Define affiliate incentives

When the preliminary work is over, and the best affiliate program solution has been chosen, it is time to decide on and customize commission structures.

iGaming operators will almost certainly strike individual agreements with each of their partners. Nonetheless, everyone should have a minimal set of terms that can be announced on the website. 

Furthermore, you should create an incentive system – bonuses or specific circumstances for affiliates that will produce remarkable outcomes.

Having difficulty defining affiliate rewards? In the table below, we compare the most common sorts of commissions.

A respectable commission is a significant benefit, but having a good reputation is also important. 

You must maintain a positive image by being honest and fair to your affiliate partners, keeping your promises, and responding to any questions they may have.

Step 6 – Affiliate Program Management

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Multi-brand management

Operators with various gambling brands should select a solution that allows for cross-brand tracking. 

Simultaneously, rather than having blanket settings for all projects, it should enable you to address each entity separately. Rather than a one-size-fits-all strategy, creating brand-specific commissions, materials, and reports makes more sense. 

To see the big picture, the affiliate software of choice should allow you to handle affiliate marketing for multiple iGaming brands under one account.

Admin permission management

A comprehensive administrative interface is required for affiliate marketing software. The software should allow for multiple administrator positions and ensure that your affiliate managers are held accountable transparently. 

To maintain security, the affiliate marketing software platform should be able to assign role-based access permissions.

Multiple affiliate tiers

Assume the affiliate software provider goes above and beyond, as Scaleo does. If this is the case, operators will most likely be able to set up affiliate tiers, allowing affiliates to recruit other affiliates and generate additional traffic for their gambling websites. A ‘sub-affiliate system’ is the capacity to have a hierarchy of affiliates.

This benefits both parties:

  • Operators benefit from increased affiliate recruitment: partners engage additional partners to raise their incentives.
  • Increased affiliate motivation: partners focus on bringing in affiliates who drive traffic so that they may earn more as a master affiliates.

Step 6 – Measuring Success

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

Understanding whether your affiliate program is hitting the jackpot or just burning chips is vital in the iGaming world. 

To grasp this, you’ll need to zoom in on two key aspects: the KPIs you’re tracking and how often you’re taking stock through regular reporting.

KPIs to Track

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are your program’s success yardsticks. Here’s what you should be keeping monitoring closely:

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)What It Measures?Why It’s Important?Additional Info
Traffic VolumeThe number of visitors to your iGaming site via affiliate links.High traffic can indicate effective affiliate marketing, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.Often the first KPI tracked.
Conversion RatesPercentage of clicks from affiliate links that turn into players.Where the rubber meets the road; high conversions mean more revenue.Measured as (Conversions/Clicks) x 100.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)Long-term value each affiliate brings in through customer retention.It’s not just about one-time wins; it’s the marathon that counts.Often tied to specific marketing campaigns.
Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)Revenue generated per user, usually calculated monthly.Helps fine-tune your ROI and assess the profitability of each player.Calculated as Total Revenue/Total Users.
Churn RateNumber of players who deactivate or abandon their accounts.A red flag that could indicate issues with user experience or service quality.Lower is better.
ROIReturn on investment for your affiliate program.Tells you if your investment in affiliates is a hit or a miss.Calculated as (Net Profit/Cost) x 100.

These KPIs are the bread and butter of any iGaming affiliate program. Keep a close eye on them, and you’ll know exactly how your affiliates are performing and where to double down.

Regular Reporting

Good data is like good scotch; it’s all about age and timing. Too frequent reports can lead to hasty decisions, while infrequent ones can make you miss the boat entirely.

  • Weekly Reports: Ideal for tracking short-term KPIs like traffic volume and conversion rates. These offer a quick snapshot and let you make timely tweaks.
  • Monthly Reports: These give you a broader view and are good for measuring metrics like CLV and ARPU. Monthly reports are also ideal for assessing individual affiliate performance.
  • Quarterly Reviews: Best for evaluating the overall health of your affiliate program. You can make strategic decisions for the coming quarters based on these reviews.

The best way to measure success and KPIs boils down to having a robust tracking and monitoring system in place. 

This is where Scaleo comes in. 

How to Start an Affiliate Program for iGaming Business in 2024? - start an affiliate progra

With features designed to give you a granular understanding of your affiliate performance, from traffic analytics to conversion rates and ROI, 

Scaleo is a one-stop shop for all your iGaming affiliate program’s tracking needs.

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of affiliate marketing tools: versatile and indispensable. 

And the cherry on top of the cake? Scaleo offers a free trial, so you can give it a whirl without even cracking open your wallet. If you’re serious about measuring your program’s success and optimizing for performance, Scaleo is the go-to platform. 

Troubleshooting: Common Issues and How to Resolve Them

Even the most well-designed iGaming affiliate programs encounter technical hitches and operational challenges. Identifying common issues and being equipped with actionable solutions can drastically reduce downtime and maintain a seamless experience for both operators and affiliates.

Below is a table outlining these common issues, their technical aspects, and the recommended resolutions.

Common IssueTechnical AspectRecommended Resolution
Tracking DiscrepanciesIncorrect or missing tracking codes.Review the tracking codes for syntax errors and ensure they are properly implemented. Use debugging tools to identify the issue.
Delayed ReportingLag in data synchronization or API bottlenecks.Confirm if the API rate limits are exceeded and adjust accordingly. If it’s a sync issue, consider optimizing the data refresh cycles.
Commission MiscalculationsErrors in commission rules or data inconsistencies.Audit the commission rules for errors. Validate the data sources to ensure they are correctly feeding into the commission calculations.
Broken Links404 errors indicating the offer’s missing landing pages.Regularly validate all affiliate URLs. Redirect or fix any broken links and update the affiliates with the new URLs.
Affiliate MisconductViolation of program terms, e.g., spamming.Utilize monitoring tools to identify non-compliant behavior. Address the issue directly with the affiliate and take appropriate action.
Payment DelaysIssues with payment gateways or incorrect payment details.Verify the integrity of the payment gateway and ensure that payment details for each affiliate are correctly stored and up-to-date.

By preemptively addressing these issues, you create a resilient framework that can withstand operational hiccups. Implementing such problem-solving measures enhances the overall reliability of your affiliate program, engendering trust among your partners.


Starting an iGaming affiliate program might feel overwhelming, but if you’ve reached this point, you already have the tools for success. Each step plays a crucial role in defining your target market, sorting out legal intricacies to recruit the best affiliates, and empowering them with the right marketing tools. 

Let’s not forget the importance of using performance metrics, regular reporting, and reliable platforms like Scaleo to keep a close eye on how your program is doing.

By implementing this blueprint and the right strategies and continually troubleshooting, you’re not just spinning the wheel of fortune but actually engineering your luck. 

So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice, take the plunge, and set your iGaming affiliate program on the path to success!

Add an affiliate program to your igaming business today with Scaleo. It offers a free trial and customizable affiliate tiers, making it the ultimate tool to track, measure, and optimize your affiliate program. A winning affiliate game plan is just a click away.

partner marketing software for igaming industry

Which Affiliate Script for iGaming is the Best?

The best affiliate script for igaming currently is Scaleo. While it’s technically not a script but a SaaS (software as a service) based on a monthly subscription fee, however, it’s fully white label, so you can seamlessly integrate it on your server and domain, which makes it look like an affiliate script installed on your server.

Last Updated on April 10, 2024


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