Do you want to dominate the iGaming business industry but don’t know where to start? Player Reports are here to save the day, giving you all the insight you need to pave your way to success.

Whether you’re an online casino owner or just getting into the industry as an agency, having the right KPI data guarantees you aren’t wasting money.

Gambling may be a risky business, but trying to operate without proper tracking and analysis of your performance—is even riskier!

With player reports, you can easily access key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you assess your campaigns’ performance.

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From there, it’s a breeze—you can tweak and maximize your return on investment as you go.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

What is a Player Report in Gaming Industry?

A player report is a detailed summary of a player’s activity who has been referred to an online casino or sportsbook by an affiliate in gambling affiliate marketing.

This report includes details about the player’s registration, deposit and withdrawal history, gameplay activity, and overall performance.

At Scaleo, player reports typically include information such as:

Player Reports: The Magic KPI Metric To Maximize Revenue Potential - player reports
  • Player ID
  • Registration Date
  • Deposit Amount (The total amount of money the player has deposited.)
  • Number of Games Played
  • Winnings (The total amount of money won by the player.)
  • Lifetime Value (LTV) (An estimate of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with the player.)
  • Retention Rate (Continued to use the platform over a given period.)
  • Churn Rate (Stopped using the platform over a given period).

Affiliates value player reports because they enable them to track the performance of the players they have referred to and determine how much revenue they generate.

This data can assist affiliate managers in optimizing their marketing strategies and increasing their earnings.

Furthermore, online casinos and sportsbooks use player reports to monitor players’ activity to identify potential issues, such as gambling fraud.

They then can take appropriate action to address these issues and maintain a safe and fair gaming environment for all players by analyzing player reports.

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Let’s see why Player Reports are helpful in sharpening your gambling skills. (Spoiler alert – it’s all about the KPIs!)

Player Reports: The Magic KPI Metric To Maximize Revenue Potential - player reports

When it comes to gambling affiliate marketing, there are a few key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to keep track of – such as:

  • Average bet value
  • Win/Loss ratio
  • Return on Investment (ROI).

Scaleo‘s player reports make this process easy and automatic.

They provide a clear overview of each player’s value to the casino in one handy report so you can keep track of your affiliate business’s success – and make sure that you’re always making the right moves!

Understanding How Player Report Works

Player Reports: The Magic KPI Metric To Maximize Revenue Potential - player reports

Player reports can be the secret source of affiliate marketing success. They give you all the data you need to ensure your gambling business pays off.

Here’s how it works:

Player Reports provide you with a detailed individual player value, which can be used to set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and support your decision-making and help you achieve successful outcomes. You can see each player’s entire journey, from the first click-through to conversion and acquisition.

You can trace this back to the affiliate who referred the player and therefore determine which affiliates provide you with “valuable” traffic, i.e., who referred gamblers who brought you a lot of income.

Now, that’s what we call useful information!

You can dig even deeper and get granular reports on things like player retention rates, deposits, and wagers, lifetime value of a customer (LTV), cost per acquisition (CPA), and cost per click (CPC).

Player Reports: The Magic KPI Metric To Maximize Revenue Potential - player reports

Better yet, you can see how effective your campaigns are compared to industry averages.

So why settle for ordinary basic reports when you could have all this extra insight? With player reports, you’re one step closer to achieving your gambling affiliate marketing success goals.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get analyzing!

Analyzing Players in a Gambling Affiliates Program

Tired of trying to figure out how to evaluate your gambling KPI? Then it’s time to get smart with player reports.

Not only can you easily analyze the end-user players, but you’ll also be able to evaluate their activity and profitability accurately.

Using Player Reports, you can:

  • Quantify your players’ activities and understand which ones are more profitable for your gambling affiliates program.
  • Get an overview of each player’s progression, from registration to deposit and withdrawal.
  • Detailed information on every registered player, such as their currency, country and IP address.
  • Estimate ROI accurately by measuring the quality of your players.

No more guesswork or manual research—player reports make it easy to see what’s working so you can quickly reach your gambling KPI goals.

Leveraging Player Reports to Optimize Player Retention

When it comes to gambling affiliate marketing, the key to success isn’t just bringing in more players—it’s keeping them around.

After all, that’s when you start making money. But how can you make sure existing players in your network stay loyal?

The answer lies in player reports. If you want to get a handle on how your online gaming campaigns are performing and understand your retention rate, there’s no better tool available. 

With player reports, you can:

  • See how long new players stay active on your site
  • Identify customer activity trends over time
  • Get insight into the value players bring to the table

Plus, you can create personalized content for your audience based on their individual behaviors and preferences—the perfect way to keep them coming back for more! Player reports offer incredibly detailed information that can be used to optimize customer retention. In other words, it’s a must-have tool if you want to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profits.

Unlocking New Insights Through Data Visualization

Data visualization is an essential ingredient for any successful affiliate marketing campaign. It’s the key to unlocking new insights and understanding whether or not your metrics are on target. And with Player Reports, you can take data visualization to a whole new level!

Put simply, this feature allows you to see how your gambling KPI – like return rates, deposit rates, and active gambler numbers – are performing at a glance. 

Here’s what stands out, from an example report we generate automatically at Scaleo:

  1. A visual representation of all your affiliate marketing data.
  2. Easy-to-understand graphical representations of the numbers (overall and by casino game type).
  3. Real-time updates that allow you to react quickly to changes.
  4. Deep integration with Google Analytics and other tools, so you can spot trends more quickly.
  5. Comparative reports give you a picture of how well other casinos are doing and what areas they are focusing on more heavily than you are.

With player reports, it’s easier than ever to visualize complex data in an easy-to-understand way, giving you a better handle on the KPI driving your business and unlocking new insights about how to optimize them.

Actionable Strategies to Improve Gambling KPI Results

We know that Player Reports are your go-to source for understanding your gambling KPI—but do you know how to use them to your advantage? With actionable strategies to maximize return on investment (ROI), you can make sure that every dollar you invest in affiliate marketing is well spent.

First things first:

Understand Your Gambling KPI Metrics

Before diving into any number crunching, it’s important to understand the metrics that are used to measure your affiliate gambling KPI. Commonly used metrics include gross revenue, cost per acquisition (CPA), customer lifetime value (LTV), and customer conversion rate (CVR). Knowing these will help you set realistic baselines and goals for analyzing data.

Analyze Your Data

Once you’re comfortable with the metrics, it’s time to analyze your data. The Player Report will provide a detailed breakdown of performance at each level of the player funnel, so be sure to review the data carefully.

From there, look for patterns across each channel and identify areas of improvement. Think of things like identifying new sources of revenue or reducing customer acquisition costs.

Act On Your Findings

The final step is taking action on your findings. You can use the insights gained from analyzing your report data as a roadmap for creating an effective gambling KPI strategy with long-term goals and measurable objectives.

This will help you determine where to allocate resources in order to maximize ROI and reach those all-important KPIs faster!

How to Use Scaleo’s Player Reports?

When it comes to understanding your gambling KPI, it pays to have a detailed player report.

That’s where Scaleo comes in.

scaleo partner marketing software

This savvy tool helps you quickly and easily evaluate how your gambling affiliate marketing campaigns are performing and make adjustments along the way.

So, how exactly does it work?

Well, with Scaleo you can track a variety of metrics, such as:

  • Average Deposit Value – Track the average amount customers deposit for each transaction.
  • Direct vs. Referral Income – Monitor which sources bring in more revenue for your business.
  • Traffic Sources – See which websites you have linked back to your business from other sites.
  • Daily Active Users – Keep an eye on how many customers are using your product or service on a daily basis.
  • Conversion Funnel – Assess customers’ journey when interacting with your product or service.
partner marketing software for igaming industry

You can also use Scaleo’s analytic tools to dig deeper into customer behavior and spot any potential issues before they become major problems. And with its easy-to-understand dashboard, tracking all of this data is a breeze—making Scaleo the ultimate resource when it comes to evaluating your gambling KPI!


At the end of the day, there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty, and diving into your player reports to evaluate your KPIs.

Sure, you might not be a data whiz, but if you want to make data-driven decisions and eliminate guesswork, you need to work with raw data. With a little bit of practice and patience, you’ll be able to make the most out of your player reports and ensure that you’re making the best conclusions for your gambling affiliate marketing efforts. 

Ready to get started? Try Scaleo free for 14 days (no credit card required) and see for yourself how you can make the most out of player reports.

Good luck!

What is a player report in the gambling industry?

Player Report in the context of individual players: registration info, total deposits, withdrawals, bets, wins, revenue, and more.

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