CPA Affiliate Tracking Software – How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

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CPA marketing software

CPA affiliate tracking software – what is it and how do you find the right one?

There are a lot of CPA tracking software out there that lets you monitor your CPA offers. It’s not about measuring conversions, but rather what kind of features are better suited to every unique tracking software.

For example, if you run an affiliate network, you will need a CPA network software, whereas if you are a media buyer, any basic CPA tracking software will be sufficient for your needs. 

Each CPA marketing software has its own unique set of features that will meet different business models’ needs.

If you’re using SEO, Facebook advertising, and Google ads, you’ll need a monitoring platform that is compatible with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The reason for this is that an essential part of your Google and Facebook marketing is personalized targeting and re-targeting.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

You can use the Google UTM tracking code and embed it in all the links you want to track so that you can easily track the exact traffic sources (it’s also free), but you need to get used to it, and you’ll have to put the UTM tracking code every single time.

What is CPA?

CPA stands for Cost (or Commissions) per Action and is basically a form of an umbrella term for various other models, such as CPI and CPS. Cost per action can also be referred to as cost per acquisition or pay per action. It means that the advertisers only pay for the ads that are seen by people who want to do something.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

This is the most common affiliate business model among publishers because it provides a win-win partnership for both advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers find this model to be the most appealing because, with a devastating degree of fraud that destroys both CPC and CPM models, CPA provides a safer opportunity to work with. 

When it comes to being profitable in affiliate marketing, it’s not about awareness or supporting a new campaign that no one else is promoting, but rather: how efficiently you can monitor or calculate the success of the campaigns you’re running. 

It is often advisable to use CPA affiliate tracking software when running campaigns and managing a large number of affiliates.

What do you need to know about CPA Marketing?

Cost per action marketing is a type of affiliate earnings that provides an affiliate with a commission every time an individual completes a certain action. The cost per acquisition marketing model is sometimes referred to as this model.

CPA affiliate tracking and management software - Scaleo

Through this model, affiliates will encourage leads or prospects to purchase a product, watch or view certain media, answer a survey, or provide pieces of information. The most common types of conversions are sales and registration. This action transforms a site visitor into a lead or a customer.

CPA Network

Businesses and affiliates can communicate with one another through CPA networks. They are used as platforms to collaborate with brands and get more exposure online.

What is CPA Affiliate Tracking Software and why is it needed?

Let’s take the example of running affiliate campaigns across various traffic sources. You won’t be able to measure whether “Traffic Source 1” is profitable or not compared to Traffic Source 2 or others. 

cpa tracking software

How can you tell if your campaign from Facebook has a better conversion rate than your campaign on someone else’s blog? 

It could be that your campaign is running at a big profit, but just one source of traffic is not converting or – even worse – sends bad traffic your way.

How do you get to know all these details without having the best affiliate marketing software to monitor your CPA offers?

You can’t.

cpa tracking software

Let’s use another example. Suppose you run three banners, all on one traffic source, and you want to know each banner’s performance in terms of ROI (return on investment). 

How are you going to measure it if you don’t have a monitoring system in place?

This means that to maximize your affiliate campaign, a CPA affiliate tracking software needs to be integrated into your business. 

This means that to maximize your affiliate campaign, a CPA affiliate tracking software needs to be integrated into your business. 

Now, let’s briefly highlight some of the benefits of CPA affiliate tracking software. You may use it to:

  • Split A/B testing
  • Gather all the data in one place
  • Link cloaking 
  • Get a perfect overview of losses and profits
  • Examine the performance of GEO and other parameters
  • Rotate banners and landing pages

…And many other options, depending on every particular CPA network software.

Benefits of CPA affiliate tracking software

As you can see, you need data to be effective in affiliate marketing. 

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You need to know who clicked on your link, where these people came from, how your content is performing, and everything else in-between. You could theoretically track and evaluate all these statistics manually, but that would be an insane amount of work and require incredible teamwork and dedication from your staff.

With CPA marketing software, all the data is monitored automatically, and you have all the necessary metrics on your dashboard

Scaleo dashboard

CPA network software will also show you if there are any ongoing issues such as bad traffic, fraud conversions, or low-performing offers. You can also use your affiliate software to redirect traffic, manage affiliates, and issue payouts (if you run a network).

As your business expands, imagine the work involved in manually processing new registrations, creating custom identifications, tracking data on your website, monitoring new sales, and creating your own campaigns.

Why not delegate this process to highly sophisticated and powerful software?

Installing CPA affiliate tracking software helps you automate the process, making it more organized and less of an “everyday problem.” There is a wide range of affiliate tracking software available. 

Your job is to learn about: 

  • the various types of features and services provided by the different companies, 
  • the initial installation price (if any) and monthly price, and 
  • the cost of potential custom-made adjustments, integrations, and technical support.

What can CPA marketing software do for your business?

All affiliate marketers would like to know which traffic sources and keywords are converting best.

Who wouldn’t!

And, to do this, they need reliable affiliate tracking software

Most CPA networks allow affiliates to monitor conversions instantly. Affiliate networks make it possible to use pixels or even use server tracking.

As I have already mentioned, CPA affiliate tracking software allows you to:

  • Identify where the traffic is coming from
  • What traffic source is converting
  • Which keywords work best for your affiliate links
  • Which landing pages are converting
  • Have full control over the commission rate
  • Have everything under your finger on a single affiliate dashboard

CPA tracking software is slightly different from affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking software has a slightly different purpose than CPA tracking software and generally comes with a different set of features.

System affiliates used to track affiliate activity are often referred to as affiliate tracking software. Affiliate marketers often use tracking software that they typically call affiliate tracking software that is different from what affiliate networks use.

CPA marketing software monitors and manages affiliate campaigns, tracking traffic from various sources, managing landing pages, managing products, and tracking integration for affiliate marketers.

Scaleo affiliate software does both.

Affiliate tracking software offers a comprehensive reporting system from which affiliates will know how much money they’re making, which promotions and traffic sources are working, and several more reports that provide full insight into how their affiliate campaigns are moving on.

Most CPA tracking software is cloud-based and paid for on a subscription basis. 

Why Choose Scaleo?

Scaleo is a comprehensive CPA network software that is easy to handle and has a very intuitive user interface. Scaleo‘s framework is the safest and most accessible solution for you as we do not charge for clicks, just for conversions. If you are new to online marketing and have never used affiliate marketing software before, our account manager can guide you, teach you what you need to know, and will follow you step by step through the implementation.

Advantages of Scaleo CPA network software for business

Cloud-based CPA tracker with dozens of integrations: to use Scaleo, you don’t need to deal with manual integrations. Just sign up and you can set up an ad campaign in minutes, integrated with whatever software you’d like to use.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

Intuitive and fresh interface: the navigation through the affiliate software is clever and intuitive, and pop-up tooltips are there to guide you through. Data tables are easy to read and interpret, and you can configure data columns in any way you need them.

White hat CPA affiliate solution: Scaleo is fully customizable, allowing you to change anything from color to logo.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

Detailed reporting with 30+ data points: for traffic monitoring and analysis, including source, network, offers, landing pages, geo (country, area, city), OS type and version, browser type and version, link type, date and time, IP, ISP, referrer and referrer domain, proxy type, user agent, language, and many others.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

Use with any type of traffic: with Scaleo, you can track any traffic, both web and mobile (suitable for CPI campaign tracking as well). For those that deal with traffic sources that do not allow redirects to be used (e.g., Google, Facebook, Yandex, etc.) or those who want to track organic traffic, Scaleo is the perfect solution. Today, Scaleo‘s enhanced algorithm for direct traffic monitoring helps you to analyze direct traffic across additional parameters quickly.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

Custom Domains: Scaleo allows you to use your own custom domain to make sure your affiliate business is integrated into Scaleo seamlessly and professionally.

CPA Affiliate Tracking Software - How To Choose The Best CPA Software?

Multi-user access: Since Scaleo allows unlimited seats, you can have your entire team working and analyzing your affiliate reports.

Filtering bad traffic with Anti-Fraud Logic: Scaleo helps you analyze and prevent bot traffic at multiple levels — through bot blacklisting and proxy filtering (data collected and provided by one of the most reliable data providers, thanks to the 10 years of experience Scaleo has in tracking software business). The Anti-fraud Logic function analyzes traffic and detects suspicious behavior in real-time. This systematic approach to bot filtering ensures that the user takes advantage of multiple bot security levels and provides accurate fraudulent traffic reports.

Flexible postback settings: Scaleo provides a few possible duplicate postback check options, hence preventing flaws and inaccuracies in reports.


Choosing the right CPA marketing software for your affiliate program can be a tough decision, as there are dozens of them on the market. You have to make the right choice right from the start to avoid migrating your business later on (which may result in losing valuable data, traffic, or recurring commission data).

Whether you are concentrating your efforts on email marketing based on affiliate campaigns, or simply needing affiliate link tracking for your affiliate platform, always remember that the application software you choose should close all short-term and long-term needs of your affiliate marketing program.

You will have to analyze the market, understand your needs, and see which CPA marketing software will better adapt to your media buying strategy. Of course, there isn’t one perfect solution for everyone – it all depends on your needs, requirements, and budget. Finding the best affiliate marketing software for your CPA campaign depends on your needs and budget.

If you want to try Scaleo as your CPA network software, we offer a 14-day free trial – no credit card required.

CPA affiliate tracking software tailored for your business


Is there a free CPA tracking software?

While there are a few basic free CPA tracking software on the market, you might have better success using a paid tool. If you have never used an affiliate tracker before, it might be a good idea to first opt-in for an affiliate software that has a free trial period. No need to make rushed decisions, simply try various CPA tools for yourself and make a decision based on your personal experience and not on someone else’s advertising campaign.

Is CPA marketing software a must? Do I need it?

If you don’t want to avail of affiliate program services provided by third-party websites, such as CJ affiliates or Amazon Associates, yet your offers are “action-based” – you need any type of CPA software. It’s an affiliate marketing tool that allows flawless allocation of affiliate commission and marketing campaign distribution in your business. Referral marketing heavily relies on the use of tracking software of some kind.

What are the best CPA networks?

Although some CPA offerings are available through major affiliate networks, CPA networks specialize in cost-per-action marketing. There are hundreds of such systems, and more are being developed on a daily basis. Among the best CPA networks are:

How Much Does CPA Marketing Pay?

Payment is made for leads under the CPA payment model. Typically, the fee for each lead varies. You should anticipate paying between $1 and $6 each lead, depending on the deal. Most CPA firms pay between $4 and $25 for single email capture. In other competitive markets, such as the insurance market, you will receive $22 per lead for life insurance offerings. You might expect to get paid up to $150 if there is a multi-part process to finish. The reward in CPA marketing is determined by the complexity of the action completed.

How to Get Accepted in a CPA network?

Unfortunately, getting accepted into CPA networks is more difficult than getting accepted into ordinary affiliate marketing networks. Sincerity is a critical component of the application. They often check applications manually, and if you fail to satisfy them by submitting required information, they will reject your application. Remember that CPA networks are not out to complicate matters. They want to ensure that you are truthful and will send them genuine leads. So it’s a matter of being open and honest with them.

How to select a CPA offer to promote?

After joining a CPA network and settling on a specialty, you should look for CPA offers to promote in that area. You can do so by inquiring with your affiliate manager. They have a wealth of information and are eager to assist you. They will send you a list of options, and you may read through the offer sites and choose which one you want. You can also find the offers on the websites ‘’ and ‘’
Following that, you should conduct some study to determine which offer has the most public interest. Make money with CPA offers, and it is critical to understand public interest. Using the tool ‘Google Keyword Planner’ is a simple approach to accomplish this. So, go to Google Keyword Planner and enter the keywords or product offer names into the search field. Then simply press the search button. The search results will tell you what people are looking for on Google and how much traffic you can expect for such offers. It will make it easier for you to choose products.
Another important indicator is to look at the Earnings Per Click (EPC) and Conversion Rates (CR) for the offers on your CPA network. CPA offers with low or no EPC should be avoided. The conversion rate should be at least $1.

What are the top cost per action networks in 2022?

You probably can’t go wrong with the biggest cost per action networks such as ShareASale and CJ.

What is CPA in affiliate marketing?

CPA in affiliate marketing is a form of the affiliate marketing model in which the affiliate is paid a commission when a specific action is performed. The lead action can be anything from purchase to an offer to watching a video or filling out a form.

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