The iGaming stats for 2024 speak for themselves—the data clearly shows a stiff rise in revenue across all aspects of iGaming affiliate marketing. Are you ready to make a bank with your affiliate ads?

iGaming is booming, and there’s never been a better time to get involved in this wildly lucrative industry.

But how can you expect to make your ads shine in the crowd?

With hard data, of course!

By learning from the latest trends and knowledge about iGaming, you’ll arm yourself with a powerful marketing strategy and take home your slice of the multi-billion dollar pie in 2024.

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The Rise of Online Gambling Popularity

It’s no secret that online gambling has been gaining popularity over the years. Its accessibility and convenience offer an experience that traditional gambling cannot.

In response, we’ve seen the market grow astoundingly, expected to reach $107.3 billion by the end of 2024. People are starting to see the appeal as well — it’s predicted that nearly 600 million people will participate in some way or form of online gambling in 2024.

This surge in demand has caused companies across the world to spend more on advertising within the industry than ever before too; it’s believed ad spend will surpass $12 billion globally by 2024.

Essential iGaming Stats for Affiliate Marketers

Global size of the iGaming market in 2023~$127 billionH2 Gambling Capital
Projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 202711.5%Grand View Research
% of iGaming operators using affiliate marketing74%iGaming Business Affiliate Network
Affiliate marketing spend as a % of US iGaming marketing budget15%Econsultancy
% of iGaming companies planning to increase their affiliate marketing budgets69%iGaming Business Affiliate Network
Average affiliate commission rate in the iGaming industry25-35%Multiple Industry Sources
% of new iGaming customers acquired through affiliate channels~30-40%Multiple Industry Sources
Importance of mobile optimization for iGaming affiliatesVery HighEGR Intel
Growth of crypto casinos and their impact on affiliate marketingSignificantAffiliate Insider
Importance of responsible gambling promotion for affiliatesCriticalGambling Commission (UK)

What?How much?Source
Global gaming market revenue in 2023$200 billionNewzoo
Number of global gamers in 20233 billionStatista
Percentage of gamers who play mobile games45%Statista
Esports global market revenue in 2023$2.5 billionNewzoo
Percentage of esports audience aged 16-2454%Newzoo
Average annual spending of an esports enthusiast$12Statista
Number of Twitch monthly active users in 2023140 millionStatista
Percentage of global internet users who watch gaming videos48%Newzoo
Revenue of the gaming industry in the United States in 2023$39.1 billionStatista
Percentage of U.S. gamers who are female46%Statista
Total global game development industry revenue in 2023$175 billionNewzoo
Percentage of game developers focusing on mobile games51%Statista
Percentage of U.S. adults who play video games65%Pew Research Center
Revenue generated by gaming hardware in 2023$54.6 billionStatista
Percentage of game developers using Unity as their primary platform61%Newzoo
Expected growth rate of the global gaming market from 2021 to 20268.4%Statista
Number of active gamers in China in 2023720 millionNiko Partners
Percentage of global gaming revenue from mobile games50%Newzoo
Annual growth rate of the global mobile gaming market11%Statista
Percentage of gamers who watch gaming content on YouTube70%Newzoo
Global VR gaming market revenue in 2023$6.6 billionStatista
Percentage of gamers who have made in-game purchases67%Newzoo
Percentage of gamers who spend more than 10 hours per week playing games32%Newzoo
Percentage of U.S. parents who play video games with their children84%Entertainment Software Association (ESA)
Total esports prize money awarded in 2023$590 millionNewzoo
Percentage of gamers who consider themselves to be “professional” gamers12%Statista
Annual growth rate of the global AR gaming market43%Statista
Percentage of gamers who are aged 18-3547%Statista
Percentage of gamers who play for relaxation55%Statista
Number of gaming apps available in the Apple App Store in 20231.96 millionStatista
Percentage of global gaming revenue from PC games24%Newzoo

Some more iGaming stats to bear in mind:

Last Known Figures for…Value
iGaming Global Market Size 2022$81.08 billion
Projected iGaming Market Size 2023$88.65 billion
iGaming Market CAGR9.3%
iGaming Market Size & Forecast – U.S. 2022Up to $7 billion
iGaming Market Size – U.K. 2022Around $15 billion
iGaming Market Size – France 2022$5.6 billion
iGaming Market Size – Germany 2024Expected to grow to $3 billion
iGaming Market Size – Spain Q1 2022 GGR$207.36 million
Projected Global iGaming Market Size 2024$107.3 billion

In other words – that’s a lot of money!

But, how do you tap into these juicy figures? Here are a few things to help you optimize your approach.

Understanding Your Audience: The Demographics of Gamblers

If you want your audience to hang off every word you say, then it’s essential that you understand them as best as possible. We know that one-quarter of the entire population gambles (yup, one out of four!), which equates to roughly 1.6 billion people worldwide participating in some gambling activity.

When targeting online gamblers specifically, though, be aware that they mostly fall within two categories: Males between ages 18-39 account for approximately 82% of online gamblers, while those from lower-income households tend to both gamble more frequently and have a higher chance at developing problems.

Mobile Gaming: Taking Over and Changing User Habits

When was the last time you saw someone under 30 without their phone in their hand? We’re willing to bet it wasn’t that long ago. Nearly 50% of all gamblers now admit to gambling on their smartphones, and three out of every four people ages 18-34 use their phones for online gambling.

It’s hard to argue against the convenience and accessibility offered by mobile gaming, and affiliate marketers would be wise to optimize their campaigns for mobile users as a result.

The Rise of Sports Betting

Sports betting has recently seen an incredible popularity boost (and profits). The global sports betting market is predicted to reach $155.5 billion by 2024, so there really isn’t a better time than now for affiliate marketers to target sports enthusiasts.

Don’t Sleep on Esports Popularity!

If you haven’t heard about esports yet, then we have to ask what rock you’ve been living under. This up-and-coming industry is on track to become the world’s hottest trend! — But we’ll save that discussion for another day.

In terms of betting though, esports takes the cake as well: The global market was valued at $17.2 billion just last year.

The Technological Revolution Within iGaming

The technology that runs these online gambling platforms has come quite far in recent years, too!

One such advancement is blockchain technology, which has played a crucial role in simplifying virtual event hosting, improving overall transparency within the industry, and ensuring secure transactions are made between players.

Security Through Blockchain Transactions

Blockchain technology has entirely changed how transactions are made using iGaming platforms.

Not only does it protect user information from prying eyes — but it also makes transactions simpler!

Implementing this tech within your website or application’s framework will give customers peace of mind whenever they deposit or withdraw funds. Through smart contracts, too — a feature provided through blockchain tech — players can verify that games operate fairly.

Another massive leap forward in the iGaming sector is virtual reality. It used to be only in physical casinos, but it has now migrated into players’ homes. This allows players to experience video games in a more realistic and interactive way, which engages them more.

Cloud-based technology has also greatly assisted in the technological revolution of iGaming. With the ability to store and process large amounts of data, it can take a load off operators’ shoulders and let them deliver seamless gaming experiences.

Augmented reality and graphic advancements have also done their part. By creating visually stunning games with interactive designs, they’ve really taken iGaming to new heights with what’s possible.

The Technological Revolution in iGaming

iGaming, as an industry, has grown leaps and bounds thanks to today’s technology. These advancements have allowed players to engage in innovative gaming experiences that would otherwise be impossible before these technologies were created.

Blockchain– Secure transactions
– Improved transparency
– Simplified organization of virtual events
Virtual Reality– Immersive gaming experiences
– Realistic and interactive gameplay
– Enhanced player engagement
Cloud-based Technology– Scalable and flexible solutions
– Efficient management of operations
– Seamless gaming experiences
Augmented Reality and Graphics Advancements– Visually stunning games
– Interactive and immersive gameplay

These advancements will likely never stop, as we can anticipate further ones down the line that will continue to improve everyone’s time spent playing or operating such games.

Leveraging Upcoming Trends for iGaming Marketing

To stay on top of everything, affiliate marketers must keep themselves informed about the latest marketing trends for iGaming. In this section, we will go over three key areas: micro-influencer marketing, AI-incorporated machine learning user acquisition, and social media optimization strategies.

Micro-Influencers: An untapped resource for affiliates

Everyone knows that those major influencers with millions upon millions of followers are successful collaborators for marketing partnerships.

However, out of nowhere, smaller influencers have made their way up through the ranks, proving themselves highly effective at much lower costs than their larger counterparts. They may not reach audiences nearly as big, but they make up for it by being much more relatable and authentic, which is far more attractive to iGamers who can see through phoniness.

With humble beginnings like theirs, however, comes a cost-effective solution for affiliate marketers to tap into these influencers’ following and push traffic to the gaming platforms, thus boosting their conversion rates.

AI and Machine Learning: Changing the way we acquire users

The AI technologies available today are improving user acquisition in such a way it is hard to believe. They have made great strides especially in marketing strategies like image and video creation, website building, and content creation. Marketers can work much more efficiently by automating tasks that would take hours or even days for humans to complete.

This increased efficiency not only saves time but also delivers more accurate targeting which in return increases operational efficiency. By using data-driven strategies, affiliates can optimize their user acquisition efforts and stay ahead of everyone else during this time of rapid technological advancement.

Social Media Optimization: Strategies for iGaming Traffic

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have become hotspots for interacting with iGamers or searching for games themselves. Knowing how to use them effectively will be crucial for driving traffic to these platforms in the future.

This includes creating engaging posts that resonate with the audience at hand, leveraging groups and communities on social media sites, as well as targeting niche audiences who may be hungry for new releases or experiences.

How to Optimize your iGaming Campaign with Scaleo Affiliate Software?

When it comes to optimizing iGaming campaigns, Scaleo Affiliate Software is the ultimate solution. With its robust features and comprehensive platform, Scaleo empowers affiliate marketers to achieve optimal results and drive success in their iGaming ventures.

Scaleo provides advanced tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor your campaigns’ performance in real-time. This means you’ll be able to analyze the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions with latest analytics data that will optimize your campaigns.

Fraud detection is also a key feature offered by Scaleo. By detecting fraudulent activities and stopping them from impacting your campaigns, you can maintain a secure environment for your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Scaleo also has performance optimization tools that enable you to fine-tune your campaigns for better results. You can analyze performance metrics to find areas of improvement and apply targeted optimizations for higher conversions and ROI.


The iGaming business is obviously ascending and presents an abundance of chances for associate advertisers. The iGaming market is projected to grow at an 11.5% CAGR by 2027, with 74% of operators using affiliate marketing. The average affiliate commission rate is 25-35%, and affiliates are focusing on mobile optimization, crypto casinos, and responsible gambling promotion.

We can develop viable promoting techniques by bridging key iGaming measurements and understanding the socioeconomics of the intended interest group. It is also critical to embrace innovative progressions and influence-arising patterns, such as miniaturized scale influencers, AI, and social media advancement, to amplify campaign performance.

To upgrade results further, we suggest enhancing iGaming campaigns with apparatuses like Scaleo affiliate software. This extensive stage offers progress, followed by ongoing examination, discovery of misrepresentation, and execution enhancement devices that empower us to deal with and improve our campaigns for success adequately.

cyber security in igaming partner business

As the iGaming business continues to develop, it is important for us to remain educated and adjust to future patterns. By continually observing market shifts and changing our methodologies, we can keep in front of the opposition and flourish in the unique universe of iGaming affiliate marketing.

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