Scaleo recently had the privilege of attending the prestigious i-Con Affiliate Conference in Cyprus, one of the industry-leading events for affiliate marketing. 

This convention is well-known for gathering top minds and innovators from across the world, and our experience there surpassed our expectations in every way.

From day one, we were greeted by the buzz of ideas and the warm company of our industry peers. This sense of community and collaboration was the foundation of our positive experience at the conference.

Scaleo Team Has Attended the i-Con Affiliate Conference -

One of the key highlights for Scaleo was the opportunity to meet new people within our industry. We had the chance to engage with diverse professionals, from rising stars to established industry leaders, all of whom brought a unique perspective and approach to the world of affiliate marketing.

During this event, we were able to engage in enlightening conversations about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the affiliate marketing sphere, especially in the iGaming and dating verticals. 

This helped us gain a richer understanding of the industry landscape while also giving us a chance to share our own insights and expertise.

Scaleo Team Has Attended the i-Con Affiliate Conference -

Right to left: Scaleo’s founder and CEO – Alex and CMO – Denis.

In addition, the networking events were a rewarding experience, allowing us to build connections that we believe will lead to future collaborations and growth opportunities. 

The sense of the affiliate marketing community was tangible, reinforcing the idea that, while we may be individual companies, we are all part of a larger community driving towards the same goal – to push the boundaries of affiliate marketing.

The knowledge sessions and panel discussions at the conference were also highly informative. They showcased a deep dive into a range of topics, providing us with fresh ideas and strategies that we’re excited to implement.

Scaleo Team Has Attended the i-Con Affiliate Conference -

Reflecting on our time at the i-Con in Cyprus, we can confidently say that our team left the conference with new contacts and a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. 

We look forward to leveraging our learnings and the connections we made to enhance our work at Scaleo further.

In Conclusion

The i-Con in Cyprus was more than just a conference for Scaleo; it was a rewarding journey filled with knowledge, connections, and inspiration.

We eagerly look forward to participating again next year and further contributing to the growth and evolution of the affiliate marketing industry.

Last Updated on January 19, 2024


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