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Mobile marketing is a multi-channel technique focused on reaching the audience on their smartphones, tablets through websites, emails, SMS social media, or mobile apps.

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M-commerce: Optimize Your Online Business For Mobile

M-commerce or mobile commerce has arrived long ago, and it's time to prepare for it. It is crucial for you, as an e-shop owner or affiliate marketer, to be mobile...

Elizabeth Sramek
Jul 26, 2022
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Conversational Marketing: What Is It And How To Utilize It?

Conversational marketing technologies have been discussed for at least 2 years now, but it is taking a huge leap forward in 2020 and we expect to see the trend continuing …

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Sep 10, 2021
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Affiliate Marketing on TikTok – Is It Worth It?

Affiliate marketing on TikTok is quadrupling this very moment, as you read this post. TikTok is undeniably the “next big thing.” The app has grown in popularity...

Elizabeth Sramek
Jun 9, 2021
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How iOS 14 Will Change The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

Recently, Apple announced that they’re throwing a ton of new features into iOS 14, and we expect a lot of them to cause significant changes in the mobile a...

Elizabeth Sramek
Aug 19, 2020
How to Deal with Cold Leads in Marketing? Cold leads are the harsh truth of any mailing list. These cold leads may be people who haven't received an email from you for a long time or who just don't open or participate in emails you give them. Know whether the leads are hot or cold The first step to heat up a lead is to know whether a lead is hot, lukewarm, or cold. The only tried-and-true way to do this is to score your leads. Lead scoring lets you tailor your messages to leads based on how hot they are. An automatic lead score means that you set up your lead score once, and from there on, your list is automatically scored. You're going to want to make sure that you have the right details to precisely rate your leads. If you know that people with certain names, in certain areas, of certain ages they are more likely to buy or be interested in your product, you can allocate higher values to certain items, making the lead hotter. But when you've got a bunch of leads that your score says are pretty chilly, what do you do? Going cold doesn't mean that the lead is hopeless; in truth, there are a lot of ways to warm up at least some of your cold leads. Let's take a look at some of those forms. Make sure they really want to receive your emails. If anyone put themselves on your list and never opened an email from you again, the lead is cold, but it's certainly not lost. Gather these people together and craft an email specially tailored for them. Create a subject line that will grab their imagination and tailor the message to them. You may also say that, "Oh, [name]! We've noticed that you haven't read any of our newsletters. May we help you find what you're looking for? Click here to [talk to an agent/see what's on sale/have a question we can answer]. If you don't want to receive it anymore, click here." (And yes, it's fine to make someone proactively opt-out of your email list. It'll improve your sender's credibility. It's also worth sending emails to people who don't want them.) Show off what's new. If your organization was engaging with leads a while ago, but they have lost interest and gone silent, emails highlighting what's new will help bring them back to the fold. Do you have a new price? A nifty new feature that will significantly boost your experience? Tell them that, and don't bury the lead! Place the latest features in the headline right now. "We lowered the rates" or NOW!" Now we've got [x]! "These are perfect ways to get your attention right off the bat, and people who are interested in these new features would have a strong reason to open your inbox. Offer cold leads a boost. If the lead is cold but still warm enough to invest money in it, find some ways to get it back on track. The best way to do this would be to give them something—a free ebook or consultation, a discount or coupon code, a sneak peek, something you think would give them true value while helping them to warm up. You can also request feedback or send an emotional appeal about missing them to your list. Know, presenting a receiver with true value is an excellent way to develop (or establish) a partnership. Treating this more like a partnership and less like a transaction would go a long way to helping lead up cozy. Try a few new channels. Instead of incessantly calling or emailing, see if you can get your cold leads to communicate with you on another platform. Try replacing one of your "Hey, are you still out there? "Emails with an incentive to join you on a social forum. You can also try pop-up ads on your site for people who still visit your site but don't open an email. It's going to be very important to try to warm super cold leads through a means other than email because if you start emailing very cold leads, it might hurt your sender's credibility. If people don't want your emails but don't get really irritated for some reason, they might mark you as spam, which would hurt your sender's credibility. Best case scenario, they keep ignoring your emails that skew your email data and hurt the amount of insight you can get into what actually works. Don't let your latest hot leads go cold. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say, so as you keep getting fresh, warmer leads, do your best to make sure they don't get cold. This ensures that you remain in constant touch with your leads, even though they don't initially transform as you would like them to do. Listen to these leads as you communicate with them. During a phone call, did they show any concern? Are they clicking on some types of content but not others? Knowing this stuff is going to help you target the material you give them. The biggest part of avoidance is not to let the leads go dark when they're not buying. Remember, it usually takes six to eight touches of lead to buy them; don't give up after two or three. Conclusion Warming a cold email list is a complete feat, particularly with the wonders of automated email. You can thaw leads by making sure recipients want to hear from you, send them the content they want, and make sure you're never out of touch for a long time. Spend less time copying and pasting messages, manually monitoring leads and customers, and more time to meet and serve your clients.
Affiliate Marketing Insider
How to Deal with Cold Leads in Marketing?

Cold leads are the harsh truth of any mailing list. These cold leads may be people who haven’t received an email from you for a long time or who just …

Elizabeth Sramek
Jul 30, 2020
affiliate marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
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5 Worst Affiliate Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are so many affiliate marketing mistakes you can make if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why so many affiliate marketing businesses fail...

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Jun 18, 2020