iGaming partner marketing is blooming and is projected to continue its’ growth in 2025. What is the most important factor in a robust and fruitful partnership? An increasing number of iGaming affiliates and operators are grappling with this question, and they are now working together to drive growth and user acquisition.

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In this post, we will now delve into key considerations that will ensure iGaming operators and affiliates can collaborate to achieve their objectives.

A Win-Win Mindset

It is important for affiliates and operators in the iGaming industry to only collaborate with partners who have similar priorities and values, while also being willing to make concessions.

For instance, an operator who acts with the best interests of both parties in mind is more likely to achieve greater long-term success.

Shared Priorities and ValuesCollaborate with partners who have aligned goals and principles.Promotes harmony and long-term success.
Mutual ConcessionsBe willing to compromise to benefit both parties.Ensures balanced and fair partnerships.
Operator’s Best InterestsOperators should act with mutual benefit in mind.Leads to better outcomes in negotiations, payments, and placements.
Fair Commission DealsNegotiate commission structures that reflect the contributions of both parties.Builds trust and encourages continued partnership.
Timely PaymentsEnsure that payments are made promptly to affiliates.Maintains positive relationships and reliability.
Effective Site PlacementStrategically place affiliate content on operator’s site for maximum exposure and conversion.Enhances visibility and boosts conversions.

This operator will perform better in commission deal negotiations, timely payments, site placement, and other areas.

Establish Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of a prosperous partnership, and this concept applies to both operators and affiliates. Operators must conduct thorough research to identify affiliates with a solid reputation and track record in the industry. The same principle applies to affiliates, who should only collaborate with brands that they can trust.

Affiliates can learn more about potential partners by participating in affiliate forums, reading posts on LinkedIn, and listening to word of mouth within the iGaming community.

Thorough ResearchInvestigate potential affiliates and operators for their reputation and track record in the industry.Ensures reliable and reputable partnerships.
Participation in Affiliate ForumsEngage in industry forums to gather insights and recommendations about potential partners.Builds a network of trusted connections and informed decisions.
Utilize LinkedIn and Word of MouthUse LinkedIn and community feedback to learn more about potential partners’ credibility.Enhances decision-making with peer reviews and testimonials.
Review Past CollaborationsExamine previous work and successes with affiliates and operators.Identifies proven partners with a history of successful projects.
Transparent CommunicationMaintain clear and honest communication between partners.Fosters trust and reduces misunderstandings.

For the benefit of both parties, it is important to investigate previous work done with affiliates and operators. If the brand or affiliate has had success in the past with these relationships, there is a good chance that you will want to investigate the possibility of forming a partnership with them.

Communicate with the Affiliate Manager

A robust relationship between an affiliate and an operator necessitates communication that is unambiguous, responsive, and effective. The participation of an affiliate manager, who works on behalf of the operator, is essential to this.

Affiliates now have access to a sounding board where they can ask questions, seek assistance or collateral, and receive timely responses. This allows them to effectively promote the brand and deliver results.

Clear and Responsive CommunicationEnsure communication is straightforward, timely, and efficient between affiliates and operators.Enhances collaboration and minimizes delays.
Affiliate Manager RoleUtilize an affiliate manager to act as a liaison and support system for affiliates.Provides a dedicated point of contact for assistance and queries.
Regular Updates on Deals and PromotionsKeep affiliates informed about new deals, promotions, and changes.Helps affiliates stay up-to-date and effectively promote the brand.
Access to Support and CollateralProvide affiliates with the necessary resources and materials to succeed.Empowers affiliates to drive conversions and achieve better results.
Timely Responses to InquiriesEnsure affiliate inquiries and requests are addressed promptly.Builds trust and maintains a positive relationship.

Additionally, iGaming affiliates should be able to rely on the manager to regularly share new deals and promotions, as well as to ensure that they have everything they require to increase conversions on the operator’s websites.

The Right Markets

Affiliates interested in collaborating with operators targeting different markets and verticals must first ensure that they possess the necessary expertise.

This includes determining which markets the partner intends to target, whether or not they will localize their website, the payment methods and languages that are available, the games that are available, promotions in the various regions, and other relevant information.

In the meantime, operators are required to look for partners who have demonstrated experience and expertise in the fields that they have chosen.

Market TargetingIdentify and focus on the specific markets and verticals the partner intends to target.Ensures strategic alignment and maximizes market penetration.
Website LocalizationAdapt the website for different markets, including language and cultural adjustments.Enhances user experience and boosts engagement in targeted regions.
Payment Methods and LanguagesOffer appropriate payment methods and language options for each market.Increases accessibility and convenience for players.
Relevant Game OfferingsEnsure the games and promotions are tailored to the preferences of the target market.Improves player satisfaction and retention.
Proven ExpertiseCollaborate with partners who have demonstrated experience and success in the chosen markets.Enhances the likelihood of success and effective market entry.

Locating an operator or affiliate who possesses a comparable level of targeted expertise allows one to guarantee that any website provides what players require to boost conversion rates and establish a solid player relationship with the brand.

Ensure access to real-time stats and tracking

It is critical for operators and affiliates to have a solid understanding of any campaign’s performance while it is being carried out simultaneously. The fact that S2S (server to server) tracking and real-time statistics are becoming increasingly popular is not surprising.

As a result, operators are now required to make these tools available to their affiliates so that they can acquire the knowledge necessary for future success.

On the other hand, affiliates should look for opportunities to collaborate with brands that are working with software providers, as these providers already have these services integrated into their platforms. As a result, tracking performance will be much simpler and more frequent, which will ensure that both they and the operator are traveling in the right direction.

Real-Time Stats and TrackingProvide access to real-time data and tracking tools for monitoring campaign performance.Allows for immediate insights and adjustments to optimize results.
S2S Tracking IntegrationIntegrate server-to-server (S2S) tracking for accurate and reliable tracking of conversions.Ensures precise measurement of affiliate performance and ROI.
Scaleo Affiliate Marketing SoftwareUtilize Scaleo‘s advanced affiliate marketing software for comprehensive tracking and analytics.Offers robust features for tracking, reporting, and optimization.
Performance TransparencyEnsure transparency in performance metrics and reporting to affiliates.Builds trust and fosters strong relationships with affiliates.
Data-Driven Decision MakingEmpower affiliates and operators with actionable insights for informed decision-making.Enables strategic adjustments to campaigns for improved results.
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Operators and affiliates can get their partnerships off to a good start and work together to build towards growth if they consider the points mentioned above.


Robust and fruitful partnerships between iGaming operators and affiliates hinge on several key factors: trust, effective communication, a win-win mindset, market expertise, and access to real-time stats and tracking. By focusing on these elements, both parties can collaborate to drive growth and user acquisition, ensuring long-term success in the competitive iGaming industry.

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Last Updated on July 9, 2024


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