It’s impossible to discuss marketing in 2022 without considering such powerful trends as artificial intelligence implementation. AI is transforming paid advertising while also opening up new options for marketers. Until 2025, experts believe that machine learning and AI will generate around $2.6 trillion in value by solving problems in sales and marketing.

AI and PPC

You may have noticed that technology evolves at a rapid speed. 

Therefore relatively new technologies are extremely exciting. Although artificial intelligence has only just gained traction, it has already proven to be incredibly valuable in a variety of fields, including marketing. If you want to be successful, you must stay up with the development process. In this manner, your marketing efforts will be as effective as possible.

How to Power Up Your PPC Method with Artificial Intelligence -

Because AI, machine learning, and big data are all relatively new concepts, human workers are still actively involved in many activities. 

Data’s potential can only be realized if people know what they’re doing and have certain goals in mind. Furthermore, firms should keep in mind the need for high-quality customization for modern consumers while simultaneously retaining a certain level of transparency.

One of the most prominent advantages of AI for marketing is automating various actions that would otherwise take a long time to perform manually. Marketers can increase the productivity of a variety of processes by leveraging AI-powered solutions. According to a study, automation alone can boost worldwide productivity by 1.4 percent every year.

How to Use AI to Improve Your PPC Advertising

Here are some of the best instances of AI’s capabilities: PPC bids can be adjusted on their own.

When AI manages your advertising, you can fine-tune your campaigns by making simple modifications to the code to improve the effectivity of your PPC campaigns. For instance, AI can be used to automatically alter PPC bids. This way, you won’t bid too low on ads that allow you to obtain quality leads, and you’ll also boost your ROI by avoiding overbidding.

How to Power Up Your PPC Method with Artificial Intelligence -

You can create your own AI algorithm to manage your bids, but in this case, you will need to hire an expert software development business and be prepared to invest a significant amount of money in the development process. Fortunately, there are numerous free options available, such as Google Ads and Bing solutions. Amazon also offers an hourly bidding system, which allows marketers to automatically alter their prices based on market conditions.

When implementing automation, take in mind that there are different degrees and that automated bidding may have some drawbacks. For example, in Google Ads, you may pick between Enhanced CPC and completely automated techniques like vCPM, Target ROAS, Maximize Clicks, Target CPA, and Maximize Conversions.

Enhanced CPC differs from the other tactics in that the algorithm simply makes manually set keyword bids. Fully automated tactics necessitate additional attention. You should always check their performance to ensure that you stay within your budget and that the ROI matches your goals. Solutions deemed best by Google may not necessarily be compatible with your company’s objectives.

Retargeting is now more effective.

You can utilize various AI-powered analytics and call monitoring technologies to see the link between the leads created by your offline activities and specific campaigns or even keywords. You can optimize your retargeting efforts by examining the data from your offline conversions.

How to Power Up Your PPC Method with Artificial Intelligence -

Proper targeting is critical to the success of your campaign. For starters, you don’t want to upset consumers who already want to do business with you by bombarding them with marketing materials. Second, there’s no reason to spend your PPC spending on clients who have previously made a purchase and are unlikely to do so again soon.

Predicting consumer behavior

Machine learning is one of the most promising AI-related topics. AI algorithms may learn from historical data, taking into account your audience’s demographics, purchasing behavior, web activity, device usage, and so on. Algorithms can discover the link between campaigns and keywords and anticipate which search queries are most likely to create conversions. Furthermore, machines can accomplish it considerably faster than humans.

Ads that perform poorly get paused.

You don’t want to keep bidding on advertisements that perform poorly and don’t offer the intended ROI. As a result, you should be able to swiftly examine the performance of your advertising and halt them if they aren’t doing well enough. Similarly, if your bids don’t result in clicks, you should reassess your strategy.

How to Power Up Your PPC Method with Artificial Intelligence -

A circumstance like this can harm your quality score, which you should keep as high as possible in order to reduce your cost per conversion.

Help with originality

While AI has proven to perform significantly better when dealing with many monotonous tasks, creativity remains a barrier for algorithms. When it comes to creativity, AI or computers will never be able to replace humans, but they can help marketers. For example, Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) demonstrate how AI may assist marketers in creating better PPC ad wording.

You can supply up to 15 headlines, and Google will display RSAs that match the users’ search query. Google can generate thousands of RSAs based on your headlines, allowing you to maximize the returns on your efforts. Marketers will have more opportunities to employ AI for creative work as AI technology improves and matures.

Many businesses are also beginning to experiment with AI-powered chatbots to make their PPC campaigns more engaging. By providing high-quality support, you can enhance conversions and decrease bounce rates with AI-powered tools. Furthermore, you may employ chatbots to glean more information about your users through their chats.


The notion of artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced not long ago, but it has already proven significant potential in a variety of fields, including marketing. Various AI-powered technologies enable you to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities and maximize ROI. Marketers may use AI to automate bidding, optimize targeting, and forecast user behavior. Furthermore, certain AI systems can already support marketers with creative activities.

Last Updated on December 8, 2023


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