3 Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business

Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business and make money on autopilot
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Automated affiliate marketing software is just one piece of the puzzle in your business. Starting your own affiliate marketing program is one thing, but maintaining it is something different. The only way to do it without going insane is to automate it as much as possible.

As your website grows, keeping track of performance, responding to your affiliates’ questions, and maintaining your links becomes more complicated.

Employing an automated approach to affiliate marketing offers a more comfortable, more powerful way of tracking and managing your affiliate program and its associated activity. It allows you to monitor results, employ real-time insights, and leverage better control over your campaigns.

3 Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business - automated affiliate marketing software

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 ways you can automate your affiliate marketing program. Let’s get started with affiliate automation!

The Purpose of Automation in Affiliate Marketing

It’s challenging to concentrate on building and sustaining affiliate relationships, let alone getting new leads – when you’re dragged down by the daunting tasks associated with running your affiliate program. 

A lot that fits into effective management:

Still, automating these tasks can help you save time and increase your business performance

scaleo - affiliate marketing tool for data-driven decisions

In turn, you’ll be ready to direct your attention to other marketing initiatives and engagements.

With affiliate automation tools and software, you can:

  • Provide affiliate support, resources, and training.
  • Collect data and scale campaign performance with real-time metrics.
  • Automate logistics, such as making and controlling payments.

Automation won’t just give you more time and versatility. It may also deliver better insight into your business’ performance. Real-time analytics allows you to make better decisions to improve your affiliate program’s marketing strategy and beyond.

Taking an automated approach will help reduce legwork, guesswork, and manual work from many aspects of your affiliate program - automated affiliate marketing software.

Taking an automated approach will help reduce legwork, guesswork, and manual work from many aspects of your affiliate program. 

Why not focus on driving leads, results, and revenue instead of performing tasks that a computer can outsource?

3 Ways You Can Use Automation in Affiliate Marketing Business

Marketing automation - automated affiliate marketing software - 3 Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business

If you’d like your affiliate marketing program to succeed, you will need the right tools in place. Take a look at 3 ways you can employ automation to improve your affiliate strategy.

Add Affiliate Marketing Software To Your Business

As obvious as it may sound, one of your affiliate business‘s most essential elements is affiliate marketing software – a platform your business actually runs on.

This step requires your attention because if you choose the wrong platform to run your business on, you will risk your entire business once you switch to another software.

If you pick the right affiliate software, you can perform all the tasks I have already mentioned above (analyze, optimize in real-time, and improve the campaign’s performance). Automated affiliate marketing software is one of the key ingredients if you wish to establish a self-sufficient and fully automated business.

Scaleo -3 Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business - automated affiliate marketing software

Having an easy-to-follow dashboard and putting all the tasks related to affiliate marketing on autopilot will save you time, money, and a lot of staff members’ management.

Scaleo - automatic affiliate marketing software

You can use our affiliate marketing software to:

If you are looking for affiliate software to power your business, check out Scaleo’s 14-days free trial. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify and comes packed with all the features you are looking for in affiliate software.

Add a Chatbot to Automate Affiliate Inquiries

A chatbot is a pre-programmed instant messaging platform that you can add to your website in order to automate communication and improve the customer experience

You’ve probably seen a chat icon on hundreds of websites that pop up as soon as you land on a page, asking if it can help. It often has an avatar photo of a staff member or just a bot icon. 

The text-chat interface basically acts as a support agent to manage basic questions and problems.

Attaching a chatbot to your affiliate website can better automate many aspects of your affiliate program.

 For example, you can use a chatbot to: utilize conversational marketing.

  • Reply to repeated inquiries from affiliates.
  • Obtain leads through collecting their information.
  • Render support 24/7, even when you’re not online.
  • Respond and fix fundamental issues quickly.
conversational marketing - chatbot - 
3 automated affiliate marketing software tricks

Let’s say a visitor is interested in joining your affiliate program. Through your chatbot messages, you can direct them to a landing page for registration. 

Another utilization of a chatbot would be providing answers to FAQs or sending affiliates to commonly demanded resources.

Don’t forget to read our post about chatbots.

Another tool that most affiliates use is a URL shortener. Since many people don’t want to disclose their affiliation or are afraid that people will not be willing to buy, knowing you recommend a product you get paid for. 

Another good reason is social media, where long URLs are discouraged.

Url shortner

Affiliate links are a crucial aspect of your program. The Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters in affiliate links are required for monitoring campaign efficiency. They are inconvenient.

Also, you need to check which link leads to which campaign continually. Also, make sure users do not get confused.

You can add a URL shorter to your affiliate software directly in the form of an add-on or plugin, or you can use third-party software to automatically shorten the URLs affiliates will be generating on their affiliate panel.

This will put link-sharing on autopilot and prevent affiliates from not copying the entire long affiliate link and sending traffic to a dead end.

Autopilot Money Making Software

Of course, out of all the online tools out there, there is nothing we would want to use more than some kind of autopilot money-making software. After all, this is our ultimate goal. While software with the same name already exists on ClickBank and other affiliate outlets, I am afraid, as of now; there is no such thing as “autopilot money-making software” that would be legit. While we all want to delegate as much as possible to autopilot affiliate marketing software, you will still need to do a lot of tuning and tweaking to ensure the business is running smoothly.


3 Ways To Automate Affiliate Marketing Business

To make your affiliate program successful, it’s vital to have the best tools to automate the process. 

By leveraging automation (especially automated affiliate marketing software), you can increase your business’s efficiency, allowing you to improve your results day after day. Automated affiliate marketing software is a must for any medium to big-sized business.

Of course, you may also need dozens of other tools that put the money-making process on auto-pilot, and we will cover them in the upcoming posts.

automated affiliate marketing software -autopilot affiliate marketing software
What is the best autopilot affiliate marketing software?

While we would all love to have autopilot affiliate marketing software that makes us money on autopilot, this is not really possible. On the other hand, it is possible to find the best-automated affiliate software, such as Scaleo, that puts your affiliate campaigns through a funnel of automatic optimization and doubles and triples your earnings. This will help you automate routine tasks and save a lot of human resources.

Why choose Scaleo as your affiliate marketing automation tool?

Scaleo is an affiliate marketing automation platform that helps you grow and run your program on autopilot. It has everything you need to automate your entire affiliate funnel, including lead generation, email marketing, landing pages, reporting, and analytics. You can also use it to create custom workflows like welcome series or autoresponders.
The best part about Scaleo is that it’s super easy to get started. You don’t need any experience coding or programming. Just sign up and start creating campaigns. This will allow you to manage your affiliates.
Scaleo can also keep track of your leads and customers. You can easily export reports to Excel if you want to see how well your campaigns are performing.
You can even integrate your Scaleo account with other eCommerce websites (WooCommerce, Tilda, Shopify, etc).
If you’re looking for a simple way to automate your affiliate marketing, Scaleo is the perfect solution.

What to look for in automated affiliate software?

If you want to automate your affiliate commissions and marketing strategy, you need reliable AI-powered software with key features of affiliate marketing automation. Automated affiliate marketing requires you to generate affiliate sales on autopilot. This means you need key features for automation: affiliate tracking, email automation,  dynamic custom landing pages, automated detailed reports, and Artificial Intelligence throughout the entire affiliate dashboard to help you manage everything from a campaign set up to affiliate payouts and, of course, affiliate offers and the entire affiliate marketing platform.

What are the most common affiliate marketing automation models?

Automation is an essential part of any successful affiliate marketing strategy. It helps you save time, money, and effort. Automation also allows you to scale your efforts quickly and easily. Here are three ways to automate your affiliate marketing workflow.
1. Create a lead magnet
2. Use email automation
3. Set up a drip campaign

What are the top benefits of AI automation?

1. Automated affiliate marketing is a great way to scale your referral marketing program.
2. It’s easier to build a scalable referral program using automation.
3. You need to invest in the right technology to make it happen.
4. Your existing marketing team needs to learn how to use the technology.
5. If you don’t have the right affiliate marketing system in place to measure and optimize, you’ll fail to gain insights that could improve your overall marketing strategy.

What are the 5 best automated affiliate marketing software in 2022?

1. Scaleo – affiliate marketing software
2. aWeber – email marketing software
3. eLitius – affiliate tracking software
4. LinkJuicer – WP plugin for interlinking
5. WooCommerce – e-commerce platform with a referral script inbuilt

Affiliate Marketing Automation Software List

Suppose you are looking to automate your affiliate marketing process. In that case, you are going to need AI-powered autopilot affiliate marketing software that will cut off a lot of manual labor and allow your employees to focus on more important tasks. You can find a list of the best affiliate marketing automation software here.

Is referral marketing automation possible?

Just like in any other type of modern business that is operated online, referral marketing automation is not only possible but also highly advised. Why not do it if you can put your referral marketing on autopilot? The less manual labor a given business requires, the higher its potential profit.

How to automate affiliate marketing?

The first step to automating your affiliate marketing is to create an email list. This email list should be targeted toward the audience to that you want to promote your offers. Next, you need to create content that will be shared on your blog or social media sites. The more content you produce, the more traffic you will get. From there, it is time to use automation software like Zapier or IFTTT.

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