7 Fundamental Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing is a way of online marketing with which you can earn money via the internet. With affiliate marketing, you get paid as soon as you send customers to a particular website. A part of the amount they spend on that website is paid through an affiliate program as a commission for products that you have promoted. 

This way, you can create good and passive income through strong content marketing, converting visitors, and high-rankings in search results


You learn how to become an authority within a niche, how to get to know your target group, how to choose the right products, and how to choose the right partners. Let’s dive deeper.

1 – Become an authority in your niche

The golden advice for affiliate marketers is to target a niche. 

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A successful affiliate website does not have to have a broad theme. By focusing on a small micro-niche, you can describe the niche in detail, giving you a greater chance of becoming an expert in the market. (Don’t forget to read our blog post about micro niches.)

With a niche site, you have a higher chance of maintaining higher-relevancy search results in search engines such as Google or Bing, without having to stuff your website with hundreds of products. 

A good content strategy and strong content can take you to the top of Google and help get more (uber-targetted) visitors.

2 – Know your target audience

The success of a good affiliate marketing website is often measured by what you get out of it. This sounds vague, but you are very dependent on the behavior of your visitors. 

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That is why it is a must for affiliate marketers to know who their target audience and what moves (or motivates) them.

Perhaps this is the most important in the series of affiliate marketing tips for beginners. Which companies, products, or services will appeal to them? After all, you want the visitor to click through to another website and convert.

To accomplish this, you need to create and publish valuable content for your target audience. The content you post on your website must then connect the product and the visitor smoothly. 

It is better to have 10 products that your visitor wants, which means that he or she clicks-through and buys; than 100 irrelevant products that no one cares about (and not going to clicked on).

3 – Write timeless content

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The key to success in generating a passive income is to write timeless content, which is often referred to as “evergreen content.” This tip is very powerful, especially if you are a beginner. If you write content that lasts for a long time and doesn’t get outdated, you will be less likely to have to add new content frequently to make the blog or website look “fresh” and “current.”

Therefore, be smart with the content you post and go for a timeless subject.

Avoid current events and fast trends that are only entertaining for a short period.

The regular update of your old blog post is a good way to get your site’s ranking to last and even improve.

4 – Be reliable and helpful

Do you want to attract visitors and see some action from them? Then it will pay out if you appear reliable and helpful. 

If you show yourself as an authority in a certain niche, you seem to know what you are talking about. You will come across as “reliable” and achieve your goal.

5 – Work only with reliable partners

The affiliate programs for e-shops can sometimes be signed up to on the website itself, but often this is done through a so-called partner network. 

Choose from partners that suit your niche, and that have the potential to convert your visitors.

Besides, high-grade programs often provide valuable information to affiliate marketers on how they can best promote the product. This can be done, for example, by receiving newsletters or updates about new products.

Use the data from your Google Analytics or other statistics to recognize trends and respond to them. 

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Monitor what kind of content is suitable for your visitor. What are you good at in the Search Engines? Which pages ensure a good flow? What content has a high bounce rate?

Keep monitoring your statistics and optimizing your website, because there is always room for improvement. Perhaps after a while, you will find a way to optimize your best-performing pages even further or completely ditch the content that does not perform well.

7 – Do not depend on traffic from Google

Do not depend on traffic from Google
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Solid search rankings are helpful to get a stream of visitors to your website, but don’t be too dependent on that. 

The latest trend in affiliate marketing is all about building a valuable community around your site.

After all, returning visitors are valuable to your business. Build a mailing list, dive into social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, and start with Pinterest or Twitter.

This not only adds to a reliable image but also invests in the relationship with your visitor. Many affiliate websites lose sight of this while returning visitors are a valuable target audience.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Conclusion

Take advantage of these valuable affiliate marketing tips for beginners. Choose your super-targeted niche (also known as “micro niche”) and carefully choose the right products. Get to know your target audience, capitalize on what they value and what they seek, and build your community. A strong affiliate website is not going to be built within a day, but the effort and time you invest in it now will payout in the long run.

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Elizabeth Sramek
Elizabeth is a Senior Content Manager at Scaleo. She received her bachelor's degree in Netanya Academic Colledge in Israel. She's been in the digital marketing business since 2006 and currently living in Prague.
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