New Feature: Landing Page Rotator

landing page rotator

If you need to create a landing page rotator, today we are going to discuss how to do it.

Scaleo’s Landing page rotator:

A very handy feature, which delivers great value to our clients in a matter of Landing Pages optimization for your landing page rotator.
It will help you to find out which of your landing pages performs best, by “rotating” them, depending on a percentage, which you define at the offer setup.

This option is presented under the Additional URLs tab of the Offer’s Edit page and can be enabled, by choosing the Receive % of Traffic type from the drop-down list:

So, e.g., if we set 5% for the particular URL, this exact amount of clicks will be redirected to this alternative landing page.

Add as many URLs, as you like. The percentage of traffic for the Main Landing Page URL will be calculated automatically:

On the other hand, you can continue using standard Additional URLs (Available for Affiliates type), which are visible for affiliates and could be utilized by them at will for streaming traffic (URL ID #13 from the example above). Such URLs WILL NOT take part in “rotating” on a percentage basis.

Note: if the sum of percentages for all added URLs is over 100%, only the first URLs in the list will be used for rotating. For example: we have 3 URLs (70%, 35%, 40%) – redirect will be just to 2 first URLs (70% and 35%, which gets 30% actually).

Landing Page Rotation and Caching

Once you notice, that any of additional landing pages performs really bad, you can just switch it off, by editing the record and setting the inactive status – this URL will be placed at the end of the list and will be excluded from the rotation:

IMPORTANT: all landing page URLs including the percentage of traffic, will be hidden in your affiliates reports, so an affiliate will only see the Main Landing Page URL wording for reports in that case.

Why you need a landing page rotator?

Considering factors like CTR contribute to Ad Rank in Google, the latter alternative often meant an addition in lost impression share, less clicks, and dropped conversions from lower-quality ads entering the market at an equal rate. Low ad rank preventing them from actually displaying.

On the other hand, the primary option often resulted in unnecessarily long testing rounds and frustratingly biased data when evaluating statistical significance. The favored ad variety would be entered into markets more regularly, giving the improved impression and click volume and more place for play in ad performance if you choose to implement a landing page rotators.

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