Increasing conversions on affiliate campaigns is our ultimate goal. We all want to spend less money on advertising, promote only the highest paying offers and see our conversion rate skyrocket.

But, how do we do it?

Affiliate marketing allows anyone with a laptop to earn a living as long as they can develop excellent content. However, you cannot just throw in content and expect that readers will automatically convert. In an increasingly competitive market, how can affiliate marketing conversions be increased?

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This blog post will provide you with 10 extremely practical ideas to help you start getting more affiliate conversions this year and beyond.

What is considered a good conversion rate?

Before we begin looking into ways to increase conversions, let’s evaluate your current set point. Are you looking to go from good to great, or are you totally at the bottom?

In a nutshell, the conversion rate is the % of visitors to your affiliate website who “convert” (in other words: fulfill a goal) compared to the total number of visitors. Even if you don’t see this percentage in your affiliate report, it’s easy to figure out:

The total number of conversions divided by the total number of visits.

For example, your affiliate landing page received 2,000 visitors last month, with 10 of them purchasing a product you promote. You have a conversion rate of 0.5%.

What difference does it make? 

Simply counting conversions will not provide you with much information about your actual affiliate performance. The conversion rate gives useful information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Average conversion rates vary depending on the industry.

If you’re looking for a starting point, the average conversion rate in the affiliate marketing sector is between 0.5% and 1%. Yes, 1% is actually good! However, if your metrics are lower than that or even lower than 0.5%, it’s time to step up your affiliate game.

How to Increase Conversions in Affiliate Marketing

5 Robust Affiliate Marketing Hacks to Increase Sales

1. Step Up Your SEO Game

Optimizing your website for a flow of targeted visitors from Google is the slowest yet, but it’s free, it’s bulletproof, and it’s long-term.

Conduct a content audit, which entails reviewing every page on your website and brainstorming strategies to increase high-quality traffic.

After that, combine your content with conversion rates. This will assist you in determining what type of copy performs best for the audience of your website. Then you can focus on developing similar content in the future. Make an effort to create evergreen, search-engine-optimized content. When you combine SEO with your content marketing plan, you will begin to see an increase in affiliate marketing conversions in the future.

To make the most of this, you might choose to focus on products that are always in stock or never go out of style.

10 Ways To Increase Conversions on Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign -

Many companies prefer to drive traffic via SEO as well as paid advertising. You might also want to employ a combination of the two to get the most out of affiliate marketing.

The benefit of sponsored traffic is that it might provide you with immediate results. There is no need to improve your Google rankings. You can have your ads up and running in no time, bringing in your first conversions.

The devil, however, is in the details when it comes to driving as much traffic as possible from your bought campaigns. Understanding how the time of day affects PPC is one of these details.

As shown in this sample, the cost per conversion varies greatly depending on the time of day. This directly affects your return on investment. Day parting your campaigns is one thing that can take your PPC campaigns from excellent to amazing.

You can benefit from long-term organic traffic with an SEO-based approach. Domain authority and views are accumulated over time and can significantly enhance your traffic. Consider rehashing your content in multiple forms, such as affiliate video content, in addition to blog posting. This allows you to reach a larger audience.

SEO, unfortunately, takes time. Good content necessitates thorough study. In addition, time-consuming link-building tactics are required to boost your organic rankings. You should also keep an eye out for low-quality connections on your affiliate website if you want to improve your SEO.

In addition to paid advertising, SEO and content production can assist your PPC campaigns in creating more sales. Organically increasing brand recognition will enhance the click-through rate of your ads.

This means that your efforts to generate organic traffic will benefit the effectiveness of your paid campaigns. More information on SEO and PPC strategies for affiliate marketing may be found here.

2. Use Affiliate Dashboards to Analyze Data

Aside from affiliate sales, there is a wealth of relevant data to keep track of. A review of your marketing data is required to evaluate your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Software: Everything You Need To Know

Marketing data will help you in researching and analyzing which channels and promotions perform successfully. Using data to optimize your campaigns allows you to allocate your budget to the proper sources.

A solution like Scaleo can help you with combining data from many advertising networks. There are various tracking dashboards available to help you track your campaigns and conversions, but with Scaleo you can manage all your affiliate campaigns in one place. 

This type of dashboard will provide you with quick access to the most critical marketing KPIs. More affiliate marketing dashboards can be found here.

3. Work In A Good Niche

On the surface, this tip may appear easy. You’d think that any popular/trending niche could be your ticket to a fancy dinner.

That is, however, the incorrect strategy.

If you’re launching a website with a low visitor base, you should avoid competitive niches with strong appeal for two reasons. To begin with, ranking for your target keywords will be extremely difficult, resulting in little to no traffic. Second, due to market saturation, affiliate commissions may not be as attractive.

10 Ways To Increase Conversions on Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign -

Instead, target low-competition niches where you have a better chance of ranking above the fold and on the first search page. When browsing for a product or its reviews, most consumers will not proceed past the second search result page.

It is preferable to have your website buried in a sea of web pages than to have one of the top-ranking for a low-competition niche.

As a novice, you should target niches with low-competition keywords with 1,000-5,000 monthly search traffic — even lower is acceptable. Aside from volume, you should also ensure that your niche has some depth. By depth, we mean having options and sub-categories that can be handled in a variety of ways.

Serious customers are searching for these non-competitive keywords. As a result, they are more likely to purchase through your affiliate link.

4. Use Powerful CTA Buttons

With a strong call to action, you can make your product links stand out.

You must ensure that visitors do not have to search for a product link for even a fraction of a second.

10 Ways To Increase Conversions on Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign -

To begin with, instead of using in-text links within the content, use a colored CTA button that pops and captures the eye. The phrasing of your CTAs is also important, so make them appealing.

Highlighting costs and providing a variety of options can help the CTA buttons stand out even more.

Aside from the CTA, you should also include affiliate links in product titles/headings because readers are more likely to click on those on the first try. Also, include a link to the product name that appears in the body of the review.

The goal is to make it as simple as possible for readers to access the product purchase page whenever they want.

5. Pop-ups Upon Exit

You may design a unique exit intent pop-up that is also a CTA for readers to either buy or sign up for a trial of the affiliate offer you’re promoting on articles or pages that discuss a certain product or service.

Set it up to show on very specific pages that specifically discuss these things, so consumers don’t get the impression that you’re pushing something extraneous.

6. A/B Split Testing

Split testing, commonly known as A/B testing, is one of the most effective methods for increasing affiliate referrals. Split testing entails having two variations and selecting the best performing one. It is possible to accomplish this for any element of your website and sales funnel.

If you don’t have a lot of traffic yet, instead of testing several factors, start with split testing between two variants. If your website receives a higher volume of traffic, you can get more granular and test many variations.

5 Examples of A / B Split Test in Affiliate Marketing

Remember that even the tiniest change on a page can have a significant impact on conversions. As a result, you should keep testing and looking for ways to improve.

If you intend to split test a large number of variables, there is software available to assist you with managing and tracking your split testing studies.

What should be tested in a split test for affiliate marketing?

It is all about testing and tweaking your campaigns in affiliate marketing. You can split-test almost anything, so what should you test?

Some of the most typical places to test in affiliate marketing are:

  • Sources of traffic: Using the same promotion on numerous advertising networks allows you to effortlessly test different traffic sources. You can also compare organic blog postings to email marketing.
  • Paid promotion: For an offer, you can split test different ads. Combine this with several landing pages and sync your ads to your landing page.
  • Landing pages: Experiment with two different landing pages for the same promotion to discover which one performs the best.

Make certain that traffic from the same advertising source is directed to both landing pages. Then, connect from the landing page to the same offer page, analyze your findings, and put the winning page into action.

  • Page comparison: Conversions from direct linking (e.g., PPC campaigns) are compared to conversions from landing pages (bridge page).
  • Offers: To determine the best-converting product, test two similar offers from different vendors in the same campaign.

7. Product Walkthroughs or tutorials.

In every content marketing plan, value is king, and the same is true for affiliate marketing. If you can provide your users with intriguing content, they may be persuaded to buy it through your links.

How To Promote Affiliate Products on YouTube - The Ultimate Guide

Giving a product lesson or walkthrough is one method you may use to deliver such value. These are excellent ways to provide consumers with a step-by-step look into your processes while also providing them with access to the real tools you use.

8. Partner Only with Quality Offers

There are numerous possibilities for selecting firms and offers to work with. Work only with companies that have a good reputation and are thought to be trustworthy.

There is a direct relationship between the number of conversions you make and the product’s quality. And, because there are so many offers, why not choose the best?

You should spend time discussing the greatest and most innovative products in your sector if you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Work with great firms and fantastic offers to set yourself up for success.

Before devoting effort to promoting a product, always read the reviews. Even if you own the products, see how others use them before you dig in with your efforts.

Successful affiliate marketers are constantly looking for new, high-quality products and new markets to build their business. Exploring hot niches and products with the help of Google Trends is a terrific way to do so.

Google Trends provides data on trending and evergreen subjects, organic search traffic for brand names, and the public’s interest in a particular niche over time.

It’s a tremendously useful tool for selecting keywords and themes for long-term affiliate initiatives, and it’ll help you eliminate the guesswork of current trends.

9. Join Only High Paying Programs

This is closely related to our previous tip but more focused on money than on quality.

10 Ways To Increase Conversions on Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign -

Spend your time working with leading merchants who offer industry-standard commissions and extra prizes. There are numerous forms of commissions, so investigate your alternatives before advertising a product.

The following are examples of common commission structures:

  • One-time payment
  • Percentage of sales
  • Commissions on a regular basis
  • Product attribution

A flat fee means that you receive a set amount of money for each person who purchases a product via your affiliate link.

Other affiliate schemes work on a commission basis. Your commission is based on a percentage of the total amount paid by your referral in that situation.

If the affiliate program uses credits, you can use these points to buy products from the company.

The term “recurring commission” refers to the possibility of receiving several payments for the same referral. You receive your commission each time the referred consumers renew their license. Because you are paid numerous times for the same recommendation, it is one of the most advantageous commission models.

10. Personalize Your Email Campaigns

If you have an email list of cultivated prospects, they may be primed and ready to buy affiliate products from you. Consider sending high-value newsletters that include your affiliate marketing products, followed by a personal note mentioning that you’re using affiliate links.

increase ROI with email marketing

Tell your readers how much you appreciate their support by purchasing through your links and how this enables you to continue generating useful content for them. You can even include a small comment letting them know they can purchase through your links if they find any of your content useful.

Don’t underestimate the power of a human touch: many readers will appreciate your candor and may be persuaded to use your links as a thank you for the tools and recommendations you provide.


Affiliate marketing requires a great deal of effort to be successful. But don’t worry; just follow this list of the finest tips for increasing affiliate conversions. You’ll soon be earning enough affiliate commissions to cover other marketing and operating expenses — all on autopilot.

Hopefully, these affiliate marketing tactics will assist you in increasing your commission. You can learn more about affiliate marketing by visiting our affiliate blog area.

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