Affiliate Outreach – The Ultimate Guide


Affiliate outreach is hard work. But, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re aware that there are challenges and responsibilities (and, of course, rewards).

Without a doubt, this monster industry is worth billions, and it’s getting more and more crowded by the day. 

These strategies are all aimed at overcoming challenges and improving the foundations of your affiliate program.

This is where we should begin.

A bird’s-eye view reveals that only two major difficulties plague many affiliate programs. 

And those are: 

  • an offer that isn’t set up correctly, and 
  • an offer that isn’t being viewed by enough affiliates.

This means that we may utilize our toolkit to create strategies that entirely eliminate these challenges.

To get started, these strategies will address both difficulties while also providing you with a much-needed affiliate advantage.

You can begin to share in your success this way.

Increase the number of people who are aware of your affiliate program.

What good is an affiliate program if enough potential recruits don’t see it?

It’s a long-standing issue for many marketing campaigns.

You simply need to raise the attention of your program so that affiliates are aware of what you have to offer them.

Create a pay-per-click campaign.

And, like with any other brand, you can create a PPC campaign targeted at marketing your affiliate program to affiliates.

There is ample data to show that this strategy is a popular way to draw attention to your program (or any product or service you are marketing).

Create a fantastic blog in your niche

You’ve probably come across some incredible blogs on the internet. In fact, you’ve probably read a couple of them yourself. And when it comes to attracting attention, they’re one of Scaleo’s blog preferred traffic sources. It is affordable, simple to set up, and a terrific method to get people interested in what you have to offer, from affiliate programs to more.

The best affiliate outreach is just an organic way to catch potential affiliates through your blog, by being an authority on the subject.

Visit the affiliate sites

These are the places you should go to if you haven’t already. As in, right now! And that doesn’t simply apply to one of them. Encourage them all to pay more attention to your affiliate program. 

Really, right now!

Getting those folks to look works in the same way that any other marketing effort would. In fact, nothing prevents you from developing a funnel for your affiliates. Don’t tell me you didn’t think about that idea!

Get out there and network

I’m not talking about simply attending conferences and handing out business cards. Affiliate outreach doesn’t mean just sending our emails, inviting people over.

We’re talking about actually developing relationships with your affiliate program’s target audience.

You are not only meeting potential recruits, but you are also developing a real rapport and a compelling connection.

Invite influencers in your niche to your event

Every niche has influencers or people with power in the influence sphere. Why not extend an invitation to them to join forces? But instead of a bulk email, try something more personal. Because there are fewer influencers in the industry, you have a better chance of getting to know each one before sending a highly personalized invitation.

During affiliate events, relationships can be formed. This is also a form of affiliate outreach.

You’re going to affiliate events, right? If not, start now! When you attend these events, you will have the opportunity to meet potential candidates for your program. When you come, participate and join in the fun so that you might meet a lot of new individuals.

Assist other affiliates with their programs.

Give potential affiliates a hand as you get to know them! By providing marketing advice or guest blogging content, you demonstrate to them that you are a get-things-done type of person who enjoys assisting others in their endeavors. This strengthens the link and paves the potential for future collaboration.

Send out your invitations using any Email management platform such as MailChimp or Aweber, and schedule them at your leisure. Furthermore, you may create professional-looking emails to make your invitations click-worthy. 

Remember that a gentle touch is typically the best way to go. 

You can still be open about your intentions, but if a potential affiliate isn’t a good fit for your program, that’s fine as well. There will be plenty more opportunities to recruit people out there.

Persuade them to become Your affiliate

You most likely have a fantastic, insanely cool affiliate program.

That is worth discussing, but keep in mind that people occasionally require additional incentives.

Potential affiliates are no exception.

In our hectic daily lives, we sometimes require something extra to make us stop and look, really look.

Offer a free gift to potential members

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for nothing? It’s difficult to pass up a free item to enter a program, whether it’s a promotional product to make an impression or another gift. This is a fantastic approach to enticing them and getting them started.

So many times I’ve seen an affiliate link that wasn’t properly linked to the right affiliate. It’s one of the most important reasons to become an affiliate, but so many programs don’t take the time to consider how their own programs work. This is where having an affiliate software like Scaleo to power your affiliate network is starting to make sense. It does most of the job for you and is extremely easy to set up. Take a few more moments to examine if this aspect of your program needs to be tweaked.

Make them feel important

Another major flaw in many programs is that the benefit is not made totally evident to the potential affiliate. According to a study, people are exposed to up to 10,000 marketing messages per day in some circumstances. Too many of them don’t communicate their worth as clearly as they could, and as a result, they get lost in the chaos. Instead, make sure that yours is fully conveyed.

If you’re unsure about any of these, don’t hesitate to question a potential affiliate or two that often draws them to a program. You’ll find that many of them are eager to tell you exactly what they require.

Make a real movement to show your support

It’s probably not difficult to deduce that people like what other people like.

It’s almost human nature.

So, if you can show an affiliate program that already has some support, you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

This makes it easier to persuade affiliates that you are the program they want to join.

Create an Absurdly Large Number of Followers

Investing time in increasing your social media followers is an excellent approach to demonstrating that your program is gaining popularity. We’ve already seen how social proof like this, along with other approaches, is a solid way to boost your brand’s visibility.

Create a Winning Book

White papers or other longer-form content are one approach to showing your program’s support and authenticity. Consider this scenario: a potential affiliate is surfing Amazon when they abruptly stop. Your book’s title has piqued their interest and these reviews! They will undoubtedly look into your program as well.

Create a Campaign for Lifestyle Marketing

What better method to show that your program already has a following with the power and popularity of lifestyle marketing initiatives? This one may need a bit more effort, but it is almost certain to result in opportunities.

It normally takes some time to build a movement around your program or product. Be patient and utilize this in conjunction with our other strategies.

Make it all about you and them.

Affiliate marketing is about partnerships in which people act as intermediaries and advocate for others.

These partnerships are between you and your affiliates, as well as your affiliates and their contacts.

Leveraging all of those partnerships and putting them front and center in your recruitment program is a powerful approach to attracting new affiliates.

Put your story in the spotlight.

Your previous triumphs are a story that your affiliates should hear. They can realize that you are a serious power in the industry thanks to this. This draws people and makes them want to be a part of your next award-winning project.

Look for Promising and Emerging Sources

This aspect of your affiliate outreach strategy is distinct from simply contacting influencers. Instead, you’re attempting to discover who might be a niche influencer. Imagine being the affiliate coder who identified their brand’s potential before anybody else and helped them build it.

Begin a Referral Program

The referral program is a tried-and-true relationship marketing strategy. You’re not just rewarding your affiliates for bringing in another affiliate with this one. In actuality, you’re allowing them to show off who they know in a way that people enjoy.

Some of you may think this method is a little braggadocious or loud. However, you’ll learn that it’s been tremendously successful with many affiliate programs, and affiliates love being included in these ways. Take my word for it.

Master Affiliate Marketing’s Finer Points

Finally, let’s go over the specifics of running an affiliate program.

These are a little more nitty-gritty. They are, however, critical elements to address in a leading program.

Check to see if your product or service is a top-level, high-standard offer.

What good is an affiliate program if it is centered on a crappy product? In certain circumstances, a little adjustment can resolve any problems with this one. Perhaps a different provider is required. Perhaps a slight adjustment in the process is required. In either case, tiny modifications like this can build up and impact the appeal of your program.

Marketing for the young. Live and improve!

Decide on KPIs

You’re probably missing out if you merely go with the flow with your program. But if you make a plan, one with measurable goals – KPIs, you’ll gain some incredible insights on where, how, and even when your affiliate outreach is most effective. You can then maximize those points.

Affiliate marketing is a combination of science and art. It is also a relatively new sort of marketing if you notice a place where you can fine-tune the finer points, even more, go for it. You never know what you’ll find across.

Affiliate Outreach – Conclusion

When it comes to affiliate marketing, being proactive is the ultimate key to success. Don’t wait for your affiliates to come to you, do everything that is in your power to reach out to people in your industry and recruit them to your program. Make the offer so appealing and the motivation to earn money – so real, that they would not resist. Remember, that networking is still one of the most powerful ways to build trust and gain devoted fans and partners.

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