10 Best Referral Marketing Software & Tools


Referral marketing software: You’ve undoubtedly come across the term in your efforts to expand your company and gain customer loyalty. To create the greatest marketing tactics available for your content and products, you will need to employ referral marketing tool of some kind.

Today, we will see why referral marketing can be extremely effective and is an excellent way to generate buzz about your company.

But exactly what is referral marketing? Is it really that effective?

When it comes to growing conversion rates and income, referral marketing is one of the most potent tools in your marketing toolbox. You can’t afford to miss that market, with 80%+ of Americans seeking suggestions from their social networks for all types of items.

Referral marketing is a low-cost method of mobilizing your customers and encouraging them to become a brand advocate and bring in new loyal customers. Referral marketing initiatives can also include employees, affiliates, influencers, and other types of brand advocates.

Referral Marketing Software Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing the best referral marketing software, your business will be influenced mostly by the size of your business, as well as its priorities and the industry in which it operates.

Best 10 Referral Marketing Software and Tools

There is also no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the proper software, and it may take a few trial periods to locate the perfect one! But here’s a buyer’s guide to aid you along the way.

  • APIs: Data usage and APIs verify the legitimacy of the referral solution. This means that it must have the necessary API capabilities and legal permissions in order for businesses to fully utilize the referral program. You want to be sure you control the information and data acquired here since you don’t want any unpleasant legal complications in the future.
  • Determine your industry-specific solutions: different sectors will require different software to achieve their goals. Before looking for software, determine what your business requires it for, such as e-commerce, retail, or financial services.
  • User segmentation: The software should allow you to manually arrange and categorize your users in addition to automatic segmentation.
  • Seamless integration: be sure to look into what third-party integrations, such as CRM, email marketing, and automation, are built into the software. You must be able to follow the referral process from sales pipeline to acquisition clearly.
  • Support: support entails assessing the channels that support the referral marketing software and ensuring that they align with your marketing plan.
  • Incentives: identity what you want to provide your customers in exchange for their hard work, and make sure the solution you choose can help you deliver those incentives to your customers.
  • Capacity and scalability: It is critical that the software can support your company’s campaign loads, so look into details like how many referral programs can be used at the same time, the number of transaction limits, customer communication, the different peer communication options, and wallets, among others.
  • Flexibility: How adaptable is the software in terms of flexibility and customization? Is it possible to add or delete features without harming its capabilities? It is best to look for software that can be tailored to each form of a referral campaign.
  • Analyzing Campaigns: Make sure the software has a variety of analytical capabilities, both scheduled and random, so you can effectively manage your marketing campaigns. Measuring program participation, top influencers, overall revenue, and referral rates, among other things, is part of this.
  • Customer Support: You will need to pick a dependable software vendor who responds quickly to your inquiries and is always ready to handle concerns. Because referral programs constantly improve and update from season to season, they have an excellent customer service team.

Why do you need an automated referral system?

With simple A/B testing, you can maximize user referrals at every stage of the referral funnel. Experiment with various offers, creativity, and messages to see what drives the most sharing and conversions. Friendbuy makes it simple to generate variants and measure gains for all of your key performance measures, as well as swiftly pivot when a champion is identified.

What are the advantages of using Referral Marketing Software?

  • Sales and conversions increased
  • Customers that drive sales can help you reduce your sales expenses.
  • Increased market penetration Increased social shares
  • Subscriptions, registrations, and app install all increased.
  • Enhancement of brand loyalty
  • Identifies and prevents false referrals
  • Management centralized on a single platform
  • Analytical data is used to determine the efficacy of your referral campaign.
  • Determines which referral schemes are most effective for various consumer segments
  • Maximizes the rewards

Now that you understand the value of recommendations to your business, here are 10 of the best referral marketing tools to get you started.

Best 10 Referral Marketing Software and Tools

  1. Scaleo – Referral marketing software
  2. Mention Me – referral engineering for growth based brands
  3. InviteReferrals – referral software for mobile apps
  4. FriendBuy – referral marketing for growth marketers
  5. 8b.io – add referral links to Instagram
  6. Wix – landing page builder
  7. Google Keyword Planner
  8. OptinMonster – lead generation
  9. Referral-AI – referral management
  10. ShareASale – affiliate network


Best 10 Referral Marketing Software and Tools - scaleo

Scaleo is a fully-managed referral marketing software that uses cutting-edge AI technology to track, analyze, and optimize your referral marketing business and affiliate marketing campaigns in real-time. It can help you find the best time for your campaigns to convert, optimize traffic sources by removing fraudulent traffic, and focus on quality conversions. It is suitable for networks, businesses, and media buyers. Scaleo can be integrated with a virtually limitless number of third-party technologies.


 Referral Marketing Software and Tools

Drive referrals across the customer journey, incentivize, reward, and monitor referrals, seamlessly integrate into your tech stack for even greater performance, and manage, test, and optimize your referral campaigns using our user-friendly platform. Convert insights into action:

  • Create strategic client segments and experiment with them throughout their lifecycle.
  • Discover rich referral data that helps your entire organization.
  • Receive practical, strategic recommendations.


What is Social Media Referral Marketing Software? Your customer likes your product and recommends it to his friends. His buddies accept the invitation, and your website receives new visitors. InviteReferrals software tracks every aspect of the program, from shares to clicks to referral conversions (registrations, sales, or mobile application installs). The referrer is compensated for a variety of actions such as sharing or obtaining registrations, sales, or mobile application installs. You can even do two-way gratification, which means rewarding both the referrer and the buddy for a successful conversion.


Friendbuy enables you to quickly and easily launch your referral program by using lightweight code snippets to get the program up and running.

Friendbuy widget themes are mobile-friendly and designed to encourage and facilitate sharing. Referrals can be enabled anywhere on your website or in your mobile app.

It automates the delivery of any sort of reward: coupon codes, account credit, loyalty points, gift cards, and more. It examines every purchase to assure excellent award eligibility, using sophisticated algorithms for fraud detection and customizable reward criteria.

FriendBuy provides you with email templates to help you make the most of an automated program, as well as the freedom to create unique emails. You can quickly create event-based triggers and reports to help you communicate with customers and prospects more effectively.

You can monitor real-time performance at each stage of the referral funnel.


8b.io is a new link in the bio tool that enables the addition of many links to a single page. It provides an easy way for people to curate what they share on social media and convert their audience into subscribers or customers. Pages on 8b.io can be modified with a variety of page designs, profile photographs, and animated backgrounds.

You can modify your subdomain name to something else and acquire a QR code for free. The premium subscription is for one year and allows you to create up to five pages with an infinite number of links. With the Premium plan, the user can link a custom domain, add a “Blue badge” to their profile, remove the 8b.io logo, and access all styles and backgrounds.


Most likely, you first heard of Wix via one of those awful YouTube commercials that you can now recite in your sleep. Nonetheless, it’s a useful lander-creation tool for affiliates. Wix is free (you only pay for the hosting solution), uses AI to save you the trouble of selecting the proper template, and is simple enough for your grandmother to learn in less than a week.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner, which is part of Google Ads, does exactly what you’d expect it to do: it helps you find the best keywords for your ad. If you were looking for the greatest affiliate marketing platform to use with Google Ads, your quest is ended. It’s not going to get any better than this anytime soon.

Regardless of how much research you conducted or how targeted your keywords are, you must constantly keep your primary goal in mind: conversions. Conversions equal profits.


OptinMonster is the most powerful lead generation and conversion optimization solution available for bloggers, eCommerce websites, marketing agencies, and small companies of all sizes. Exit Intent® technology, InactivtySensorTM, Signature MonsterLinkTM 2-Step Optin technology, time on site, specific items or pages, geographic location, onsite retargeting, referrer monitoring, and historical campaign behavior are all potent targeting tools. Using pop-ups, scroll boxes, welcome mats, and other tools, you can quickly expand your email list by converting abandoned visitors into subscribers.

Referral AI

Referral-AI analyzes your organization’s collective relationship network in order to generate high-quality referrals to critical accounts, partners, investors, and top prospects. Referral-AI continuously analyzes the Internet, revealing strong connections and mapping the optimal paths to any person or entity, using sophisticated analysis and patent-pending machine-learning technology.

Referral-AI enables users to reach out to critical targets and decision-makers via motivated referrals from colleagues, partners, investors, and board members. Referrals who are motivated are innately motivated to assist with a kind suggestion.

Users can manage their network of motivated referrals with Referral Management. Users can submit a list of individuals who will act as motivated recommendations on their behalf and manage any motivated referrals that Referral-AI identifies.


ShareASale Client Services provides a range of integrated services to assist you in establishing, growing and managing your Affiliate program. ShareASale has grown our network over the last two decades by maintaining connections, developing cutting-edge technology, and coaching merchants and publishers to success in the affiliate marketing channel. Maintain real-time visibility into your program’s performance data, affiliate partner activities, and customized program diagnostics. Utilize our platform and expansive network of partners to diversify the cash streams for your online business.


Your pick from the list of referral marketing software tool above comes down to the size of your organization and the goals you have for creating a referral program. On this list, you saw referral marketing software for e-commerce companies, small business, sales teams, agencies, and marketers. These tools will help small businesses, startups, and individuals grow their businesses.

Regardless, managing customer and employee campaigns should be easier after you select the appropriate tools from the list above.

Referral Marketing Program Fun Facts

Now, we want to throw in a little bit of referral marketing campaign stats to get you inspired.

  1. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know – Nielsen
  2. The Lifetime Value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers – Wharton School of Business.
  3. 81% of U.S. online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts versus 78% who are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. – Market Force
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