If done correctly, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative enterprise. 

Affiliate marketing is now used by 81% of firms, and the business is predicted to grow to $8.2 billion by 2022. 

Yet, despite the number of opportunities, many people are put off by affiliate marketing because they do not believe they can be successful salespeople. Others rush in headlong, aggressively promoting their products, only to find that they come across as “too salesy” and make little sales.

As the creator of an influencer monetization platform, I’ve witnessed how successful affiliate marketers strike the right balance and connect with clients. If you believe affiliate marketing is for you, here are six guidelines for succeeding without alienating your customers.

1. Have faith in what you’re promoting.

In my opinion, promoting goods or products in which you do not truly believe is the surest and fastest way to lose an audience’s interest and trust. However, suppose you’re an influencer trying to monetize that influence as an affiliate. In that case, you have an advantage in terms of credibility. 

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

Influencers use their platforms — blogs, videos, and social media — to cultivate an audience based on shared interests. Their followers have already created a trust link. When an influencer uses an affiliate link to promote a product or provides an opinion about it, their readers base values their input and is far more likely to be affected by their recommendations.

Belief in a product isn’t limited to influencers. Suppose you use the most popular affiliate marketing model to find an audience for a product and get your links in front of them (usually through paid ads or on social media, forums, and message boards). In that case, you’ll still need to make a convincing sales pitch for someone to click on your links and convert them to a sale. If the deal isn’t compelling enough for you to buy it, it won’t be compelling enough for others.

2. Sharpen your focus.

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

Another common blunder made by affiliates is promoting too many products. This can be difficult because it is difficult to understand and communicate the benefits of each. As a result, you risk coming out as dishonest or salesy. You must be able to convey the worth of what you are promoting. Focus on goods that you use, are familiar with, and for which you can find a similar audience.

3. Offer solutions rather than just a product.

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

The finest affiliate marketers don’t yell from the rooftops, “Buy, buy, buy,” but instead offer answers to problems. Because audiences self-identify on social media and message boards, the internet is a great medium for this. They share their problems and seek solutions.

Search Google for these audiences, find hashtags on Twitter and keep track of phrases and questions asked. Once you’ve identified a need, join the conversation and share an affiliate link to a solution that displays product-problem alignment.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Where feasible, use the same keywords and hashtags as in the question to react. Include the brand’s hashtag to help improve reach and conversions over time, earning you commission hours or even days afterward.

4. Lean on well-known brands.

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

Sales are no longer about selling; it is about educating potential buyers and gaining their trust. Some of the points I’ve already stated can help you acquire trust but don’t underestimate the power of a brand to impact purchasing behavior.

Leverage the reputation and trustworthiness of the brands you’re promoting. For example, if Mother’s Day is coming, you may begin to consider well-known flower delivery providers.

You can then market an affiliate link for the trusted business to anyone looking for a good bargain on flowers on the internet. Because you’re collaborating with a well-known company, the offer will sell itself whether you’re an influencer or not.

5. Provide added value.

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

Look for ways to make yourself indispensable to your followers. This is essential for establishing trust.

Go a step further if you publish a blog and use affiliate links to monetize your recommendations. Provide a means for your audience to reach you so they may ask you questions about a product you promote.

To get to know your followers and solicit input, use polls or surveys. Invite guest bloggers to provide additional perspectives. Create a newsletter to highlight your most recent content and special offers.

If you’re answering questions on the internet, don’t just submit your promotional link; instead, differentiate yourself and generate additional sales by expressing two or three things you love about the product and how it’s helped you.

6. Make no fraudulent assertions.

6 Ways To Efficiently Sell As An Affiliate Marketer -

These are the fundamentals of sales and marketing. False claims are a significant turnoff. Consumers frequently read reviews before making a purchase. If you’ve made fraudulent statements, they’ll find out, and your reputation will suffer as a result. So stick to promoting products that you believe in and be upfront about what they can and cannot achieve. Also, make true and accurate disclosures regarding your affiliate arrangement when applicable.

Conclusion – Have unwavering faith.

There are several things affiliate marketers may do to be successful without being too “salesy” and alienating their customers. First, make a smart decision by finding and comprehending your target audience. Second, align yourself with well-known brands – and demonstrate that you believe in them. Third, never pass up a sale opportunity by demonstrating product-problem alignment. Provide important sources of information in addition to links, offers, and savings. 

Finally, have faith: I’ve discovered that conviction accounts for 90% of selling, and persuasion account for 10%. Know who you are and what you actually want before allowing a car salesperson to approach you at the door.

Last Updated on January 21, 2021


Elizabeth is a Senior Content Manager at Scaleo. Currently enjoying the life in Prague and sharing professional affiliate marketing tips. She's been in the online marketing business since 2006 and gladly shares all her insights and ideas on this blog.