Affiliate marketing software for startups is essential because affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It allows businesses to diversify their content and make money along the way.

Today, we will look at the options available to startups and how they can launch their affiliate program to make the most of their business.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you generally partner with a company or network to offer its products or services in exchange for a fixed commission, paid every time the audience buys something or performs the desired action.

In this context, the term “desired action” is vague and can refer to anything from clicking a link to completing a purchase. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based model where you earn money when your content generates traffic and performs an action.

Let’s say you are new to the market and want to understand better affiliate programs and how to utilize them to your financial advantage. In this case, you should research how most startups and established websites in your niche promote affiliate products.

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Initial research and understanding will help you understand the intricacies of affiliate marketing and determine the profitability of the affiliate marketing business. The potential of affiliate marketing depends on your niche, the quality of your material, and your advertising strategies.

Which affiliate marketing programs are best for startups (or inexperienced affiliate marketers)?

There are numerous aspects to consider before signing up for an affiliate program. You need to research extensively, analyze, and think critically to decide if an affiliate’s items are worth the time, money, and effort invested. You need to anticipate the merchandise’s potential and consider how to incorporate it into your website.

It is also necessary to narrow down the affiliate program partners. To do this, you can look at several well-known SaaS affiliate programs and check what they offer, the compensation rates, any terms and conditions, offers, program features, dashboards, and the level of support provided to affiliates. Partnering with a reputable affiliate program that offers an excellent support system and assistance will help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing and build your confidence.

If you are unfamiliar with:

  • WordPress,
  • SEO Strategies,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Listings,
  • Landing Pages,
  • or Plugins

Essential guidance may be necessary to get started.

Always work with an affiliate program with a strong network, a solid reputation, a track record of success, and real-time support. It should be mutually beneficial. You may encounter evaluations of affiliate networks or service providers expressing frustration with the program’s aid and support. It would help if you considered affiliate programs with another affiliate program.

Understanding and quantifying the number of merchants an affiliate network represents might provide insight into their work routine and revenue potential. To choose the finest affiliate program match, one should take a 360-degree approach and make an educated choice.

Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are one of the most prevalent affiliate programs. Using this technique, you generate traffic for the network’s offer and promotion. It might be anything from form submission to a landing page. The affiliate network will instruct you on effectively promoting the network’s offer via marketing collateral and literature. This assists affiliates in establishing trust with their audience and increases conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

The primary objective of an affiliate network is to expand the network’s reach. Affiliate networks are popular with startup companies looking to advertise their new products. Most affiliate networks employ an affiliate manager to oversee and manage the entire process and properly assist affiliates.

Affiliate Program for In-House Vendors

In the form of an affiliate scheme, the affiliate merchant manages everything within its partner program. The network maintains its affiliate software and dashboard that tracks lead conversions and commissions earned through referrals. The In-House Merchant Affiliate Program is the most basic type of affiliate program and is typically selected by startups and newcomers.

After familiarizing yourself with affiliate marketing and program types, we’ll explore some of the best and most successful affiliate programs that can more than double your revenue in just a few months.

Affiliate marketing benefits for startups

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry that various digital marketing companies employ to expand their business.

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

Here are some of the numerous benefits of affiliate marketing for startups:

  • People use social proof on social media: Social proof illustrates how people seek others for guidance in making their own decisions. In other words, individuals tend to mimic what they observe others doing. Social proof is another type of word-of-mouth marketing that significantly impacts someone’s purchasing choice. Over 90% of shoppers will check for product evaluations and suggestions before purchasing. As a result, affiliates who have already won their audience’s confidence are more likely to create sales for your business simply by suggesting your items or services.
  • Gain access to a broader, more specific audience: Affiliates and content developers have a built-in audience that listens to them. And their target audience should be similar to yours. This means that when an affiliate recommends your business to their channels, they share your brand with a more significant but still focused audience that you would not have had access to otherwise.
  • Low-risk investment: What makes affiliate marketing particularly suitable for new businesses? To get started, you don’t need a lot of money. You only pay affiliates a commission if they generate a new sale, which means you won’t spend money unless you see results. Furthermore, you determine the affiliates’ commission rates, allowing your startup to reduce risk by setting prices that you are confident you can pay.
  • It is less expensive for startups than other marketing means: Recruiting affiliates is less expensive than running paid ads or hiring marketing companies. Unlike PPC marketing initiatives, affiliate marketing only pays commissions when a sale has occurred. There is no upfront cost to sign for affiliates, resulting in low-cost marketing expenditures ideal for startups with limited finances.
  • The expertise of an affiliate boosts your marketing campaigns: Hiring a marketing agency as a startup might be costly. Without the need for substantial resources, affiliates can offer the same knowledge and experience to your efforts. You may anticipate the same value from them because they run their own business and have promoted others.
  • Your business is in command: Another significant advantage of affiliate programs is that you have complete control over the affiliate marketing program. You may control your affiliate program in a way that works best for your startup, from which affiliates you partner with, to how much you pay in commissions to the marketing messaging affiliates will use.

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

Amazon Associate is a well-known affiliate program for newcomers. The Amazon Affiliate Program is ideal for entrepreneurs who are new to affiliate marketing. This model is the gold standard for profiting from the monetization strategy. Numerous online courses and videos are accessible to demonstrate how Amazon Associates Work can increase earnings.

Amazon Associates is one of the world’s largest and most reputable affiliate programs. Its structured system and optimal integration set it apart from the competition. Amazon associates receive a structured and consistent payout system. Amazon Associates has a stellar track record of promptly paying all of its affiliates (30 days after the purchase). It is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly affiliate schemes available.

Additionally, this website features an infinite number of products. Whatever your niche is, you will undoubtedly come across some appropriate products with compelling discounts. Additionally, if you are performing well and are a top-ranking affiliate, Amazon does allow you to alter your links to greater commission offerings.

As a result, Amazon Associates should consider if you are new to the affiliate business and are still figuring out how the affiliate program works.

Commission Junction

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

CJ’s affiliate network is enormous. CJ Affiliate works with hundreds of businesses to advertise their products and deals globally. It has almost two decades of experience in the affiliate sector. With realistic and authentic affiliate programs, CJ Affiliate has carved out a niche for itself. 

It’s great for entrepreneurs and newcomers to affiliate marketing who are searching for a strong foundation. CJ Affiliates enables you to connect with some of the world’s most recognized brands and corporations and promote their items in the marketplace. CJ Affiliate’s UI is extremely user-friendly and packed with complex capabilities.

If your business model and product offer align with the CJ affiliate niche, you will most likely be associated with it.


Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

ClickBank is one of the affiliate giants that is quietly creating a reputation for itself in the affiliate network. For over two decades in the market, Click Bank has had a global customer base of over six million. Additionally, Clickbank’s commission rates are attractive and competitive in contrast to those of their competitors. The simplified approach is one of Click Bank’s distinctive aspects contributing to the company’s popularity among merchants. ClickBank’s affiliate programs provide businesses with significant flexibility. 

It eliminates the requirement for corporations to approve offers before promoting them. Click Bank is one of the most popular affiliate programs due to the high payout and prompt distribution of rewards. Click Bank’s user interface and dashboard have cutting-edge features and tools. It is quite simple to run. Additionally, Click Bank provides affiliates with sufficient promotional information, marketing materials, presale sites, brand logos, product photos, and designs to facilitate promotion. Clickbank is a popular choice for inexperienced businesses and newbies alike.


Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

ShareASale is a well-known affiliate network. The program leverages cutting-edge and clutter-busting technologies to promote and assist affiliates and merchants intelligently. This affiliate program incorporates some cutting-edge solutions that can assist individuals in growing their affiliate companies and scaling their revenue. ShareASale is affiliated with some of the world’s most recognized businesses and provides its affiliates with a diverse selection of products. This is one of the primary reasons for ShareASale’s huge affiliate network of over 1000 businesses. It provides comprehensive support and service to its merchants, from the eCommerce platform to advanced software.

ShareASale’s application process is straightforward and thorough; it provides real-time data on conversions, average sales, and revenue per click. These KPIs are critical for improving affiliate momentum and motivating them to perform better.

However, numerous industry professionals assert that ShareASale’s interface and portal are outdated, making it difficult to utilize and comprehend the dashboard features. It obstructs the process of building a relationship with prospective partners. Therefore, if you are a startup or a complete novice in the technological realm, ShareASale may not be the best affiliate program partner for you.


Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

Rakuten Advertising (formerly Rakuten Marketing), is a leading provider of professional affiliate marketing services. It is affiliated with over 150,000 publishers and companies. Its affiliate network has been significantly augmented by its methodical and optimized pay-for-performance structure and commission rates.

Rakuten is a user-friendly platform with an incredibly simple dashboard packed with useful features and analytical analytics. Rakuten is committed to giving affiliates real-time access to their affiliates’ performance metrics, and as such, it has developed a novel metric system that enables affiliates to track their performance.

Promoting deals is as meticulous and planned as Rakuten, which provides adequate customer support and help. However, many experts assert that Rakuten’s acceptance rates are not as favorable as those of other affiliate service providers for startups and newbies.


Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

Fiverr is the market leader in the freelance industry. The Fiverr Affiliate network provides an exciting opportunity to earn income on products and services by introducing them. Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers, with over 150 subcategories. Fiverr is one of the greatest affiliate networks due to its numerous affiliate programs and state-of-the-art marketing software, Cellxpert.

Fiverr’s comprehensive and modern landing page makes running an affiliate network simple and convenient. Fiverr’s landing page comprises various components, including video tutorials, FAQs, a how-to guide, and a sign-up page. Fiverr’s commission rates are quite attractive. One of the major benefits of Fiverr is the ability to create deep links. Fiverr’s affiliate program enables affiliates to embed offers, services, and goods into an article or blog. Fiverr’s sole disadvantage and stumbling block is the first-time buyer rule, which makes it an unattractive affiliate proposition.

Flex Offers

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

Flex Offers, which are precisely built, have a visible and sturdy network of over 12,000 affiliate networks. It is linked to over 500 marketers on a global scale. It boasts a comprehensive and concise affiliate program that spans education, entertainment, sports, legal services, travel, and automobiles. 

Industry professionals lauded its affiliate program, which has garnered favorable feedback from affiliates worldwide. Flex Offers’ affiliate network is ideal for all types of niches. Thus, regardless of your specialty, content approach, or affiliate strategy, you are certain to uncover products that are a perfect match for your expertise.

Flex Offers’ affiliate program is structured slightly differently than that of its competitors. Affiliates must register at Flex Offers using the affiliate link and split the commission received. It enrolls you in its merchant program. Flex Offers titles to offer a new 50-advertiser program every day. If something does not work for you on a given day, adjusting your technique slightly the following day may result in the desired results and conversion. 

This one-of-a-kind function is highly regarded by entrepreneurs and newbies attempting to grasp the affiliate program’s nuances. The sole disadvantage of Flex Offers is its convoluted sub-affiliate program. Numerous companies and newcomers struggle to comprehend and keep up with the sub-affiliate program strategy.

There are advantages to using affiliate software for your startup.

Running your own program with affiliate software such as Scaleo is sometimes a better option for startups using affiliate networks. This is because software offers you complete control over all areas of tracking and managing your program.

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

With affiliate tracking software, it’s easy to handpick content providers that connect with your brand and create a mutually beneficial program. And after they’ve agreed to work with you, you’ll own your own affiliate relationship and have the ability to build meaningful partnerships with them.

You can customize and run your software however you want because there is no need to conform to network limits and rules.

You’ll also have complete control over your data, as well as real-time access to detailed performance reports. As a result, you’ll be able to make the best decisions to improve your program and accelerate the growth of your brand.

Is your startup prepared to launch an affiliate program?

Although affiliate marketing is a terrific technique for small businesses, not all startups are ready for an affiliate program. To maximize your chances of success, your startup should contain the following features:

A product or service that appeals to a broader market: To get the most out of your affiliate program, your affiliate product or service must be appealing to a broad audience, at least to the audience of your chosen affiliates. Because affiliate networks put you in front of a bigger audience, it’s preferable if you can attract clients with a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Profit and expense awareness: Even in the early stages of a startup, it’s critical to examine your profit margins to establish how much you can spend while still running a profitable business.

Capability to pay commissions on all sales: A relatively new product may not be able to pay commissions on all affiliate-driven sales. Even if you have the funds, your affiliate commission may be insufficient to attract high-quality affiliates. (In these circumstances, a referral scheme may be a better option.)

Do you know where to look for suitable affiliates with similar audiences?Content creators with enormous followings may not always be the best fit for your startup, especially if you’re still in the early stages. Instead, think about smaller creators who have used or spoken positively about your products.


Affiliate marketing is a successful and profitable industry with many affiliate program possibilities for startups. However, for consistent growth and development, conducting extensive and thorough research and partnering with professional affiliate service providers is critical to ensure your affiliate program will grow alongside your startup. In this case, the best affiliate software for you would be white-label affiliate software, such as Scaleo.

Affiliate Marketing Software for Startups - affiliate marketing software for startups

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