Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable money-making gigs you’ve been able to make these days. But first of all, the bitter truth about the state of things: investment is dropping at the beginning of each year, but the demand for goods that are both niche and common is seldom ruinous and bleak.

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But what’s the marketing of an affiliate? Simply put, I would like to describe it as a relationship between the manufacturer/seller of the product/service and your online e-shop. You won’t really have to tie the knot, but just build an affiliate tracking id and sell the product/service on your website. Sales benefit is shared between you and the distributor of the product/service.

What are the best affiliate products to sell?

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

Affiliate marketing is one of the four main sources of e-commerce orders, outperforming social trading and showcasing ads,” according to a study by BI Intelligence.

When I mentioned that affiliate marketing is one of the best money-making gigs, it doesn’t generally apply to everybody. You may want to engage your clients, or you may want to keep up with the industry’s changes. Irrespective of the motive, the real difficulty is to determine what really sells. This basic notion sets you on the right track.

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Several vendors are offering lucrative commissions and deals for affiliate sales. If you’re a beginner in the eCommerce environment or searching for new revenue streams, selecting the right affiliate goods and programs is the secret to success.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

First and foremost, without a lot of work, you’re expanding your catalog. But be careful, though. You don’t want to clutter your store with irrelevant, slow-moving items. Staying on top of the 2022 affiliate marketing trends means you’re selling right now. At the same time, you must ensure that the marketing costs remain as minimal as possible and that the entire marketing process is as effective as possible. Targeting a particular audience is simple, cheaper, and pays off well. Your profits increase as you develop consumer trust and loyalty at the same time.

At the same time, you would not want to miss a trip on the back of the trend in 2020. If you remain unsure, you will not be able to make a specific value proposition with items that are sure to be hip shortly. So jumping on the truck isn’t that bad, after all!

Without further ado, below is a list of some of the best affiliate goods to be offered in 2020.

1. Virtual Reality affiliate products

Oh, yeah, exactly. Sell augmented reality, yes! Products in virtual reality are now getting off the ground. Companies offering VR goods and services) now enjoy increased market interest due to advances in VR technology. While many assume that VR is already ahead of current technologies’ potential, 2020 could only be the year in which we see a breakthrough.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

At any rate, recognize that nobody should deny the tremendous potential and thus the demand for VR-focused products and services. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is releasing a new virtual reality headset to be released next year. He reported that while it’s already too late for this holiday season, the start is likely to be ahead of the rivals.

2. Drones affiliate products

Drones really grew in popularity. While there are so many limitations on flying one, the industry has shown no sign of slowing down in the coming year. These days drones are not only used for leisure. They are also used for commercial purposes in fields like photography.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

And the best part is that there are a number of drone manufacturers and numerous established program affiliates in this growing sector.

3. 3D printers affiliate products

The days are gone where you’d have to sell a few body parts to be able to afford a printer. However, the cost of ownership has decreased dramatically, with predictable effects. It’s really easy for someone to own portable 3D printers right now.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

The 3D printer is more than just a hobby tool. There are serious applications of technology in many manufacturing and manufacturing scenarios. With the growing assumption that 3D printers are now widely available to own, you should not miss the chance to take advantage of this new trend.

4. Accessories for Phones affiliate products

No, I’m not talking about cheap handsfree and plastic phone cases!

With the introduction of flagship and mid-range phones, the demand for telephone accessories is still hot. But, instead of wasting your time and money on cheap imitations, this holiday season is the ideal opportunity to partner with top accessories manufacturers. The range of accessories includes LED-backed phone cases, non-brand wireless earbuds, and Bluetooth-based products.

5. Portable LED spotlights affiliate products

The days of using bulky projectors are now history. Nowadays, compact LED projectors that can fit almost anywhere have become very common simply because they don’t place a huge strain on customers’ pockets. With the rise in revenue, these devices provide a perfect opportunity for affiliates searching for trendy goods to market.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

6. Home Automation System affiliate products

Home automation has evolved a lot over the last five years, mostly due to a range of significant developments, including smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart home hubs. As a result, these devices have a large consumer, which translates directly into a lucrative market for affiliate marketers.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

Interested marketers can contact home automation system manufacturers to obtain discount pricing equipment to promote and receive higher commissions. Typically, home automation devices are seeing a peak in the middle of the year. However, you can sub-niche and set up your own target market by promoting unique devices.

7. Home Security & Surveillance Systems affiliate products

Have you heard the saying, ‘When you’re in a rush of gold, sell the shovels?’

In the current scenario of instability and degrading stability in many countries, demand for security and surveillance equipment is on the rise. Because of this high demand, the market is very hot and will only get hotter. This is a hot opportunity for marketers who are involved in the safety and security business.

8. Hoverboards affiliate products

Low-cost hoverboards have become a big hobby item. With demand exponentially, the loans go mainly to Chinese producers, who have taken the market by storm (by selling their low-cost replicas).

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

First, discussing an initial deal with famous hoverboard manufacturers is a wise choice for marketers interested in these goods. When a wide market has been reached, they will enter the big league and support hoverboards, electric scooters, and other self-balancing hobby vehicles.

9. Wearables affiliate products

Wearables have become mainstream in recent years, and you could wear one or more types of wearables. A common niche in wearables is a health-focused device that allows the wearer to monitor health in real-time without visiting physicians. They are a golden opportunity for advertisers to get higher commissions on their ads.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

Instead of working with a single wearable maker, a recommendation for success is to go to large e-commerce stores that target wearable customers. You’re going to get low product prices and higher commissions. Or try CPA marketing by building landing pages and promoting social media goods.

10. Managed cloud hosting affiliate products

There is an increasing demand for managed cloud hosting services since not everybody with an idea is a server management expert. Website owners, developers, agencies, and even freelancers today tend not to deal with hosting difficulties simply because managed hosting solutions save users a lot of time and effort.

11. Gym & Fitness Equipment affiliate products

People have become more conscious of their self-image, which is why a fitness lifestyle has become a common trend. Fitness lovers either enter the gym or buy gym equipment so that they can continue to work out even on a challenging routine.

Since the demand for gym equipment is strong among fitness enthusiasts, it can be a great affiliate product for sale.

12. Travel and Tourism affiliate services

Whether it’s a vacation destination or a weekend getaway, people often save money to explore new places. So much so that even Google Maps can cover fun stuff to do at unique destinations. But why not encourage logistics, hotel accommodation, and entertainment facilities in particular destinations?

Travel and tourism companies are selling more with the aid of discount travel vouchers and hotel accommodation deals. They promote travel destinations or holiday packages through their affiliate programs to attract a wide audience.

13. Fashion affiliate products

Design products such as shapewear, athletic wear, casual wear are the ideal affiliate products to make a living. That’s because fashion trends are peaking with seasonal shifts, music, and celebrity endorsements – which is why fashion items remain high in demand.

pensive young woman choosing outfit while dressing in light vintage bedroom

A variety of bloggers and reviewers mention affiliate fashion items in their Youtube episodes at the beginning and end of their broadcast. Promoting fashion that is currently on trend will attract a lot of publicity.

14. Safety Apparel affiliate products

Selling protection clothing is a perfect way to make a living. It is also interesting to see how safety clothing changes over time as it adopts content that increases overall endurance.

Kickstarter initiatives and creative ideas continue to demonstrate prototypes of goods that can improve people’s way of working. This is what makes protection clothing a good affiliate commodity for sale.

15. Jewelry affiliate products

If you haven’t noticed the latest trend, there are a lot of social media advertisements for jewelry. Items such as jewelry watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and piercings are very common, as their popularity is high on social media.

The style of jewelry that remains high in demand ranges from casual bracelets to complex designs of precious stones and gems. Thus, making them popular among affiliate products for sale.

16. Gaming affiliate products

Gaming remains a major entertainment source and shows no signs of slowing down. With the era of cloud computing, gaming on consoles no longer needs physical CDs to install and run the game, all thanks to SaaS products, in which the purchase and installation of games take place through the cloud.

young game match kids

The demand for console peripherals and support accessories such as game controls, grip pads, controller skins, and customizations has been low for the last two decades. The success of these products makes them one of the best affiliate products to consider selling.

17. Pet Grooming affiliate products

A lot of people have pets, want to have pets, or get more pets. Animal grooming, according to psychiatric research, decreases the risk of developing depression. That’s why pet grooming devices such as rubber and slicker brushes, nail clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and veterinary care ointments have been in high demand.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

As people continue to invest in nurturing their pet products to help take care of this nurturing process, Google has become one of the most popular searches. This opens up a lucrative opportunity for traders to market and sell these types of affiliate goods.

18. Subscription Box affiliate products

Subscription Boxes simply means that one company puts some of its famous goods and services in a box and delivers them to its customers. For example, a hairdressing company is putting together a box known as a ‘care bundle’ that contains a shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, etc., that is shipped to the subscriber. These stocks last for around a month, and customers automatically obtain a new stock if they opt for a subscription. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

The advantage for the consumer is that the supplies will never run out because it will automatedly be renewed, and the advantage for the business will be that the customer is assured by subscribing to the service.

Some businesses are also marketing these as mystery boxes that customers pay for. The prices of these mystery boxes are constant, but they are excited by the element of surprise. This concept is now so popular that a number of brands consider selling these affiliate goods to be a good strategy for digital affiliate marketing.

19. Food Delivery Systems and Coupons affiliate products

Setting up food distribution branches in common areas is a smart way to capitalize on the opportunity to make money. These services typically have a discount code, a promotional package with them to allow customers to opt for this service instead of the other.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

Providing food discount coupons and delivery service discounts are highly sellable items, particularly for teenagers and students who have a tight budget. Owing to their high demand, it’s no brainer that these are some of the best affiliate items to be sold.

20. Child Care affiliate products

Parents are still searching for items that make life easier for their newborns and their children. Your parents are the best people to target for these items since they are more likely to give in to purchases.

Young fathers can also purchase the product if they see the product during their lunch hours. This shows the great potential of selling items such as prams, baby toilets, gum soothers, aprons, and baby clothes online.

21. Online classes and learning resources affiliate products

A lot of instructors, mentors, and professional workers are searching for an opportunity to sell their learning abilities to a wide audience, whether it’s teaching tax filing, designing a multimedia initiative, or even describing the ideal conditions for growing a eucalyptus plant indoors.

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing Automation?

The diversity of subject matter here can be as vast as the skill set of the mentor. Depending on the demand for the course, and the popularity of the subject, the chances of earning money are steep.

If the market for these types of subjects is strong, selling them as affiliate items can be lucrative.

22. Office Accessories affiliate products

Stationary, workplace desktop organizers, and desk decorations are items that grow to function more effectively in the same workspace. That’s because these office goods are in high demand because every company needs these services. Also, someone who deals with desk space knows the challenge to keep the deskspace clutter free and organized.

Therefore, designers and Youtube reviewers speak a lot about clearing the mental clutter by keeping the workstation clutter-free. This opens the door for affiliate marketers to make money by recommending workplace accessories for some workspaces and distinguished professions.

23. Garden Equipment affiliate products

Suppose you’re a mansion resident or an apartment. Did you find yourself trapped in a DIY video about gardening and related hobbies? Much like getting a cat, gardening enthusiasts find these activities useful to keep their minds safe and stress-free.

Highest Paying Affiliate Products & Niches to Promote in 2022 -

Since gardening is a common hobby, the market for gardening equipment remains relatively strong. Sales for these items peak during the seasons and then slow down during the off-season months. Companies are selling gardening equipment use affiliate marketing campaigns to advertise these pre-season goods and services to increase sales.

24. Kitchen attire and equipment affiliate products

While 60 percent of restaurant businesses fail in the first year, food enthusiasts still do not quit trying to start their own food company. Things like cutlery, knives, kitchen equipment, and even kitchen safety apparel are important items to have when you start a restaurant or a café.

It is the market for these goods that make them successful affiliate products. Chefs, food connoisseurs, and gourmet chefs recommend items in almost every Youtube video cooking tutorial. This is what makes these things successful affiliate goods with the potential to be sold.

25. Items for Lighting affiliate products

Lighting products are a crucial necessity for most people. So you can quickly make good money by adding it to your affiliate portfolio. There are several different lighting items that you may choose to sell, from lamps to light bulbs to bulb holders. There are some of the top affiliate products right now. Check out famous blogs and reviews and find out what the best lighting products are. Once you have selected a few pieces, you can easily sell them on your website. It’s a great way to make a decent income on the side without any problems.

26. Accessories for computer affiliate products

Software accessories make some of the best affiliate items and will never go out of demand. As an affiliate, you should certainly consider having them on your pages. These products don’t cost a lot of money, and they’re really popular.

There’s a lot of variety available on the market, from mousepads to inexpensive headphones to gaming chairs. You may also sell products for computers, such as folding tables, sleeves, laptop stands, and other accessories.

27. Insurance affiliate products

This can come as a surprise to many, but insurance is a service you can offer as an affiliate product. You can make comparisons and use your affiliate program link to sell your insurance plan on your website.

If you’re working it out, you might end up making a lot of money in the process. It’s a perfect way to make some decent money on the side and help people buy something they consider important.

28. Accessories for vehicles affiliate products

Easy automotive accessories such as car humidifiers, air purifiers, and portable refrigerators are a great choice to market as affiliate items. You can easily make good money by selling these items on your affiliate marketing platform.

Things like car mattresses, seat covers, and even cushions are still in high demand. By having these under a single roof, you can easily make a good deal of revenue.

29. Add-ons for bicycles affiliate products

With the pandemic clearing up roads, now growing numbers of people are cycling. There has been a rising demand for bicycle supplements and accessories, and you can make a huge profit.

There is no shortage of cost-efficient accessories, from bicycle computers and gel covers for chairs, laser line markers, to bike lights.

30. Bottles & Protein Shakers affiliate products

Protein shakers and water bottles are increasingly common, and a range of variations are available. They can easily be sold as an affiliate and a beautiful number.

31. Backpacks affiliate products

Selling backpacks as an affiliate is a perfect way to make decent money as an affiliate. Hundreds of different companies that manufacture and sell backpacks on the market will profit greatly.

You can store them and sell them for a big commission, from exercise bags to regular school bags. They will never be out of need, and demand will only increase.


You should still be aware of emerging developments in the industry as an affiliate. Many of the goods and services may have a brief trend and will become obsolete soon. It’s best to watch closely how the goods are viable and what works best for your company.

Go for your intestines, more specifically. And if you want to simplify stuff and validate what you see, use resources like Google Trends or popular goods like Amazon on markets.

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