Are you looking to find the best affiliate marketing micro niche in 2021? Building a good affiliate website that is also profitable can be a daunting task. But it can be done if you target micro niches!

How can you make sure, you put all your energy into the right affiliate stream?

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Having experience in the affiliate marketing industry and working in digital marketing does not guarantee that your website will be uber profitable. What does, then?

Finding a profitable niche is essential.

In this article, I will discuss some popular and profitable affiliate marketing niches. The good thing about these niches is that they are big enough, and there are enough “micro niches” to be found. But first…

What is a micro niche?

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Before I tell more about the best affiliate niches, I think it is essential to explain a little about micro niches.

Most people who start with affiliate marketing generally begin with a niche that is too wide so that they hardly get visitors and, therefore, barely see any income.

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Let’s take the weight loss/fitness industry as an example (which is number 2 in the list of most profitable affiliate niches). As you can see, “losing weight” is a broad concept, so you must go deeper into this subject.

Ask yourself, how can you lose weight?

Of course, there are many possible answers to this question, but how about:

  • a “low-carbohydrate diet,”
  • “a keto diet,” or
  • “by running”? 

These are already some examples of micro niches.

Tools such as Google Trends are idea for finding a micro niche topic.

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For example, with “a low-carb diet,” you can write about different low-carb recipes and promote low-carb recipe books with your own affiliate link.

What you need to understand is that there is a big difference between “weight loss” and “lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet.”

Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website? - micro niche

While the first is an uber-competitive broad topic, the second is a micro niche you can work with. If you choose to go with a broad topic, your website will be buried on the 100+ page of Google results, and may never see the light of day.

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Micro niches explore specific topics within a broad category.

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Because your website is about a specific topic, it has a higher chance to be found in search engines like Google or Bing. Your site is precise; there is less competition, more search queries with a purchase intention, and you can always expand your website later with other related micro niches.

Now that you know what micro niches are, it’s time to explore the best paying affiliate marketing niches, with the highest potential.

Pets micro niche

Are you an animal lover, or do you have pets yourself? Then the pet niche is one of the best affiliate marketing niches you can find.

Therefore, it is also one of the most competitive niches.

pets cats micro niche - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

But if you can grab a small piece of the cake, you can earn a lot of money in this industry.

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The key to breaking into the pet niche is to start out small (and as specific as possible!) to build a good foundation. Don’t forget, that data is the foundation of B2B marketing, regardless of what niche you are working in.

You do this by focusing on a micro niche, as mentioned before.

Some examples of micro niches include 

Micro niches explained - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?
  • pet care
  • pet toys
  • pet clothing
  • pet food
  • pet allergies

These examples are actually not yet deep enough, and it is possible to go even deeper into these topics. Just think of pet toys for dogs or pet food for hamsters.

Pets dogs micro niche - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

Or how about “pet food for poodles”? The more specific, the better.

Find a specific topic you can build your website (or social media) around. Even the most particular topic in the pet niche would cover a sufficient audience you can cater to.

Weight loss / Fitness / Health micro niche

The number 2 in the list of best affiliate niches is, as I already mentioned in the preface, the weight loss/fitness/health niche. 

global market economy - how the micro niches are divided

This niche is also extremely competitive, but the amount of potential traffic is enormous.

It’s also helpful that you don’t necessarily have to be a certified health expert or a fitness instructor. The “leaders” in this niche, who run mega-successful blogs, aren’t even certified. Mainly, they became “influencers” by merely losing weight themselves and documenting the process on social media.

Of course, you will have more credibility in your audience’s eyes if you do have some kind of certification or a degree, but if you are not an expert yourself, it is clever to put external links to scientific sources. It generally does the trick.

All you need to do is stay informed about new and popular products, write product reviews, and let your audience know what to expect from a product you are offering them.

Consequently, you will have to build a perfect foundation with keywords with a low search volume and choose micro topics to get the most out of your micro niche blog.

Ahrefs keywords difficulty for micro niche - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

As I already mentioned, several good micro niches are low-carb, keto diet, stress management, skin care, supplements, exercise machines, etc.

For health, fitness, and weight loss niches, there are hundreds of products or services to promote. 

Travel micro niche

Are you a passionate traveler, and do you want to make money with this hobby of yours? Then definitely start your own micro niche blog in the travel niche. 

travel micro niche - how to determine search volume for keywords in micro niche

Your visitors are already engaged in the topic, and your only challenge is to get them to buy through your website.

You do this by not only writing good content but also choosing good and reliable affiliate programs.

When it comes to traveling, not only are the payouts big, but the average purchase amount is between $XXX to $XXXX. You can promote hotels, tickets, airline tickets, suitcases, backpacks, and other travel gear. Some people post their experience with various airline companies or hotels, while subtly linking to them through their affiliate link.

How can you promote hotels or Airbnb’s?

airbnb affiliate marketing micro niche - how to make money with airbnb

You can do this by registering with or

Keep in mind that there is also a lot of competition in the travel niche. Therefore, focus on a specific micro niche initially, such as specific countries, beaches, particular regions, places, and so on.

Hobby micro niche

The hobby is a niche, just like the previous 3 affiliate marketing niches, that is extremely wide. Hence, if you choose this niche, find out what hobbies people have.

What do people enjoy doing, and how much money is money spent on these hobbies? The latter is especially important because a free hobby or a hobby that requires no investment is not appealing for you as an affiliate marketer.

hobby micro niche - cats sitting in a house - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

Some hobbies where you can earn money are:

  • woodworking
  • DIY
  • golf
  • gardening
  • drones
  • making music
  • fishing

For example, woodworking is very popular among people who like to work in or around the house, especially in the spring and summer months. 

From my own experience, I know that people are willing to spend money on good construction drawings so that they can make their own (garden) furniture, for example. They also need quality tools and materials, which you can promote and recommend.

If you opt for the gardening hobby, you could choose from micro-niches such as:

microniche affiliate marketing - small ant carrying big money
  • landscaping
  • pruning certain plant species
  • urban gardens
  • cactuses
  • succulents

One example that comes to mind is – how to propagate succulents in a cold climate. You have targeted audiences from northern countries, willing to spend money on this exotic plant.

Micro niche finder

We only touched on a few niches here, but there are so many more micro niches out there. How do you find them? The answer is, you need a micro niche finder research software. 

Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

This is basically a standard keyword research tool that can find related keywords and find a “micro niche” for your business but adds “audience” and target group. There is very little difference between a micro niche finder and a keyword research tool.

All keyword research tools do the same; they find a long-tail variation of the basic keyword you are trying to target. A micro niche finder tool does a similar job, it allows you to find and target your micro niche audience.

It doesn’t just look up “long-tail variations” of the basic micro niche keywords. It looks for synonymous and related terms, as well as variations targeted to a specific audience. 

Do you need a micro niche finder?

If you can lay your hands on a good micro niche finder tool – why not? It’s a good piece of software that can come in handy now and probably in the future if you ever decide to build another business or change your business’ profile.

Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website? the long tail of seo

Micro niche finder tool shows you where the money in

One of the qualities that set the micro niche finder software apart from other keyword research tools is its rich interface and features. Additionally to the conventional matches such as “phrase match” and “exact match,” the tool that is designed specifically for micro niche finding purpose, has extra features that increase and expand its functionality: for example, keywords competition and keywords monetary value in Search Engines.

Micro Niche Ideas

Even without a Micro Niche Finder tool, you can find your ideal micro niche that is both popular (yet not overly competitive) and, at the same time, had a big financial potential.

All you need to do it find a very lucrative affiliate marketing niche that you know works well and narrow it down to a smaller audience that you can cater to.

For example, and this is just one of the many micro niche ideas that come to mind, if you want to sell tea (which is a big and broad niche), you can target green tea, or go even more in-depth: 

  • green tea for weight loss, 
  • green tea from Tibet,
  • healthy green tea brewing
You don't need to have a micro niche finder to come up with a good micro niche idea. - micro niche finder ideas

You don’t need to have a micro niche finder to come up with a good micro niche idea.


Of course, there are more affiliate marketing niches in which you can make money, some of which make more profit than others. But, you must look closely at the available micro niches in every single niche and start from there. The biggest mistake you can make is to start targeting the broadest possible topic out of fear to miss out on any stream of traffic. You will end up having none at all, believe me.

Find your niche - Why Do You Need A Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing Website?

Have you found a nice and lucrative micro niche?

Remember that the best niche for affiliate marketing is the one that is narrow enough to get rid of competition, yet lucrative enough to make money even with a narrow set of products.

I hope this blog post about best niches for affiliate marketing was useful and you have learned something new.

Great, now find the right products that fit your website and target audience, add affiliate links to your content, and send traffic through your affiliate links. Of course, if you want to take your affiliate business to a whole new level, I’d recommend using an affiliate marketing software that allows you to track, analyze, and redirect your traffic in real-time. 

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