Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

best niches for affiliate marketing 2021

Affiliate micro niches are extremely popular. With 2022 behind the corner, we are already studying the market and looking for more money-making ideas that will be relevant in the upcoming year.

If you follow and read our blog regularly, you probably read our other blog posts that discuss micro niches.

Here are a few most prominent articles I suggest you read first.

Now, if you already know what micro niches are and how to monetize them, you may want to learn about the most profitable affiliate marketing micro niches. If you concentrate your efforts on those market niches, you have a very high chance of success, because these topics will be in great demand.

Your only job is to take the niche and create a micro niche out of it.

How do you do it?

By asking yourself:

  • Who is this product going to be for? (Men, Women, Children)
  • What age are you targeting? (Toddlers, teens, middle-aged, seniors)
  • Location? (Country or city targeted)
  • Ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

For example:

  • dating” is a broad niche. However, “dating for Hindu women over 40” is a micro niche.
  • makeup” is a broad niche, but “makeup for mature dark skin” is a micro niche.
  • yoga” is a wide niche, but “yoga classes in Paris” is a micro niche.

As you can see, you can take virtually any niche, no matter how big, and create a micro nice out of it, but adding the targeted audience.

Now, with that in mind, let’s discuss the most popular affiliate marketing niches that will bloom, or continue to bloom, in 2021.

Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

1. The Technology Niche

2. The Health / Weight loss / Fitness Niche

3. Digital Marketing Niche

4. Love/Relationship Niche

5. Finances and Investments Niche

6. The Pet Care Niche

7. The Entertainment (Movies/Music) Niche

8. The Fashion/Beauty Niche

9. The Travel/Accommodation Niche

10. Mental Health Niche

11. Self-Development Niche

However, you already know that these are broad niches, and we need to find a micro niche.

Home Automation Micro Niche

Inside the technology niche, home automation isn’t particularly a “micro niche,” yet it targets a very specific range of products and needs. Since home automation is very popular in the US and just slowly taking off in Europe and the rest of the world, I predict it’s going to be a hot micro niche for many affiliate marketers.

best niches for affiliate marketing 2021

With new products joining the home automation every month, I am sure those who direct their blogs at “smart homes” are going to thrive in 2021.

Drones Micro Niche

It may seem that drones and smartphones are no longer a big thing. At least, no as much as it was 4-5 years ago. However, they continue to be best sellers in many e-shops, including Amazon. Since drones tend to have a relatively short life span (they crash into the lake, land on a neighbor’s balcony, or just end up on the highest tree), they are often bought over and over again. If you are buying a drone for a child, you might as well grab two to avoid tears on the first pilot’s première. Trust me, I speak from experience.

eagle carrying a drone
Yes, even that happens…

So, since it’s a popular toy that doesn’t last forever, it remains a top-selling item in the “gifts” category, especially around holidays.

All-natural makeup

Moving on to the health and beauty industry, the trend of “natural” makeup is hot. It cannot even be a micro niche anymore because it’s growing so fast. Nonetheless, if you run a beauty blog, it’s a gold mine.

Micro Niche Ideas - candles

Instead of writing about “regular” makeup that is extremely hard to sell through your affiliate links, concentrate your efforts on a vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% natural makeup or skincare. A large segment of women choose to be environmentally conscious and will be eager to buy an unknown (“no-name”) brand product if they are convinced that they purchase a high-quality ingredients list.

Curly hair care micro niche

As a curly girl, I know first hand how lucrative this niche is. While men may still argue that one shampoo can suit every head in the world, women will continue to buy “pre-shampoo mask,” “shampoo for curly hair,” “conditioner,” “leave-in mask,” gel, mousse, hair spray, roots touch-up and many, many more colorful bottles…

HAIR products - one of the Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

Targeting hair products isn’t a “micro” niche in itself.

You have to target a specific hair type.

Since curls are hot and will continue to be fashionable in 2021, everyone buys an electrical curler, rollers, and hair care products for curls. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

Tiny houses micro niche

Another trend that has started a couple of years ago but will continue to be extremely popular in 2021 ad beyond. Especially now, in the post-coronavirus crisis, when a lot of people were left without jobs or a stable income, a “tiny house” in a micro niche (literally!) inside the real estate business.

tiny houses, one the best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

It focuses on extremely small and often eco-friendly homes that do not waste space. Such a cozy cabin in the woods does not cost much and can be an effective solution for a tight-budget family who is willing to sacrifice the comfort of a spacious life for an eco-friendly minimalistic solution.

If you decide to make money from real estate affiliate sales of tiny houses, you are going to succeed in 2021.

Online Entertainment micro niche

Again, with the ongoing coronavirus, lockdown, and social distancing – the internet is slowly becoming the only place we can talk, learn, meet, and have fun.

Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

Choose a micro niche that is aimed at online entertaining, and you won’t regret it: video games, online dating, internet TVs, whatever. Remember to focus your attention on a micro niche, so instead of targeting video games, chose (for example) racing PlayStation games for kids. Even internet TV is big business. You will be surprised, but alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Rakuten, there are dozens of other networks focusing on specific niches (romantic dramas, supernatural, etc.).

Psychological health micro niche

Ask anyone, and he will tell you that we live in an era of depression. People are depressed like never before. Antidepressants are prescribed in volumes like never before. 

Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021 - young woman choosing outfit while dressing in light vintage bedroom
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

People are overworked, unhappy, stressed, uncertain, devoured by consumerism. We live a better life than our ancestors ever did, yet we are unhappy like no other generation before us. So, what do we do?

We search online for a solution.

Oh, anything that would help!

From natural anxiety medicines to self-development or self-improvement courses. From food supplements to self-help books, from lucky amulets to “miraculous” CBD oils. 

If you decide to make money off people’s depression, I promise you: you will never be out of business. Choose a specific niche and go with it.


profit - Best Affiliate Micro Niche Ideas for 2021

The number of affiliate marketing niches is almost uncountable, and the number of micro niches is virtually unlimited. All you have to do is find a “main” lucrative niche and target a very specific audience inside it. In this article, we listed the most lucrative and money-making affiliate marketing niches as well as micro niches inside each category. I hope this post in our micro niche series was helpful. Don’t forget to check out all the previous articles on micro niche topic and let me know what do you think about it.

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