One of the most successful ways to monetize your WIX website is affiliate marketing.

More and more people are curious about how to set up affiliate advertising in WIX. When it comes to affiliate advertising, the first thing you need to know is that there are two types: Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Shops.

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We will go over the differences and show you how to set them up for your WIX website.

Simply put, both types market a publisher/service provider’s business or products online.

Many online websites have affiliate programs, be it for an affiliate store or a website designed solely for affiliate advertising. Grammarly, Amazon, and Shopify are just a few examples of websites that offer this service.

What exactly is affiliate selling?

In affiliate marketing, you find leads for a firm in exchange for a commission. Typically, this is accomplished by creating marketing campaigns that link consumers to a product or service page on the company’s website via a unique affiliate URL.

Everyone benefits from this. Marketers can earn consistent revenue without developing or carrying their own items. Brands gain new customers with little to no effort.

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Business with Wix? - affiliate marketing business with wix

Some SaaS companies offer 100% commissions or higher during product launches. This may appear contradictory, but they will recoup their investment once users are hooked into their ecosystem.

The compensation for Amazon affiliate sellers is typically set at around 10% of the item’s price.

However, WIX allows you to construct your own affiliate shop, providing you more control over your landing pages as an affiliate marketer. This is critical since it allows you to put your CRO and UX abilities to good use, increasing your profitability.

Setup of an Affiliate Shop

The first step in adding affiliate shop advertising to your website is to create a new page. Give this page a suitable name, such as ‘Amazon Affiliate Page.’ Or something like ‘Affiliate Shop’ for the sake of this tutorial.

Add it as a supplementary page to your site’s main shop primary page.

The first step is to create a shop on your WIX website.

Make certain that the button functions properly. If it works it should bring you to an empty page as this hasn’t been designed yet.

We used buttons on the main shop page in our tutorial to lead you to ‘Our Shop’ and ‘Affiliate Shop.’ This was done for the tutorial’s sake.

You don’t need buttons to lead you to other pages; instead, utilize the primary navigation to bring you to the main ‘Our Shop’ page, and then place the affiliate page within the ‘Our Shop’.

Developing an Affiliate Page

The following step is to create your affiliate page. This is a simple task. To begin, you must be a member of the affiliate program in question. Create a button that reads ‘Buy Now’ on the affiliate page.

This informs site visitors that they can purchase any of the products mentioned above the button right now.

Once you’ve made a button, you’ll need to include an affiliate link. The link that must be added to this button is a connection to a specific product in the network. Amazon makes it incredibly simple to do so.

To add a link, you must be logged into Amazon Associates or the associates you wish to link. When you’re in Amazon Associates, look for a product type to which you’d like to link.

When you find a suitable product, choose it. You will be given a unique link to add to your button.

This URL is personalized because it contains your associated name. This way, Amazon may give you credit for the purchase and subsequently pay you for it.

Following that, you can choose a product from Amazon or any other marketplace that has an affiliate program.

People also need to see what they’re buying, thus an image is required. We’re going to use an image from Amazon to add an image. To do so, go to the Add Element menu on the left and pick More.

The HTML iFrame is the first option in More. You must select this and drag and drop it onto your page.

Select from the following options:

  1. Element
  2. More 
  3. HTML iFrame

The image from Amazon must then be linked. Return to your associates account and click the Build button. This is when you’ll get the image’s HTTPS link. Once at the build link screen, you can select between a text-only, an image-only, or a text-and-image link.

Copy the link for the selected option (we used the image link), and paste it into the HTML iFrame. Repeat this process for goods.

Take the following steps:

  • Choose Associates Account
  • Build Link should be selected
  • Select a Link (text, image, or both)
  • Copy and paste into an iFrame

WIX makes it simple to construct affiliate marketing pages.

Looking to Setup an Affiliate Program for your Wix Store?

In minutes, you can create your own branded affiliate portal. Scaleo integrates effortlessly with your Wix business and allows you to start an affiliate network with minimal effort.

To enhance brand exposure and revenues, run, track, and optimize your affiliate and referral initiatives under one roof.

How does Scaleo integrate with Wix?

Scaleo is a comprehensive affiliate marketing platform. It links to your Wix website in minutes and allows you to start collecting extra money right away.

No programming is required.

Affiliate marketing involves paying people or companies from third parties to promote your web business.

The affiliates use special affiliate links or discount codes to direct potential customers to your Wix store. An affiliate associated with this link receives compensation each time a potential customer clicks on this link and makes a purchase from your online store.

This is a win-win technique for both business owners and ambassadors:

  • More marketing outlets for your products
  • Increased conversion rates and ROI
  • A solution that is easily scalable

In minutes, you can create your own affiliate marketing program and begin expanding your online business.

In three easy steps, you may set up an affiliate program:

  1. Configure

Downloading and configuring our affiliate tracking software does not require any technical knowledge. Follow a quick onboarding tutorial to enter the necessary information and begin your affiliate program.

  1. Invite partners

Add potential partners manually, via an invite affiliate link, or via the API.

Send customized emails from Scaleo or through your existing email marketing platforms.

  1. Promote

Now, upload banners, text links, videos, and social media postings for your affiliates to observe how they promote you.

Scaleo is a white label solution. 

Customize the tracking links to match your brand and use your own domain. Create unique emails that reflect your tone and style. Create a unique domain for your affiliate portal.

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Business with Wix? - affiliate marketing business with wix

Learn more about white-label affiliate software benefits.

WIX Affiliate Advertising – Conclusion

In exchange for a commission, affiliate advertising allows independent marketers to generate leads for companies. This enables astute marketers to create profits by increasing revenue for existing businesses.

This is usually done through specific affiliate links that redirect to the merchant’s website. This is the traditional approach of affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, WIX affiliate advertising makes this a lot more complicated. Affiliate merchants, in particular, can create their own customized sales landing pages to increase their chances of success.

This is critical since the growing popularity of affiliate marketing means greater competition for leads within a certain area. WIX thereby contributes to the profitability of your affiliate marketing initiatives.

Does Wix allow affiliate marketing?

Yes. Wix allows affiliate marketing on their platform.

Which web hosting is best for affiliate marketing?

If you use WIX, they already provide a hosted solution, so you won’t need extra hosting if you choose to host your website on their platform.

What website is good for affiliate marketing?

Any ecommerce website, review website, coupon codes and even personal blog is good for affiliate marketing as long as you know what you are doing and you stick to the ToS of the affiliate program you are promoting.

What website builder is best for affiliate marketing?

There are several website builder you can use, WIX has its own website builder that is easy to use, drag and has a drag-and-drop structure, making creating a website just a matter of a few hours total.

Last Updated on July 9, 2024


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