The iGaming business could be worth $94 billion by 2024, and if you aren’t already informed on the topic, that’s a great reason to do so. It’s a challenging niche — but with the right approach, it can be done.

We will share several tips in this blog post to help you thrive in this industry and potentially double your campaigns’ return on investment.

So let’s get started.

What is iGaming?

Many people confuse iGaming with traditional gaming houses that typically focus on promoting one type of offer that might be restricted in some countries.

iGaming actually includes a much broader spectrum such as lottery games, sporting events, carnival games, coin-tossing and many more simple activities.

A straightforward definition for iGaming is any form of wagering something of value on an unpredictable outcome. The transparency helps maintain user engagement while also contributing to its growing popularity every year.

Every day, new security measures are being put in place to protect against fraudsters and increase the security of all transactions made within iGaming systems.

With no signs of slowing down now is the perfect opportunity to get involved in iGaming.

Building trust in the iGaming industry

A big problem in the industry is trust — or lack thereof. This issue comes from a long-lasting reputation established many years ago and although many improvements have been made over time there is still plenty more work that needs to be done.

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Because of this, building strong relationships is absolutely vital for both affiliates and iGaming operators. When players trust the product, they’re more likely to engage. The traffic that these affiliate-publisher relationships generate is a clear sign of their profitability. It’s also plain to see that advertisers benefit from working with publishers.

What do we mean by “iGaming traffic”?

iGaming traffic is when visitors are interested in making money as they have fun. They browse through websites, social networks, and apps where different types of ads are displayed.

The primary sources of these ads include:

Primary Source of iGaming AdsDescription
WebsitesiGaming ads placed on various websites visited by potential players.
PopundersAds that appear under the active window, visible once the current window is closed or minimized.
Native AdsAdvertisements seamlessly integrated into the content of a website or platform, matching its style and format.
Push AdsNotifications sent to a user’s device or browser, prompting them with an ad even when they are not actively browsing.
Context AdsAds displayed based on the content of the site or page being viewed, relevant to the user’s current interests.
Search EnginesAds shown in search engine results or on websites within a search engine’s network, triggered by relevant searches.
Social Media PlatformsAdvertisements on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, targeting users based on their interests and behaviors.
In-App AdsAds that appear within mobile or desktop applications, often targeted based on user behavior within the app.
Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns)Ads across Google’s platforms (like Search, Play, YouTube) to promote app installations.

Which payment model should you choose for iGaming affiliate programs?

Explore the different affiliate systems and how they work in the iGaming industry to help make a decision.

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead)

The classic cost-per-lead model is one of the most popular options for iGaming, and it’s easy to see why. Advertisers are only charged when a lead is made, keeping things simple and effective.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

The cost-per-action model is another well-known pattern. In this case, payment is only made for specific actions such as answering surveys or providing an address instead of leads.

Revenue Share

Revenue share offers a chance for more than just a one-time fee since partners get paid with every transaction that happens. It’s also completely negotiable with each client.

Hybrid Deals

As the name suggests, hybrid deals combine two models. Typically, this includes a fixed payment from CPA deals and a percentage based on the revenue generated by players referred through the source. The specific amounts vary depending on factors such as region, payment methods, and target groups.

Where can I buy gambling traffic?

The gambling niche has been around since forever so there have been countless sources of traffic over time. However, we’ll focus on today’s best sources now.

Users generally consider websites that appear at the top of search results more trustworthy. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your website’s SEO to improve its ranking and attract organic traffic. When purchasing SEO traffic for your iGaming landing page, make sure it directs users to an optimized page to maximize efficiency.

Tips for improving SEO and boosting traffic

Use meta tags for websites, blogs, and campaigns to make searches more specific.

Optimize your content with relevant keywords (you can do the research yourself or hire an SEO specialist).

Create trustworthy content that adds value helping convert visitors into customers rather than just attracting a large volume of gambling traffic.

Social media marketing (SMM)

You should know that social media is KEY when it comes to digital anything. It’s important for businesses to utilize platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Popular platforms aside, Telegram is a great tool for SMM. Although not spoken of as much as the other platforms, its impact is undeniable. With millions of users worldwide and primarily under the age of 45, this platform provides both security and reach. Its user base is geographically diverse with 38% in Asia, 27% in Europe, 21% in Latin America and 8% from the MENA region.

Personalized vs user-generated content

When you’re focused on generating massive amounts of traffic, personalized content takes a backseat. Instead of focusing on all the clicks though, businesses should create content that resonates with their target audience.

To better understand your website such as its prominent sections or clickable areas you need to collect data. Analyzing this information will help build a profile for your target user so you can create accurate content they enjoy reading.

Furthermore, adding user-generated content into your marketing strategy is an effective move. Pushing your audience to come up with reviews, videos, tips and testimonials goes a long way toward generating winning strategies that resonate and engage with them.

Influencer Marketing

It’s logical to consider influencer marketing as a natural extension of personalized content and social media marketing (SMM). Collaborating with influencers, especially those who have amassed a following by creating high-quality content in a particular niche, may be just what you need to boost the reputation of your campaigns.

So start keeping tabs on rising iGaming influencers and consider partnering up with them.

Live Streams

It should come as no surprise that personalized content plays a big role in building trust among audiences. Reviews from players and live streams are highly effective in this regard as they provide proof for people who are skeptical or hesitant about trying iGaming.

These kinds of content serve to reassure such folks that it’s safe. Live streaming lets users see for themselves how profitable it can be. So use it to attract loyal individuals who might be interested in collaborating with you.

Advertising networks

Advertising networks offer countless options for acquiring iGaming traffic. One advantage of using them is their strategic approach to connecting offers with traffic — which has been proven to work wonders! A wide range of ad formats is also provided, including Popunders and Push ads. They have advanced targeting options and cost optimization tools like CPA Goal too.

4 Different Types of iGaming Traffic Sources

Here are four solid choices:


A full-page display ad format that appears when someone clicks anywhere on the site they’re browsing. These ads get the highest volume out of all four sources mentioned here. Use pop ads when you want to reach a large number of people quickly but keep in mind that they must be catchy!

Social Bar:

An interactive tool that uses social proof signals to engage users— essentially serving as a motivator. The social bar creates a sense of urgency and triggers impulsive purchases. This tool can lead to both one-time and repeat purchases depending on the quality of your offer.

Push Ads:

These ads are the successors of web push ads, which have become popular in their own right due to their versatility. Multiple pre-designed templates are available that’ll fit perfectly with any operating system. Plus, they’ve got huge traffic volumes, averaging around 1.5 billion per week.

Native Ads:

Native ads blend seamlessly with the core content of websites and bypass ad-blocking software at times too! They are particularly effective at targeting users who genuinely have an interest in iGaming — so you’ll want to use native ads if you’re seeking to connect with a highly engaged audience.

Now that we’ve covered the basic types of ideas for each format, let’s move into more specific details about how they work.

How does iGaming affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing in iGaming is similar to other industries. Affiliates earn commissions for referring players, and the payment is based on various factors like player engagement among other things. It’s important to choose the ideal payout model for optimal results.

Here’s a table outlining the step-by-step process of how iGaming affiliate marketing works:

1.Join an iGaming Affiliate ProgramResearch and select a suitable iGaming affiliate program that aligns with your audience interests and platform.
2.Get Approved as an AffiliateSubmit an application and get approved by the iGaming operator. This may involve a review of your marketing platforms and audience.
3.Understand the Program TermsRead and comprehend the terms and conditions, including commission structure (CPA, Revenue Share, etc.), payment methods, and rules.
4.Access Affiliate Marketing ToolsUtilize the provided marketing tools, such as banners, links, and promotional content, designed to attract your audience to the iGaming platform.
5.Integrate Affiliate LinksPlace affiliate links or promotional materials on your website, blog, social media, or other digital platforms where your audience engages.
6.Drive Traffic to the iGaming SiteUse your channels to drive traffic to the iGaming site. This could involve content marketing, reviews, email campaigns, and other strategies.
7.Audience Engages and Makes TransactionsWhen your audience clicks on the affiliate links and registers or makes transactions on the iGaming site, these actions are tracked back to your affiliate ID.
8.Earn CommissionsEarn a commission based on the agreed structure, such as a percentage of the revenue generated or a fixed cost per acquisition (CPA).
9.Monitor Performance and OptimizeRegularly monitor your affiliate performance through provided dashboards and reports. Use these insights to optimize your marketing strategies for better results.
10.Receive PaymentsReceive your earnings through the chosen payment method, typically on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, as per the program’s payout schedule.

iGaming affiliate marketing involves promoting online gaming services in exchange for commissions. Success in this field requires understanding the audience’s interests, effective use of marketing tools, continuous performance monitoring, and strategic optimization of promotional efforts.

3 Different types of affiliates exist within the iGaming industry

  • Unattached: This is the least involved type of affiliate. In this case, the affiliate has no direct relationship with the product or service they promote. This lack of attachment means that there is no obligation to provide advice, resulting in a more mechanical and impersonal approach.
  • Related: This type of affiliate is more common and has enough influence to be seen as a trusted source. However, their claims and recommendations may still be unrelated to the product itself. The affiliate remains somewhat separate from the actual product or service.
  • Involved: This type of affiliate has the deepest connection to the product or service they are promoting. They may have personal experience with it or have access to related sources of information, demonstrating their expertise in the field. The involved affiliate is able to establish a stronger bond between themselves and the product.

How should you tackle iGaming affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing for the iGaming industry is a completely different beast. It’s highly competitive, and it has very strict regulations. In this article, we will cover the various approaches available to you and provide recommendations on what method you should choose to ensure that your start is as smooth as possible.


This method is most profitable compared to the rest, which is why many people go after it. However, there are some nuances with it. It takes time and effort to make money with this model, so using CPL and CPA models can help keep your motivation up.

If you’re a beginner, then this method would be your safest bet. You won’t have to wait too long for results before learning if your leads are quality or not.


What’s most important here is looking out for yourself in the long run. If you want a short-term occupation then great! Use CPA or CPL models to get fast money while you still don’t know what lead quality means and eventually work your way up.

Active Leads

One thing every one of us wants from our customers are active users/players who are spending their money generously on our platforms (and hopefully yours). If they’re inactive or low-quality players then they’ll just cost you more than they earn.

Promoting iGaming on Facebook

This table summarizes Facebook’s policy about iGaming ads and specifies restrictions and non-restricted areas of this policy where certain activities related to iGaming aren’t directly addressed in those policies but following other relevant Facebook advertising guidelines may be necessary.

AspectFacebook’s iGaming PolicyNot Covered by Facebook’s iGaming Policy
Permission for AdvertisingRequires prior written permission for advertising activities involving monetary value.N/A
Age RegulationsNo iGaming ads are allowed for individuals under 18 years of age.N/A
Advertising of Physical EstablishmentsNot specified in the policy.Permitted, as it falls outside the scope of online iGaming.
Social Lotteries and State-Supported OnesNot specified in the policy.Permitted, as they are generally considered different entities.
HandicappersNot specified in the policy.Permitted, as they are not directly related to iGaming.
Free Entertainment Without DepositsNot specified in the policy.Permitted, as it doesn’t involve monetary transactions.

Promoting iGaming via Google Ads

Special certification is necessary for advertising on GoogleAds, especially when promoting a platform or product. Once you have obtained the required license, you will be able to advertise a website that is connected to an iGaming resource.

AspectGoogle Ads iGaming PolicyAdditional Information
Special CertificationRequired for promoting platforms or products related to iGaming.Obtaining a license is a prerequisite for advertisement.
Promotion After CertificationCan promote websites that are referentially linked to the iGaming resource.Ensures only certified entities are advertising iGaming services.
Geographical Restrictions (GEO)Specific restrictions based on geographical location.Important to research and understand local regulations before advertising.
Brick-and-Mortar EstablishmentsUsual promotions are allowed for physical iGaming establishments.Falls outside the stricter online iGaming advertisement rules.
Popularity of Google AdsDespite restrictions, Google Ads remains a popular platform for iGaming promotions.Effectiveness in reaching a broad audience makes it a preferred advertising tool.


Is iGaming marketing controversial? Yeah. Is it worth it? Totally!

In summary, you should know that successful iGaming relies on you having a unique approach, close attention to legal concerns and quality content.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some challenges and pitfalls of the game. Newcomers often get scared away because there’s just so much information they need to learn first.

But we’ve done our best here at Scaleo in trying to gather all the useful information you could possibly need, so if you follow our advice, there really is no reason why your business should fail.

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Where can I buy gambling traffic?

You can buy gambling traffic directly from various online outlets, or you can acquire it indirectly buy offering an affiliate program with good offers that will attract high quality affiliates to promote your gambling website.

Is casino traffic more expensive?

Generally speaking yes, due to the fierce competition in the casino industry, the battle for relevant and quality traffic (i.e. casino traffic that converts and paying) is stiff. Just remember that if you buy casino traffic, you will need a bigger budget than other niches.

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