Super-Charge Your Affiliate Business With These 7 Awesome Tools


Affiliate business isn’t just about pasting your link on Twitter and hoping for the best. Affiliate business means you equip yourself with a bunch of tools to help you optimize and run your business smoothly while securing steady growth and optimizing ROI.

Nowadays, more and more bloggers utilize affiliate links on their websites, which is why this business is rapidly expanding.

One of the main reasons marketers like affiliate marketing is because it is simple to track. Perhaps that is why so much money is being spent on it. Did you know that by 2022, spending in the United States alone is predicted to exceed $8 billion?

More affiliate marketing investment equals more effort and a greater demand for affiliate marketing tools and software solutions.

What Are the Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools?

This article will discuss seven awesome affiliate marketing tools and software solutions that will definitely make your life easier and help you grow faster.

And, as you’ll see, many of these tools aren’t simply “affiliate marketing tools”—they’re also valuable for your overall internet business. This is largely because affiliate marketing does not exist in a vacuum. It permeates everything you do online, as well as how you serve your audience. As a result, many of these tools are simply terrific content production tools or great business tools because affiliate marketing is all about providing awesome, helpful content and growing a business that helps people.

You won’t need all of these tools, but one of them could be a game-changer for you.

1. Scaleo – affiliate marketing software

Scaleo is an innovative affiliate marketing software that can be used as an affiliate program or as a stand-alone platform for creating your own affiliate network.

It’s a widgetized white-label affiliate marketing solution that offers full UI customization to fit your brand – from logo to color scheme.

If you are looking for an eye-candy design with unbeatable functionality, a powerful backend with dozens of innovative features, including ultra-fast redirects, 10+ targeting options, custom notifications, and smart traffic redirection – you’ll love Scaleo. Easy integration with: 

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Cookies-based Tracking, 
  • Shopify, 
  • Woocommerce, 
  • Tilda, 
  • Wix, 
  • Big Commerce, 
  • Magento, 
  • CS-Cart, 
  • OpenCart, 
  • Squarespace, 
  • and many others.

Scaleo’s developers have 10+ years of experience in the affiliate and tracking industry, which allowed them to put together a robust software with an in-built Anti-Fraud Logic™ algorithm that helps eliminate and prevent fraud clicks and transactions in real-time.

Scaleo’s lightning-fast backend interface will save you a great deal of time, as all statistics are generated and updated in real-time, including incoming clicks and transactions.

Thanks to these instant detailed reports, you will be able to optimize your campaigns and increase margins without wasting money on illegitimate traffic or unscrupulous affiliates. Scaleo’s innovative pricing model is based on conversions and offers unlimited clicks.

Scaleo is for anyone who considers starting an affiliate network with extended functionality yet intuitive and fluent UX for both admins and affiliates.

2. Affiliate Coupons – WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Coupons is an excellent coupon plugin for WordPress websites. Thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide rely on it to increase conversions and click-through rates. Use coupons to super-charge your website and take advantage of the features provided by this user-friendly plugin.

You may use this plugin with whatever theme you choose because of its versatile templates and shortcodes. It is mobile-friendly and responsive, making it suitable for usage on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. You can select from a variety of templates and styles and alter its output using CSS.

Manage several suppliers, generate a plethora of coupons, and dynamically show or hide them anywhere you need. It also has a customizable configuration, and any coupon you make can be controlled from your WordPress backend, with manageable properties such as description, title, links, and validity date. Assign coupons to a seller and update valid attributes such as links or descriptions on a global scale.

The plugin features a configuration page with additional options and adjustments. They include widgets to display coupons in your sidebar, event tracking with Matamo and Google and a plethora of other features.

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that shortens and simplifies your long affiliate links, making them easier to share and remember.

This is especially useful if you’re introducing affiliate links in podcast episodes or YouTube videos, or even on stage or during a broadcast. Furthermore, the plugin tracks the number of clicks for each Pretty Link you make.

This plugin allows you to shorten links using your own domain name rather than,, or any other link shortening provider.

Pretty Links not only creates clean links, but also tracks each hit on your URL and delivers a full, thorough report of where the hit came from, the browser, operating system, and host. Pretty Links is a fantastic plugin for anyone who wants to tidy up their affiliate links, measure clicks from emails, redirect their Twitter links to their own domain, or just enhance the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.

4. Content Idea Generator for Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is all about establishing trust and offering value to your audience before promoting things that can help them achieve their goals. I’ve discussed techniques to promote your affiliate items, and one of the most important is to include your affiliate links in blog posts. However, those blog entries must be useful and entertaining to your target audience.

What happens when you run out of amazing blog content ideas to advertise your affiliate products?

This is where a content idea generator tool may help, and I propose two: 

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator
  2. Quandary’s Content Idea Generator

They all work on the same premise: you enter information about your topic, and the tool returns suggested content titles to help you get started.

HubSpot’s tool is a little simpler—you enter up to three nouns, and it returns a list of five potential titles for a blog post, tweet, or nearly any other type of content you can think of. The Content Idea Generator needs you to complete more questions (eighteen in all) and provide your name and email address upfront, but it also provides you with hundreds of title ideas straight away.

If you are willing to submit your name, email address, phone number, and employment details, Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator promise a long list of ideas. Suppose you’d rather not give up so much information. In that case, Quandary’s Content Idea Generator appears to be a fair compromise of revealing your email address in exchange for some good content suggestions.

5. Later, Buffer or Hootsuite – Automate Social Media Marketing

You’ll need a tool to automate your social presence if you’re going to use social media to drive visitors to your blog posts and other content where you publish your affiliate marketing links.

I understand how easy it is to think that “you’ll be OK” handling all of your postings manually across numerous platforms. But believe me, manually publishing all of your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos will stop being fun really fast.

Fortunately, several excellent tools are available to assist you in scheduling and automating your social network updates. Most popular are BufferLater, and Hootsuite, which are social media management systems that allow you to batch your posts at once and then sit back and let them do the heavy job.

They all allow you to develop a pipeline of social media material ahead of time and schedule it to go out whenever you want. In this manner, you may create content in bulk—say, all on a Friday morning—and then plan it to go out over the next week.

6. WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates

Using Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin (known as simply AAWP) may increase the value of your affiliate page as well as your earned commissions. It is one of the best and easiest-to-use WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates.

This tool produces affiliate links and automatically refreshes items, discounts, and pricing without requiring manual updates. It has a versatile configuration that allows you to alter the output and functionality via plugin settings. You can also do it on your own by enhancing the shortcodes.

AAWP lets you personalize the design by selecting different parts, adding custom style, creating a template, and changing the layout of the website. The plugin’s fundamental functionality includes features such as text links to issue a product name within your material, which is generated automatically.

If necessary, you can overwrite the product name manually. To display numerous enticing product boxes, use a shortcode. These product boxes have a title, current availability, description, discounts, pricing, and a call to action button, among other features.

Use a bestseller list to highlight your best-selling products and provide visitors with a strong selling point. You can also define unique product numberings, such as Top 10, Top 5, and so on, to direct users to your recently added products inside specified groupings.

Use data fields to distinguish product information within your posts or pages. Furthermore, you can use them directly within your template files via PHP functions. Use widgets to add stuff to your sidebar, then use shortcodes in text widgets/visual composer to make any necessary changes.

AAWP has additional features such as list filtering, geo-targeting to address international visitors, built-in styles and themes, Google AMP compatibility, and earning additional income for suggested Amazon Prime customers.

7.  Google Alerts – Notifications for Affiliate Products 

If you’re selling something, it’s critical to stay updated on what’s going on with that affiliate offer. This includes any changes to the product, news about the company that manufactures it, and any competitor products or firms.

Going out and manually searching for all of those prospective news stories is a lot of labor. What alternatives do you have?

The answer is, just like with all the other affiliate tools – employ automation!

Setting up Google Alerts for all of your affiliate products and the companies who create those products is one of the simplest methods to automate staying up to current on your affiliate products.

If there is a negative development involving one of your items, you will want to be as far ahead of it as possible. For example, suppose a software application you promote was discovered to have a security weakness that could compromise the personal data of its users. In that case, you’d want to know as soon as this information became public. As a result, you can investigate the implications of the flaw, notify your audience, and suspend (or stop) endorsing the tool until the issue is resolved.

On the other hand, if a beneficial development occurs about one of your affiliate products, you will have more time to profit from it.

Nothing is static in affiliate marketing, as it is in everything else online. So, the sooner you can anticipate those adjustments, the better!


Affiliate marketing provides a high earning potential as well as the possibility to network with top and developing brands all over the world. Your affiliate marketing business will be more productive than ever before with these tools at your disposal. Keep this piece in mind as you choose your affiliate marketing tools to ensure you get the best tools for your business.

If you already run an affiliate business, you may use the mentioned affiliate marketing tools and plugins to run the business smoother, faster, more automated, and accelerate your business growth in order to generate more profits. Consider using these tools also if you manage an affiliate network. Good luck!

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