mVAS (Mobile Value Added Services) offers in affiliate marketing refer to affiliate programs that promote mobile-based services that add value to a customer’s experience. These services typically include features such as mobile content, messaging services, entertainment services, mobile payment systems, and more.

Affiliates who promote mVAS offers can earn commissions on sales generated by their referral traffic. The commission rates and payment models can vary depending on the program and the advertiser.

mVAS offers can be a lucrative opportunity for affiliates who specialize in mobile marketing and have an audience that is interested in these types of services. 

However, it is important for affiliates to carefully evaluate each program they join to ensure that it aligns with their audience’s interests and that the advertiser offers competitive commission rates and reliable payment processing.

Meaning of Mobile Content Offers / mVAS

Value-added services provide extra benefits to users or subscribers. These include any service that goes above and beyond what is considered standard. Mobile banking is one specific illustration.

mVAS are mobile content offers that can be subscription-based or one-time payment content goods in affiliate marketing. mVAS includes a subscription to streaming services, WhatsApp content, device-specific themes, and wallpapers.

What is mVas offer?​

mVas or Mobile Content Offers are affiliate marketing offers that should be introduced on mobile traffic. They are typically paid on a subscription or one-time basis. These offers are frequently dependent on direct or SMS billing

mVas offers are basically offers in which you are compensated for any mobile subscription or product that a user obtains. It could be anything from security software to horoscopes or new ringtones. Anything that a user is willing to spend for. Then, as a publisher, you can see a conversion either when the subscription is finished (non-billable offers) or when the customer pays (billable offers).

It continues to perplex us why this vertical is not as popular among writers as Nutra or sweepstakes. With the money you can make working with them, it should have at least as many fans as any other. But let us not get too far ahead of ourselves.

What to consider before taking a mVas offer?​

First and foremost, there is the sort of subscription confirmation. There are two primary scenarios here: single opt-in and double opt-in. The primary distinction here is that a user either clicks on a single button to submit/subscribe/confirm (Single Opt-in) or must confirm the subscription again via a link in their email or SMS box.

As you might expect, Double Opt-in has a lower conversion rate: everything is easier with one click.

Yes, the content and creatives should be engaging enough for users to subscribe even if no other actions are taken.

But, with only two clicks, the user should be very interested in whatever you have to give for them to go to such lengths.

What is mVAS or Mobile Content Offer and Its' Benefits Mobile Value Added Services

When a user subscribes to a piece of content or a service, the payment is automatically charged to the phone account. That is, users are not required to provide their credit cards to pay for the subscription.

If the operator can recognize the MSISDN (or phone number), the procedure is even simpler: once the user confirms the subscription, money is transferred directly from his phone. (this is called direct billing). If not, the user must enter their phone number, receive an SMS, and then validate the subscription through it. (SMS-billing). The latter is more prevalent for offers where the user connects via Wi-Fi.

What are the Benefits the mVAS offers?

No holds or confirmations

The immediate transfer of money from a subscriber’s account using DCB technology is one of the key benefits of mVAS. Never does an advertiser create holds. Additionally, they frequently make daily payments in mVAS-focused partner programs, greatly simplifying affiliates’ lives without requiring high turnover.

Cost Effective

Employing mVAS offers can prove a cost-effective strategy for businesses seeking to market themselves, as they can be promoted through many channels, including SMS, social media, email, and mobile applications.

Easy user interfaces

Even the trickiest flows are far more approachable in mVAS than in other niches. mVAS offers can enhance the customer experience by providing additional services and features that add value to the user’s mobile experience.

Simple and fast to test 

One of the lowest entry barriers in the CPA industry is found in mVAS. This is unquestionably advantageous for newcomers and field professionals who have become burned out and have chosen to switch verticals and attempt something different. Setting up advertising initiatives is simple.

Audience numbers 

7.9 billion individuals live in the modern era, and more than 6 billion own smartphones. Your offer has a huge potential audience that could be intrigued.

Increased Brand Awareness

mVAS offers can help businesses increase their brand awareness and visibility by promoting their services through various channels.

Sources of mobile traffic

It goes without saying that if you’re going to host mVAS offers, you’ll need some mobile ads to get started. Let’s talk about this!

On their site, any marketer may post ads. They will then be liberated. Ads can also be purchased from a variety of sources.

Here is a summary of mobile traffic sources:

  • Banners on a site (they should be adapted for mobile).
  • Paid search.
  • Advertising on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and others).
  • In-app advertising.
  • Ad networks with traffic (pops, push notifications, native ads, and more).
  • Read more about traffic sources for affiliate offers.

Regarding traffic from ad networks, mobile devices now clearly outnumber PCs.


In affiliate marketing, mVAS (Mobile Value Added Services) offers refer to affiliate programs that promote mobile-based services that enhance the consumer experience. These services generally include mobile content, messaging services, entertainment services, mobile payment systems, and more.

The mVas vertical holds significant potential for both success and recognition. Each day, new marketplaces are being established in various nations. You have the opportunity to test unexplored GEOs at any given time to assess the level of profitability attainable.

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