Affiliate marketing is a rapidly evolving industry, and staying ahead of the game often means staying informed through networking and learning from the best. 

Are you hoping to step up your affiliate marketing efforts? Attending an affiliate conference is your best option! Industry executives and specialists gather at these conferences to exchange knowledge and tactics about the most recent developments in the sector.

This article will highlight some of the top upcoming affiliate conferences you should go to in 2023 if you want to increase your success in the field. These conferences offer affiliate marketers a great return on their investment because they include networking opportunities and educational corners.

As we are in mid-2023, a roster of exciting affiliate marketing events and summits is lined up, ready to equip you with the latest trends, insights, and strategies. 

The Top 10 Affiliate Conferences You Should Attend

Here are the 10 upcoming affiliate events you can buy a ticket to and participate in an immersive affiliate marketing event, learn from top people in your industry, and network with the biggest affiliate marketing influencers in the past years. Learn from people who have shaped the financial landscape.

Affiliate Summit West 2023 (Las Vegas, NV)

The premier affiliate marketing conference in the West, ASW connects marketers, advertisers, and influencers. Expect insightful presentations; cutting-edge technology showcases, and great networking opportunities.

Next event: January 15 -17, 2024
📍Caesars Forum Las Vegas, US

Aligning The Partnership Universe

6,500 affiliates, advertisers, ecom sellers, networks, and tech suppliers will gather in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West 2024, the biggest affiliate marketing event in the world. ASW is the home of affiliate marketing… in fact 76% of affiliates prefer ASW over any other event*. See you there. 

Affiliate Summit East 2023 (New York, NY)

The East Coast counterpart to ASW, ASE offers informative sessions on the latest industry trends and vast networking opportunities with affiliate marketing leaders.

Next event: July 31 – August 1, 2023

📍New York Marriott Marquis

Find your tribe and thrive

Affiliate Summit East is the original affiliate marketing event where 3,500+ advertisers, publishers, ecommerce sellers, affiliates, content publishers, media buyers, networks, and tech suppliers gather to create partnerships, launch sales, and grow their businesses. 

Affiliate World Europe 2023 (Barcelona, Spain)

AWE is a major international conference connecting the world’s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. It’s a hub of innovation, ideas, and industry trends.

Next Event: 12-13 July 2023

Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

The meeting place for the world’s top
affiliate marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs

“Insightful and all-encompassing”


“Eye-opener that showcased the evolution of ecommerce and affiliate marketing.”


Affiliate Expo 2023 (Rome, Italy)

Italy’s largest affiliate marketing event, Affiliate Expo, brings together experts from various sectors to share strategies and insights on success in the affiliate marketing world.

Next event: TBA

Affiliate World Asia 2023 (Bangkok, Thailand)

Affiliate World Asia offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into the Asian affiliate marketing landscape, learn from industry leaders, and form valuable partnerships.

Next event: 7-8 December 2023

📍Bangkok, Thailand

Affiliate Summit APAC 2023 (Singapore)

This event delivers a unique viewpoint on affiliate marketing in the Asia-Pacific region. Expect top-notch networking and educational options. Asia Pacific Summit 2023 is taking place in Singapore on 11-12 July in Singapore. This is an in-person event. The schedule will address the convergence of fast-moving trends remaking the financial landscape – such as cloud, fintech sector, and cryptocurrencies – which require reimagining cyber resiliency for a new era of complex, cross-border, and ever-evolving cyber risks.

Next Event: 11-12 July 2023


TactixX 2023 (Munich, Germany)

Known as the leading German affiliate marketing conference, TactixX focuses on strategies for marketing managers and affiliates, offering expert talks and workshops.

Next event: 18 July 2023

📍Hilton Munich Airport, Terminalstraße Mitte 20, 85356 München-Flughafen

AffiliateCon Virtually Live 2023 (Online)

This virtual event brings the affiliate industry’s best right to your home. Experience top-tier content, networking, and learning without leaving your comfort zone.

Next event: 12 May 2023

Performance Marketing Insights 2023 (London, UK)

PMI brings together marketers from all over the world to share insights on performance marketing. This event is perfect for those focused on results-driven strategies.

Next event: 24-25 October 2023

📍8 Northumberland Avenue, London (United Kingdom)

TES Affiliate Conference 2023

TES Affiliate Conferences is the place where the world’s most brilliant minds in the affiliate marketing industry meet to share their insights. Their mission is simple: to bring together the brightest minds in the affiliate marketing business and provide a platform for them to connect, learn, and grow together.

TES is known for its focus on the affiliate, media, and advertising industries. Expect a diverse audience and high-value networking opportunities.

Next event: 18 – 21 September 2023

📍Vienna House by Wyndham Diplomat Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Island Conference (i-Con)

A fairly new affiliate conference that has slowly begun taking the industry by storm is Island Conference. Having just been established, i-Con is expected to open its doors to the public for the first time ever on the 29th and 30th of June 2023. What’s more, this brand new affiliate marketing conference will be taking place at the largest casino resort in Europe, City of Dreams, in Limassol, Cyprus.

At the time, their three largest booths have been sold out and reserved by some of the largest names in the affiliate world. i-Con boasts to be the future of affiliate conferences and aims to introduce a new type of networking events to the business. Their 2-day interactive schedule makes time for both business and leisure, while not failing to bring in influential people to share the secrets of their success and educate the world on new marketing tactics.

i-Con makes a point of helping as many attendees as possible find great places to stay at affordable prices, while not only offering a list of the best hotels close to the venue, but also securing lower rates for confirmed attendees. They proudly do their part in bringing you an environmentally friendly conference while also including vegan options in their menus.

With an impressive cast of exhibitors and guests from dating, crypto, finance, gaming, e-commerce and so many other industries, attending i-Con couldn’t be more worthwhile for a business. Discovering new and exciting networking opportunities while establishing new partnerships and increasing your payouts is their way to go.

Affiliate Summit East 2023

Affiliate Summit known for their outstanding conferences brings together experts in the field from all around the world to network, educate themselves, and conduct business. An array of people from the six primary categories of affiliation: affiliate management, advertiser, OPM/agency, solution provider, and network attend the conference, all of which are dedicated to the affiliate marketing sector. At Affiliate Summit, affiliates typically make up roughly 25% of attendance so there’s a high chance for new networking opportunities.

The following event, Affiliate Summit East 2023, will be taking place in New York City on July 31–August 1. For two days of cutting-edge presentations and beneficial contacts, they claim to be bringing together over 3,000 of the top e-commerce business owners, affiliates, media buyers, networks, and tech suppliers.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network during the conference, which will be a live, in-person event. Additionally, the conference provides registrants with top-tier networking opportunities that will help them advance their businesses in the cutthroat internet market.

Anyone working in the affiliate marketing sector should take advantage of the opportunity to attend Affiliate Summit East 2023. Whether you are an affiliate, merchant, vendor, network, technology provider, or digital agency, the conference offers the ideal chance to network with peers, experts, and industry leaders while learning crucial campaign techniques to boost your earnings.

LAC 2023

The biggest players in the affiliate marketing sector come together each year for the London Affiliate Conference (LAC). This year’s conference is to be held at ExCel London in London, United Kingdom, on February 8–11.

Affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies, and other industry stakeholders take advantage of LAC to network, learn, and conduct business. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities for networking with leading figures in the field are all part of the conference. Participants will get the chance to expand their businesses and learn about the newest trends and tactics in affiliate marketing.

The conference also has an exhibition area where participants can network with business partners and suppliers. The finest affiliates, networks, and operators in the market will also be honoured at the iGB Affiliate awards ceremony.

LAC is a must-attend event if you’re looking for a prestigious affiliate marketing conference. With a strong emphasis on business and a wide range of exhibitors, participants can anticipate leaving with insightful information and new contacts to advance their businesses.

AW Dubai

Affiliate World is a renowned conference organiser for affiliate marketing that brings together people from different parts of the world to network, learn, and conduct business. The STM Forum-run conferences, which concentrate on affiliate and e-commerce marketing, have rapidly expanded since they began in 2015.

Affiliate World, which has held conferences in Dubai, Europe, and Asia, is now known throughout the world as the leading convention for performance marketing. Each event draws more than 250 organisations and 4,500 attendees, giving participants a special chance to network with peers, experts, and industry leaders.

The conference offers a wide range of presentations, discussions, seminars, and networking opportunities, all of which are intended to assist registrants in learning crucial campaign methods and boosting their profitability. The conference also has a top-notch marketplace where delegates may network with business partners and suppliers.

The following Affiliate World conference will take place in Dubai on March 1-2, 2023. The industry’s top professionals will be present at this conference for in-depth speeches, seminars, workshops, a range of networking activities, and a top-notch marketplace. This is the ideal chance to improve your networking prospects and advance your business.

For those working in the affiliate marketing sector, Affiliate World is the flagship conference for performance marketing and a must-attend event. Whether you are an affiliate, merchant, vendor, network, technology provider, or digital agency, the conference offers the ideal chance to network with peers, experts, and industry leaders while learning crucial campaign techniques to boost your earnings.

TES Affiliate Conference Portugal 2023

A renowned event, TES Affiliate Conference attracts professionals from a variety of fields, including e-commerce, finance, gaming, gambling, dating, foreign exchange, health, and nutraceuticals. TES Affiliate Conference is an intensive 3-day networking event that was founded in 2009, bringing together experts from the industry worldwide to network, learn, and conduct business.

Since its start, TES Affiliate Conferences have concentrated on giving guests fantastic networking opportunities. Excellent human interactions are still of utmost importance in today’s high-tech society because they form the foundation of any flourishing company.

The next TES Affiliate Conference will be held at The Oitavos Hotel in Cascais, Portugal, from February 22–25, 2023. Participants can expect to network with affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, and publishers, learn about the most recent trends and industry techniques, and expand their businesses.

Anyone working in any of the aforementioned major online industries has a great opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders at the conference and learn crucial campaign strategies that will boost their profits.

Making vital relationships in the industry, learning from industry leaders, and staying up-to-date on industry trends are all made possible by attending affiliate conferences. The conferences mentioned in this article are among the best in the field and provide attendees with a wealth of advantages. Attending one of these conferences will help you advance your affiliate marketing efforts, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just getting started. In order to learn, network, and expand your business, mark your calendar, purchase your tickets, and be prepared.


These events offer unique learning experiences and networking opportunities. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer, attending these summits can provide valuable insights to level up your affiliate marketing game in 2023.

Note: Please check the individual event websites for the most accurate, up-to-date information about dates, locations, and possible virtual attendance options due to ongoing global circumstances.

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