5 Impactful Affiliate Marketing Ideas For Beginners

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Affiliate marketing ideas are everywhere. If you’re a new affiliate, promoting a company or product can make you feel a little overwhelming. 

What kind of marketing technique are you going to use? 

What strategies are actually working? 

Are you really going to imitate what everybody else is doing?

A lot depends on your market.

If there isn’t a lot of competition, you might feel free to experiment with various promotional strategies. In contrast, a saturated niche may need something more unique to cut through the noise.

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Irrespective of that, there are some tested approaches that you can make use of if you’re new to affiliate marketing yet want to make a splash.

In this post, we’re going to talk about five high-impact affiliate marketing ideas to help your imagination flow.

1. Write a review

Did you know that over 90% of customers read online reviews before buying a product? 

Some reports claim that it is as big as 97%. Or, 80% of customers (according to the Vendasta marketing platform) trust feedback as much as personal recommendations.

For this reason, product reviews have remained one of the most successful methods of generating targeted affiliate traffic.

The best part of it? The analysis of the product really just needs your opinion.

It’s simple: just use the product and explain your experience. Simple, isn’t it?

Of course, this approach works better if you have already built a degree of authority in your niche or industry. After all, more people would take your advice if you are someone whose opinion they already trust.

Don’t forget that quality is critical.

Remember: there are many product reviews out there, so if you want to get readers’ attention, it should be well-written!

High-performing blog posts combine experience and knowledge insufficiency. Your articles need to be useful to your followers and provide knowledge that is not easy to find anywhere else on the Internet.

Injecting affiliate links into your content and blog posts is pretty straight forward. However, it is important to note that as openness is becoming increasingly important for building consumer trust, many affiliates prefer to be as transparent as possible to their audiences by saying something like “This post contains affiliate links.”

For optimal impact, concentrate on creating evergreen content or content that remains important and useful to your audience over a long period of time. 

2. Record a video review of the affiliate product

This is another good affiliate marketing idea to consider. Although blog posts are still a classic format for product reviews, the video format has become an alternative for many affiliates.


Not only video is the most engaging content medium around, but it’s also the next best thing for the viewers to actually use the product themselves.

With a video review, viewers are given a chance to see the product in motion. They get to see its dimensions (if it is a real physical product), its functionality, and its practical use – all without being there for real.

A lot of product reviews on YouTube publish stuff like “unboxing videos,” where they open and take a peek at the product for the first time, together with you, so to speak. They might post a follow-up video that actually updates the viewers after using the product, or they might include unboxing and a first evaluation of the product – all in one video.

In addition to YouTube, other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have become increasingly useful to get more video feedback in front of followers’ eyes – particularly if you’re an influencer!

The easily shared design and interaction orientation of these sites make it easy for users to come across your content or find it through related user behaviors (such as hashtag searches) or recommended content.

3. Build a video tutorial or guide

The Internet is one of the best tools available to learn new skills, but it can be difficult to sift through and refine all the information out there. At the end of the day, a little advice benefits even the most experienced customer.

That’s why video tutorials and guidebooks are still popular. Use them in your affiliate marketing campaign, and you’re guaranteed to see the results.

“How-to” guides are also published as blog posts (which are easy to digest and bookmarks for later use or downloadable PDFs. By the way, they work great as lead magnets). However, in the particular sense of the use of affiliate links, blog posts and articles are great opportunities.

Video tutorials can be even more persuasive, as they add a dimension to user experience. Video tutorials can be uploaded on YouTube with affiliate links going in the description box and/or posted to social media such as Facebook and Instagram in full, in part, or in combination with video reviews or other content.

Youtube tutorials don’t even have to be comprehensive. In reality, with a shorter attention span and customer demand for information that is fast, time-lapse videos, or even videos that last a minute or less with simple edits, with only the most relevant information has become increasingly common.

If you’ve been via Instagram for more than five minutes, you’ve probably seen some kind of influencer accounts that concentrate on tutorials – from buying and spending to health and beauty.

Basically, no matter what market you are in, you can use your experience to attract consumers to you and your affiliate promotions.

4. Host an actual webinar or live stream

In the same spirit as video guides, webinars can be highly appealing to customers because of their educational value.

If you’re not sure what subject you should explore in your webinar, just think about your target audience’s desires, concerns, and issues. 

Snowflake startup company

When it comes to consumers who want to buy goods that you’re marketing, what do they want or need to know about?

You can build a webinar from basically nothing. It may be enough to provide appropriate advice and information without any additional bells and whistles.

Plus, you can easily insert your affiliate promotions into your webinar by providing discount codes, limited-time deals, or offers that only apply to webinar participants. 

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Livestreams function exactly the same way, with a focus on communicating. This gives audiences an additional motivation to participate since they can ask questions and get answers in real-time.

5. Publish a “list of”

People love lists, and Google does too. 

Moreover, publishing a “list” can actually be extra successful, as it allows you to promote multiple affiliate deals in one piece of material!

Thanks to the vast eCommerce world, the wide range of goods available, and the paradox of preference, customers have had enough time to decide what to purchase.

Why not encourage them by taking the time to test various items?

You should make a list of things like:

  • Product reviews or comparisons of similar items (“Reviews of the best blenders in 2021”)
  • Associated things that all go together (“Top 10 beauty products for the perfect everyday look”)
  • Seasonal Gift Guides (“Ten Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love”)
  • Essential products for a particular reason (“10 essential accessories for your first fishing trip”)
  • Curated resource lists (“Top 10 YouTube channels for DIY craft”)

You can also make lists of your own product reviews and video guides or lists of your lists if you want to be sly. Wait a second. Well, maybe that’s too much!

The point is you can build and combine content to get people to your affiliate advertisements in all sorts of interesting ways. Keep in mind, however, that converting those sales is a whole different matter.

Reuse, reuse, and reformat the content for optimum impact.

You’d want to squeeze everything you can out of your affiliate marketing activities – and reusing, rewriting, and reformatting your material is one of the easiest ways to do it. Just keep optimizing until you get the perfect result.

You can reuse your content by sharing it on a number of social media, updates and email newsletters, and on your blog or website, for example. Or you can reuse your content by cutting it into smaller bits or using it to generate (more or less) fresh content.

Consider, for example, making a larger piece of content like a long-form video and then splitting it into pieces. Or, make a broad “definitive list” blog post and then split it down into various parts to be published as separate individual posts.

You can format your content by duplicating it in various formats to extend your reach to different platforms and audiences. For example, you might convert your blog post into a podcast – or your podcast into a blog post – to reach out to people who prefer one of these formats.

Or, when recording a video, you could record a podcast to take advantage of both video and audio channels.

Hey, there are infinite possibilities!

Affiliate Marketing Ideas – Conclusion

If you’re a new affiliate, promoting a company or product can make you feel a little overwhelming. Product reviews have remained one of the most successful methods of generating targeted traffic while recording the affiliate product’s video review is becoming increasingly successful. 

Facebook and Instagram have become increasingly useful to get more video feedback, no matter what market you are in. You can use your experience to attract consumers to you and your affiliate promotions by utilizing webinars or publishing a “list” to promote multiple affiliate deals in one piece of material. 

Reusing, rewriting, and reformatting your content is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts. You can reuse your content by sharing it on several social media, updates, and email blasts. Or, you can format your content in various formats to extend your reach to different platforms. Good luck!

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