How To Boost Affiliate Sales On Black Friday?


As an affiliate business owner, you know that Black Fridays mean a rapid spike in sales. However, you are not the only one promoting hot offers ahead of the Holiday Season. How to make sure you beat the competition and get ahead of your rivals’ affiliate campaigns? 

This post will give you a few useful tips on how to turn an affiliate link into a money magnet.

We’ll explain what this holiday means to affiliate marketers and why it’s even better than Christmas, when it comes to rapid sales and impulsive purchases.

What does Black Friday mean for affiliate marketers?

It indicates massive retail sales, and massive retail sales imply massive affiliate marketing sales, which imply a plethora of offers that convert across various verticals that perform well over the holiday season.

If you haven’t already, start building your Black Friday marketing strategy, so that your affiliates will have the time to get ahead of the competition for the holiday shopping season.

The impact of COVID-19 on Black Friday Sales.

2020 and 2021 has been anything but usual, and it’s unlikely that 2022 will be much different. So it makes sense that we should expect some shocks at the start of the ultimate shopping season.

The most significant, yet foreseeable, change will deal with the effects of pandemics on traditional retail. It was, in fact, rather catastrophic.

But don’t be discouraged. Online sales are skyrocketing. 

Those who aren’t going to abandon their shopping spree will most likely do their customary holiday shopping online, and the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend may once again serve as the season’s spur.

What you should think about while planning your Black Friday approach in the coronavirus?

To begin with, the Black Friday mayhem is expected to begin sooner rather than later this year. Because customers are unwilling to queue for hours under malls for health reasons, most businesses are free to introduce deals as soon as possible.

Another significant shift involves the products sold. COVID-19 has increased demand for “staycation-friendly” goods such as household appliances, DIY, and sports equipment, and this trend is expected to continue. These brands are also expected to have the greatest payouts during Black Friday sales.

Once you’ve determined what others are doing and what COVID-19 Black Friday best practices are, it’s time to get started.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Offers Carefully

Make an appropriate offer. Affiliate marketing performance is not only determined by affiliates and their activity. It’s also closely linked to the products you chose to offer. Take a closer look at your offer and, if necessary, make any necessary changes.

Tip 2: Run Special Offers

Take advantage of Black Friday specials. As an example, you may reintroduce a popular item that had previously sold out.

Affiliate marketing will be useful regardless of the type of offer you choose to promote. Assume a blogger or an influencer shares information about one of your best-selling items returning on Black Friday. Potential customers will browse your website out of curiosity before the big day, and perhaps some other products will grab their eye. Remember to allow your consumers to add products to their wishlist so that they can purchase them later.

Tip 4: Make Gift Ideas Suggestions

It’s also a good idea to make gift suggestions. Did you know that 60% of customers purchase Christmas gifts in November? At the same time, only 26% of users finish shopping for gifts before Cyber Week. According to these statistics, the majority of people do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Including gift suggestions also makes it easy for your affiliates to do their jobs. They can direct clients to specific subpages with recommendations and create different content for each present idea category. This solution also expands the potential for collaboration with other influencers.

Tip 5: Plan Your Strategy

Create a strategy that blends your affiliate marketing program with your holiday sales objectives. Start by reviewing your prior year’s marketing efforts:

  • Which channels were the most successful?
  • Which channels did poorly?
  • Which landing pages were successful?
  • Which affiliates had a high conversion rate?
  • What affiliate promotional materials did they use?

Find what you may reuse and what should be discarded. Examine what your competitors have done in the past and what they are doing this year.

Establish specific affiliate commission rates and bonuses. Examine your affiliate marketing budget in light of holiday specials. Consider your program’s commissions, bonuses, or discounts, as well as how they relate to your ROI. Then, if possible, offer special holiday commission rates or bonuses to reward affiliates even more.

Tip 6: Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your Black Friday marketing using temporary sales and shopping codes to enhance conversions is the number one reason behind impulse purchases. Here are a few examples:

  • One-Day Deals: This is the ultimate score. Launch offerings with a midnight expiration date without mentioning it’s a one-day deal. Allow it to sit for a day or two. Utilizing Scaleo to redirect visitors to a new landing page with a different one-day deal when it expires is, of course, your best bet.
  • 1 Hour Deals: You might have a single primary offer that is live throughout the Black Friday sale, such as 20% off everything. However, offer a 50% discount for a certain product or service that is only valid for an hour. Then you choose another product or a different deal, and rotate them.

Consider including a Countdown Timer to indicate when your offers will expire, this will further deepen the sense of urgency.


If you are a brand or an advertiser, don’t let Black Friday slip away, this is your ultimate opportunity to encourage affiliates to promote your offers and boost sales. Black Friday is a no-brainer, if you play your cards right.

Scaleo wishes its clients all the best for a successful sales season and we offer our partners. The use of our affiliate marketing software allows our clients to rotate landing pages, collect leads, redirect traffic, check fraud and many, many more features that dramatically increase ROI and boost conversions.

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