How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Software Solution?

Add an affiliate program to your business

When starting an affiliate marketing program, you may not consider managing it with affiliate marketing software.

However, affiliate marketing software is a tremendously advantageous approach to handle everything from the large picture of your affiliate marketing to the more detailed components of affiliate marketing. Here’s what you should know if you pick one for the first time.

The Advantages of Using an Affiliate Marketing Software Solution

First and foremost, why should you consider using affiliate marketing software at all?

The main reason is that it allows you to automate most of the job. If you did all this work yourself, you would have to manually go through your orders or page hits, track where those hits or discount codes are coming from, and then manually assign those orders to a specific affiliate. Affiliate marketing software automates this manual effort, freeing you a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, affiliates prefer to collaborate with organizations that employ affiliate marketing software. As you streamline the process on your end, it also streamlines the process on their end, so they don’t have to worry about not getting paid or getting paid late for a transaction.

What to Look for in Affiliate Marketing Software

So, what should you be looking for? Here are four things to look for in your affiliate marketing software package.

Integrate Your E-commerce Software

You will, of course, require a system that can integrate with your eCommerce software. If you use Shopify Plus or BigCommerce, you should be aware that your affiliate marketing software can access your purchase and page visit data to calculate how much your affiliates are owed.

There is an abundance of affiliate tracking.

When it comes to affiliates, you want a lot of tracking. You should be able to see who is accomplishing the most for your firm this month, your average conversion rate, how many affiliates are active right now, and anything else you might need. Lots of tracking will result in a lot more sales.

Fraud Avoidance

However, while you should monitor everything that happens with your affiliates, you must also ensure that none is false. To assist you target and avoiding fraud, a high-quality affiliate marketing software system should include built-in fraud prevention services.

Contact Your Affiliates

Finally, simply understanding your affiliates on your end is insufficient. You should also connect with those affiliates and show them how much you value them. The ideal approach to connecting with your affiliates is using an affiliate marketing software package that allows you to connect directly.

Considerations When Selecting an Affiliate Marketing Software Solution

When it comes to software selection, you may be concerned about making the wrong option. Here are three things to consider during the hiring process.

You Have the Option to Change Software if Necessary

Just because you’ve chosen a particular piece of software doesn’t mean you’re committed to it indefinitely. You can always switch to another software application if you discover one that you prefer. There is no need to be concerned about being stuck with software that does not suit your needs.

You will almost certainly require the services of an affiliate marketing expert.

Don’t think that by implementing an affiliate marketing software solution, one of your general sales team members will be able to manage affiliate marketing on top of their other responsibilities. If you want to generate a considerable amount of cash through affiliate marketing, you’ll almost always want an affiliate marketing expert on your staff.

Other Third-Party Programs are frequently linked to Affiliate Marketing Software.

Affiliate marketing software has its product web. Similar to how you may connect your affiliate marketing software to your eCommerce software and reap both benefits, it’s typical to be able to connect additional programs to your affiliate marketing software and reap even more benefits.

How to Pick the Best Affiliate Marketing Software for Your Company

So, given all this information, how can you choose the best affiliate marketing software solution?

First and foremost, you require something appropriate for your demands. Make a list of the specific problems that your software should address.

Second, include your affiliate marketing specialist in this session. Consider using the software as your principal selection if they adore it.

Third, double-check that it’s compatible with everything you’re utilizing, from your e-commerce platform to any third-party goods you intend to integrate.

Finally, sign up and ensure that you enjoy it. Take it as a test drive to check that it works well for your firm.


We want to ensure you get the most out of your affiliate marketing software here at Scaleo. We are the best choice for your next affiliate marketing effort since we have excellent affiliate monitoring, effective fraud prevention services, and a platform that benefits both affiliates and publishers. Get in touch with Scaleo today to learn more.

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