Are you ready to open the door to new sales with affiliate marketing? Use this simple guide to learn how to set up an affiliate program for your website.

How to Start an Affiliate Program in 10 Easy Steps?

It is really simple to set up an affiliate program. We could have possibly condensed this guide into three steps, but we don’t want you to create just any old-fashioned affiliate program.

If you want to know how to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps, read our post about Scaleo and Shopify integration.

We want you to be able to set up an affiliate program that will motivate affiliates to sell your products, so we’ve included a few extra steps for good measure.

Do Your Market Research

Statistics should support any company’s choice, and establishing an affiliate program is no exception.

Looking at your rivals’ actions is a wonderful place to start (check the footer on their home page). Find out if they have an affiliate program, join it, and consider how you may improve yours.

You’ll be able to utilize some of their strengths while improving on their weaknesses.

Evaluate Your Own Website

Even the most skilled affiliate cannot sell things without your assistance. You’re still in charge of your product pages and checkout process; your affiliate program will suffer if these aren’t optimized.

Make sure you’re assessing each stage of your checkout process, running split tests, and monitoring your conversion rates.

We can go over how to set up your affiliate program in great detail, but if your website does not convert, your affiliate program will fail.

Choose Your Referral Type

This is an important idea in affiliate marketing that is sometimes missed. We usually think about starting an affiliate program to make sales, but this isn’t the only form of recommendation you may track.

Scaleo, for example, allows you to track a variety of referrals, including lead creation and data collection.

Assuming you have a world-class sales team that is lacking in leads, you can pay affiliates who sign up to receive a commission by using Scaleo’s integration.

With so many different sorts of referrals to track, you have more control over how your affiliate program operates.

Decide on Your Commission Structure.

Any commission structure is an indispensable component of your affiliate program. This is what will entice affiliates and perhaps encourage them to generate a lot of sales for you.

Some affiliate marketing software gives you little control over your commission structure, whereas Scaleo allows you to tweak every aspect.

This allows you to earn a percentage commission on each sale or a flat rate commission. Continue scrolling down to view the options for adjusting your cookie settings and establish your commission rate.

Choose the Right Software

You want to identify affiliate software that is compatible with the platform on which your website is built.

The finest affiliate tracking software should be able to track and report results from any affiliate network and absorb any form of conversion data. Ideally, you should monitor results from your preferred reporting dashboard, such as Google Data Studio. 

You should also be able to submit conversion data to your PPC channels to automate campaign optimization. You may also wish to create specialized audiences on Facebook and in Google Analytics based on your conversion data.

The best affiliate tracking software should also be simple to use. If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, user-friendly software is even more vital. If the steep learning curve is steep, you may lose time simply learning how to use the software. And squandering time is the same as losing money for entrepreneurs like you.

Integrations are also crucial. In order for your marketing campaign to run smoothly, your affiliate tracking system should be easy to connect to other programs like email marketing or a bot on your own site.

Which affiliate software is best?

Scaleo provides a number of solutions:

You can use Scaleo if you are a small business looking to add an affiliate program to your eCommerce store or a big company with millions of visitors. 

Prices and plans are tailored to every pocket and set of needs.

Scaleo provides a variety of attribution models, including those based on influencer affiliates and those that provide variable weight to different channels in the buyer journey. Scaleo’s fast reports and visually appealing interface give you real-time information about how well your campaign works and how to stop people from clicking on your ads.

How To Start an Affiliate Program in 10 Easy Steps? -

Check out our pricing page to select the plan that best meets your requirements.

Select the Integration You Want to Use

Scaleo tracks referrals to your site and can be used alongside various integrations.

WooCommerce’s integration is the most common approach to connecting to your WordPress site, for example. This will immediately gather all of your product data, allowing affiliates to develop affiliate links and promote your company.

This is not the only way Scaleo can link to your website, so explore the full list by clicking on the Integrations list. 

Build a well-designed affiliate program page

You must start with your affiliate program page because it is the hub of your entire affiliate program (and your promotional efforts).

The affiliate program website is where your potential affiliates will learn everything there is to know about your program and what it has to offer them.

All of your marketing efforts will be directed toward directing prospective affiliates to this page. The affiliate program page will sell the program when they’re intrigued enough to learn more.

What should your affiliate program landing page include?

  • An enticing call-to-action (strong header language that lures people in and, in a few words, “sells” your program)
  • The affiliate commission rate that you provide
  • Is the commission a set amount or a percentage of each sale?
  • Are top affiliates rewarded with high commission rates or bonuses?
  • An explanation of your program’s operation
  • A captivating hero image to pique the interest of a potential affiliate
  • Clear affiliate program terms and conditions are required, so that prospective affiliates know what to expect.
  • Include what an affiliate must do to earn a commission, how long affiliate tracking cookies last, whether the first or final affiliate link clicks earns a commission, what affiliates may and cannot do, and how affiliates will be paid.
  • A link to your affiliate program application or an embedded affiliate application form.

Recruiting Affiliates

We constantly say that it’s not about creating an affiliate program, but what you do with it. You can learn how to set up an affiliate program in a matter of minutes, but the extra effort you put in will make all the difference.

Many people develop affiliate programs. Many of those programs have a wide range of capabilities. The difficulty is that many of them go unused since they were not well advertised.

Set up your affiliate program and ensure you’re reaching out to potential affiliates and, more importantly, provide them with everything they need to thrive.

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business?

Before you inquire about how to start an affiliate program, you should consider whether affiliate marketing is good for your company. The answer will be yes for many businesses, but it will not be the best marketing plan for others.

Is Your Product or Service Appropriate for Affiliate Marketing?

Profit margins are a key issue here. Working with low-profit margins will limit your possibilities because giving a competitive affiliate commission rate will be more difficult.


You’ve purchased the appropriate affiliate software. You’ve also taken the time to create an appealing affiliate marketing program to attract new clients. But if you don’t promote your affiliate program in the right place, all of your work will be for nothing. Take the time to promote your affiliate program the same way you promote the products and services you provide. Investing time in affiliate program promotion is a long term investment in your business. Need affiliate software to get started? Schedule a demo call with one of our managers today!

How To Start an Affiliate Program in 10 Easy Steps? -

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