Scaleo’s October Update – New Affiliates Dashboard And More!

scaleo updates

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update about the new features on Scaleo. We have been really busy the past few months and now started to gradually update our affiliate marketing software, adding some really awesome features to our platform. 

scaleo new update - affiliate marketing software

Let’s see what’s new!

100% New Affiliate Dashboard

October’s update is primarily about the affiliates. We tweaked a lot of what affiliates see and how they can keep track of their earnings and payouts.

scaleo affiliate marketing software

First of all, affiliates now have fresh-looking widgets for:

  • Graphs
  • Offers to Promote
  • Top Offers
  • Performance

We’ve also added new widgets for: 

  • Balances
  • Announcements

If you want to check out how it looks, simply log in as your ‘Affiliate’ and see for yourself. I am sure your affiliates are going to love the fresher looking interface.

New Billing for Affiliates

scaleo affiliate marketing software

Now, the Affiliate has a clear overview of his ‘Balance’ and what ‘Payments Methods’ are available. Here is how you can update payment details:

scaleo affiliate marketing software

The administrator can configure the available Payment Methods and Payout Schedule in the new Settings – Billing section:

scaleo affiliate marketing software

Announcements for your Affiliates & Advertisers

scaleo affiliate marketing software

Another new feature that concerns affiliates and advertisers is adding important announcements to this new section: Outbound – Announcements. This announcement(s) will then appear on the Affiliate’s (or Advertiser’s) Dashboard. 

In our next upcoming update, we plan to add the option to send ‘Email Notifications’ for new announcements. That way, these important announcements will not only be visible on the dashboard but will also be sent out via email to make sure no one will miss the news.

These are just the most fundamental updates we rolled out in October.

On top of that, tons of bugs were ironed out, and we have made lots of other small improvements. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss any important updates and learn about what’s going on at Scaleo.

helloween making money

In the meantime, we are getting back to work so that we can excite you soon again with new and incredible features that we’ll be rolling out in our next major update.

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Elizabeth Sramek
Elizabeth is a Senior Content Manager at Scaleo. Currently enjoying the life in Prague and sharing professional affiliate marketing tips. She's been in the online marketing business since 2006 and gladly shares all her insights and ideas on this blog.
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