Updated: Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events in 2020

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While coronavirus managed to cancel nearly all the major events in the affiliate marketing industry that were scheduled this spring and summer, some are still going to be held in the Q3 and Q4 of 2020. Here, we gathered an updated list of all the summits and conferences in the affiliate marketing industry, that will be worth attending. Without further ado, let’s see which affiliate marketing conferences and events lay ahead of us in 2020 and are worth attending.

Affiliate Expo Updated: July 17 — 19, 2020

Affiliate Expo Updated: July 17 — 19, 2020

Held in Rome, Italy. This is the largest Italian event dedicated to Affiliate Marketing and a fantastic opportunity to meet the Affiliates and the greatest Italian and international players.

If you want to stay in touch with the key players in affiliate marketing, do not miss the latest news, this is the affiliate marketing conferences for you.

Hear about all market trends directly from the best affiliate networks, only once a year, only at the Affiliate Expo. If you come to this sector for the first time, this is the event you need to attend.

You will have the opportunity to learn directly from the best. The networking and training of this event have been for many and will also be opportunities for you to grow and join in an increasingly competitive market.

This affiliate marketing conference will last 3 days and will take place inside the hotel. It will include an exhibition area where the sponsors’ stands and the networking area will be present.

What to expect?

Workshops, speed meetings, aperitifs, go-kart races, and comparison opportunities will surround these 3 intense days of immersion in the fantastic world of Italian and international affiliate marketing!

Moscow Affiliate Conference August 25 — 26, 2020

Moscow Affiliate Conference August 25 — 26, 2020

Held in Moscow, Russia. Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC) connects leading advertisers, top affiliate networks, massive media buyers, famous SEO professionals, and marketers from around the globe. Moscow Affiliate Conference holds presentations and networking zones for up to 3,5k attendees. Expect to see over 250 world-famous affiliates and partners and an impressive afterparty.

AWSummit New date August 25 — 28, 2020

AWSummit New date August 25 — 28, 2020

Held in Mamaia, Romania. Next level of Business and Networking. 

AWSummit 2020 will take your enterprise to new altitudes through proven social and digital strategies, business sessions, and networking. Enjoy the mix of personalities, connect with new partners, or start a new business. Reach your highest potential and stay on top of the affiliate marketing game. AWSummit is the ideal place to reach the people behind the brand. Be part of this annual event, and make every minute valuable. 

SBC Summit Sep 8 — 11, 2020

SBC Summit Sep 8 — 11, 2020 Barcelona

Held in Barcelona, Spain. This is one of the less well-known affiliate marketing conferences because it focuses on “igaming” industry. The event will gather the world’s leading executives, suppliers, regulators, as well as other industry stakeholders, where they will share the most advanced developments in sports betting and gaming of the affiliate marketing industry. It is an unparalleled possibility to reach and network with a global audience of decision-makers, stay updated on the latest progress, and be a part of the latest studies in and around the world-wide enterprise.

The European Summit Oct 30 — Nov 02, 2020

The European Summit Oct 30 — Nov 02, 2020

Held in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences brings together experts from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, betting, dating, forex, health, nutraceuticals, and many others. It’s an intensive 3-day networking event. It will be held at the Vienna House Diplomat Prague Hotel and will be one of the top Affiliate Marketing events in Europe in 2020 that you must attend.

India Affiliate Summit Sep 17 — 18, 2020

Held in Gurugram, India. This year, India Affiliate Summit focuses on the diversification in the affiliate market at the #IAS20 – Unlock the Potential. India is on the edge of digital growth, where the partnership is becoming one of the key modes of commercial and business expansion. Affiliate platforms are getting enormously big, and there is an essential need to find or channeling modern outlets to get an effective ROI.

India has a vast advantage with its’ demographic population, which can be a primary recourse where it can draw the affiliation programs in all parts of the country and improve the outreach of product or service awareness, which will result in profitable results.

What will you see this year?

Having a clear purpose, the India Affiliate Summit is a platform to provoke the true knowledge, innovative techniques, and providing the best methods to teach and hear from the masters of the affiliate business and take advantage of their expertise to improve the performance of affiliate programs and increase brand profit.

PI Live London Oct 27 — 28, 2020

PI Live London Oct 27 — 28, 2020

Held in London, UK. This also is going to be one of the World’s premier affiliate & performance marketing events. The industry comes together to discuss the difficulties, opportunities, and direction of our ever-evolving channel.

All this will happen through a mixture of targeted lectures, curated exhibitors, performance punch sessions and exceptional networking opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to soak up knowledge and ideas from peers and share in the future opportunities that unfold for your business.

With affiliate marketing business models continually evolving, you could be the next $4bn performance marketing success story.

DMIEXPO Nov 8 — 9, 2020

DMIEXPO Nov 8 — 9, 2020

Held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The Digital Marketing International Expo team has been living, breathing, and training in the digital marketing industry for 20+ years. Through Digital Marketing International Expo the key speakers will share their own expertise. Using their broad network of connections built during the past 22 years, specialists from every corner of the affiliate marketing industry are accessible to you in this unique global conference held in Israel.

Affiliate Marketing Conference November 9, 2020

Affiliate Conference November 9, 2020

Held in Munich, Germany. With over 500 participants, the Affiliate Conference is the leading conference for Germany’s affiliate marketing industry. Affiliates, network employees, technologies, advertisers, affiliate managers, online marketing managers, e-commerce managers, and managing directors from medium-sized to large companies from all industries have been attending the event for 10 years.

In various thematic blocks, you get an insight into current topics and trends in the affiliate industry.

Afiliados Brasil Dec 8 — 10, 2020

Afiliados Brasil Dec 8 — 10, 2020

Held in São Paulo, Brazil. It has been considered “the best affiliate marketing congress in Latin America”, however, it is just different. And this difference is made in the networking and the experience lived by the companies that exhibit at Expo Afiliados or the participants that come from all over Brazil for the event. Our speakers are the best in the world, and our networking is “absolutely incredible.”

Canceled Affiliate Marketing Conferences and Events:

Affiliate Summit East, July 27 — 29, 2020 New York City, NY, USA

Affiliate World Europe, July 8 — 9, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

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