We are all aware of the reasons why online gambling is so popular. This is a very easy and quick approach to try your luck while allowing your passion to flourish. Gambling allows people to feel the unique thrill of triumph.

Today, we will discuss an area of promotion for this industry that has proven to be the most effective in recruiting new players to online gambling.

We’re talking about affiliate marketing, ladies and gentlemen!

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What exactly is online gambling for affiliate marketing?

An online casino is a website that offers any type of gambling. As a result, affiliate marketing promotes online gambling and drives traffic to the casino website. In exchange, an affiliate receives monetary compensation based on the terms of an offer.

Who is eligible to be an affiliate? Bloggers who are casino players, for example, act as affiliates by sharing recommendations with their audience and discussing online gambling platforms. The owners of iGaming-related thematic websites may also be affiliates. 

They promote partner online casinos and monetize interactions with advertisements. Affiliate networks can also act as brokers between casinos (advertisers) and affiliates in order to provide services to both sides.

Affiliates’ referral links or banners bring the casino the most relevant traffic. Users who arrive at online casinos via affiliates are considerably more likely to register and make deposits because they are already familiar with the brand. As a result, with the correct technique, a partnership between online gambling and affiliate marketing will always yield a favorable ROI.

Gambling Affiliate Payment Models

There are three basic ways that casino affiliates are paid for the traffic they bring to online casinos and sports betting services.


RevShare is a payment model in which an affiliate receives a percentage of a casino’s net revenue from a referred player. This is a long-term (typically lifetime) model. During the active period of its lead playing in the online casino or utilizing the sports betting service, an affiliate can earn between 5% and 50% of the revenue.

This method assists affiliates who are interested in attracting high-quality clients to iGaming. This method, however, has a disadvantage. The casino affiliate may receive a percentage of revenue as well as losses if the referred player wins. As a result, affiliates will need to assess the risks associated with this model. This should also be examined before selecting this payment method for the online gambling affiliate program.

CPA Scheme

CPA is an abbreviation for cost-per-action and cost-per-acquisition. Paying a deposit is the most typical CPA method. Such a model may occasionally produce flexible fees for registrations or downloads. However, because advertising wants to pay for new regular players, several online casinos do not pay affiliates if the lead departs after the first deposit.

Hybrid Design

The Hybrid model, as the name suggests, is a versatile blend of the RevShare and CPA models. An affiliate earns a one-time payment for player deposits as well as for each subsequent amount made using this method. In addition, if the affiliate continues to bring in additional quality players, its fee percentage may increase with the hybrid payment method in gambling.

Why is Affiliate Marketing in Online Gambling Profitable?

So, what makes affiliate marketing stand out from other ways to promote online gambling? Online casinos and betting companies should cooperate with affiliates for a number of good reasons.

Marketing Based on Results

The days of advertising having to be paid exclusively upfront are long gone. Performance is the sole goal of affiliate marketing nowadays. Your ROI stays positive even in cases when the affiliate receives a large percentage commission. This method also results in significantly higher-quality gambling traffic, delivering assured sales.

Effectiveness should be measured and monitored.

Unlike attempts to determine returns from an iGaming conference or magazine promotion, affiliate marketing income can be calculated to the cent. In addition, you can use an affiliate program that allows you to track and manage your programs in real-time. Your online casino, for example, will be able to see which affiliate site banners or adverts work better or worse, alter payouts to affiliates, and much more.

Brand Recognition

As previously said, in most cases, the affiliates who will be involved in your promotion are well-known in the iGaming industry. As a result, they have their own trusted audience and a strong reputation. They will also aid in increasing the presence and reputation of your brand as a result of your partnership.

Best Online Gambling Traffic Sources

If you want to acquire high-quality traffic for online gambling, you must first learn which affiliate marketing traffic sources are in great demand.

Social networking sites

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social networks for garnering traffic in the gambling industry. Affiliate marketers must, however, determine the best ways to work with these traffic sources. Due to Facebook’s restrictions, an account with direct gambling advertising may be banned. However, there are many workarounds. 

Affiliates can direct traffic to certain programs or messengers, such as Telegram. Social media work can bring you a large, viable audience, even though it is not the easiest traffic source.


Applications are not just a direct source of traffic, but they are also a good tool for converting traffic from Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, the app can serve as a mobile replica of an online casino that is constantly available. 

Another advantage of using applications as a traffic source is the ability to send players to push alerts. Push alerts are inexpensive and can provide significant results.


Some affiliate webmasters can create news and analytical gaming sites on which they can publish banners, native adverts, and other promotional materials. Of course, the gambling affiliate is not required to have such a website. He only needs to cooperate with a specific source to publish promotions for an online casino or a sports betting service.

Platforms for Streaming

It may be YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming platform that allows affiliates to play live games and promote online gambling via referral links. After live streaming, video content published on YouTube or another similar platform can be preserved online and continue to bring in fresh traffic. You may also always find popular video bloggers with a following interest in online gambling.

How to Create a Successful Gambling Affiliate Program?

The most important thing is that your program stands out among the many other gambling affiliate schemes. However, before creating an affiliate program, you need to determine the best strategy to manage it. Depending on this, your gambling program may be administered by an affiliate network, an all-in-one cloud-based system, or a custom-built in-house administration platform.

An affiliate platform that already meets iGaming industry standards and your needs would be the ideal solution.

The next stage in creating a gambling affiliate program is to select an effective payment method that can be easily customized for individual affiliates. Following that, you must provide your affiliates with promotional materials for your online gambling offer promotion. On the contrary, you can develop a list of recommendations for affiliates to use when creating their own creatives. Setting traffic limits, for example, by geolocation, can also be useful for online gambling affiliate networks.

Before creating your own gambling affiliate program, these are the fundamentals that must be addressed. However, keep in mind that the reputation of your brand and familiarity among players will be critical to the success of your program.

How to Find the Best Online Gambling Affiliates?

After you’ve established your iGaming affiliate program, it’s time to find affiliates to commence your marketing campaign. There are numerous ways to form long-term connections with gambling affiliates.

  • Simply include a link or banner to your affiliate program landing page on your main page. This is where most affiliates search for information on affiliate programs.
  • Don’t overlook your current customers. Send an email series encouraging them to make money by referring their friends to your iGaming service via referral links. You can also provide a brief summary with a link to the affiliate program landing page in your email signature.
  • Visit affiliate marketing forums or communities where people talk about online gambling brands and their affiliate programs. There, you can list and promote your affiliate program. It is important to note that you can communicate with new affiliates as well as existing partners through these forums and groups.
  • Request reviews from influencers and gambling blogs. Introduce them to your affiliate program one at a time and strive to establish long-term relationships with such affiliates. Some media outlets compile lists of the most profitable affiliate programs, so list your affiliate program there and make it appealing to potential affiliates.
  • Attend iGaming affiliate conventions. Affiliates and other online gambling advertisers attend affiliate events in order to network and find new partnership opportunities. Furthermore, you can learn about new marketing trends, methods, and technology.
  • Finally, you may find the greatest online gambling affiliates through a partnership with affiliate networks, which act as a middleman between the advertiser and the affiliates.

Top Affiliate Management Platform for Gambling

partner marketing software for igaming industry

Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing in Online Gambling

For successful iGaming affiliate marketing, it is critical to have a dependable technological solution. Perhaps the most efficient solution is to use an affiliate platform that already fulfills industry standards and your requirements.

The powerful analytics capacity of affiliate software is an essential component of the online gambling affiliate program. You must have the ability to examine the effectiveness of your affiliate program’s payment method, traffic sources, and many other statistics by having complete data and clever statistics design.

Online gambling is a distinct industry with its own set of rules. Much of iGaming is dependent on geo and other external elements, such as legal laws and various banking and financial matters. In this sense, the software must provide operators with all of the tools required to configure the gambling affiliate program to meet all of these needs.

With automation tools, like Scaleo, which offers ad fraud prevention and other features, a ready-made affiliate platform should make the process of creating and administering affiliate programs much easier.


With the support of affiliate marketing, you can take your gambling business to a whole new level. There are specific payment mechanisms designed for the iGaming industry. The performance-based approach eliminates big risks while bringing you excellent consumers and ensuring a great ROI. A diverse traffic source will increase recognition and trust in your online gambling brand. All you have to do is establish an appealing affiliate program that will bring in good affiliates. Then, utilizing a dependable management platform, monitor and enhance results.

Last Updated on March 26, 2024


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