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Last week, Scaleo added a SmartLink functionality for its’ clients, and we are excited to share the news and tell you more about the SmartLink functionality in affiliate marketing so that you too will be able to increase your ROI the smart way.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

In an ideal affiliate marketing environment, we would love to monetize every click. What if I told you it’s already possible? What if I showed you how to do it?

This tool is known as a ‘Smartlink.’ 

When traffic is directed to a SmartLink, the user will be redirected to rotate in the background. In other words, there is only one link that a user can click on, but it might take them to a variety of various locations (offers).

The automatic optimization process then often leads the user to “the best offer,” which is determined by the optimization type chosen – for example, the offer with the highest conversion rate, maximum profit, maximum income, and so on.

Typically, affiliates select one offer from a list of offers to promote. However, thanks to this functionality, Scaleo provides a SmartLink that allows affiliates to promote a set of offers. 

In other words, affiliates can select a number of offers from a specific offer list using what is known as a ‘direct link.’

The optimal number of links in one direct link is roughly 20, though some affiliates choose many more. The optimization procedure begins once the offers have been chosen.

Smartlinks will make every effort to optimize each visitor to the best of its ability. This means you may send all of your traffic to a single link instead of creating different campaigns.

Using a Smartlink can help you save time by allowing you to test and launch new campaigns swiftly. While also allowing easy access to some of the best converting offers and landing pages for your traffic.

When you’re new to CPA affiliate marketing, smartlinks are a terrific way to get your feet wet by allowing you to focus solely on the traffic acquisition aspect of running a campaign.

You may be wondering why anyone would run anything other than a Smartlink at this point. While Smartlinks is an excellent approach to monetize low-cost traffic, it does have certain drawbacks.

Most offers and landing page combinations found by Smartlinks have a substantially smaller reward than if you ran the campaign manually. Because you have no control over how your Smartlink optimizes your traffic, monitoring the quality of traffic you send is difficult. Affiliate networks are aware of this and, as a result, sometimes reduce payouts.

One of the most significant disadvantages of sending traffic to a Smartlink is the difficulty in having campaigns approved. The primary objective of a Smartlink is to generate the highest earnings per click (EPC) for every visitor delivered to it, which frequently leads to a lot of the landing page and offers combos inside the Smartlink becoming incredibly competitive. 

Even if a Smartlink does not use dynamic combinations, it is tough to ensure that every landing page and offer adheres to the ad quality criteria of most traffic providers.

Smartlink employs an “automatic optimization” technique to direct the user to the “best offer.” 

It is specified by the optimization type chosen – the offer with the highest conversion rate, maximum revenue, and maximum profit, for example.

A typical affiliate offer URL looks like this:

  • All visitors are directed to the same offer page.
  • Based on a visitor’s IP address, the affiliate network may re-route them to alternative offers.

In the case of a Smartlink URL, however:

  • A visitor clicks on the affiliate URL.
  • This visitor is directed to the Smartlink server, recognizing visitors’ information and sending them to the best converting landing page + offer combo.

A Smartlink uses the following parameters:

  • Which GEO (country) is the visitor from?
  • Which device does the visitor use?
  • What is the device’s operating system?
  • What type of connection is the user using? (Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G are all options).
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It will direct the visitor to the best converting (Landing Page + Offer) for that segment based on this set of information.

The Smartlinks network algorithm will select the best (Landing Page + offer) combination for your user automatically. It sends them based on historical data. Its optimized algorithm then automatically redirects traffic segments to the most profitable (Landing Page + Offer) combinations.

The best fact is that you don’t have to understand how it performs its analyses.

In fact, it is continually learning and becoming smarter as it accumulates more data. As a result, it eliminates non-converting offers while keeping the best ones in the cycle.

When you set up a Smartlink, it can turn out to be a constant revenue stream for you. This is because it enables you to monetize every traffic portion.

It’s a fantastic tool that will make your life easier as an affiliate marketer. You are not required to use several offer links in separate campaigns. You can only create one Smartlink and use it in all of your campaigns.

It intelligently detects where your traffic is coming from and then displays the best-performing offer to each user. As a result, Smartlink ensures that you earn the most money possible.

To begin, the offers will be scrutinized for targeting requirements. Then, the offers that pass the screening process will move on to the next step: to search for approved affiliates and offers. The final filter that the offers go through considers capping limitation, which is how frequently a specific user can see the same offer.

Following that, each offer that fulfills the conditions of the incoming traffic type is routed to the optimization algorithm. Affiliate marketing software such as Scaleo will then determine each offer’s distribution factor and distribute the offers accordingly.

Another useful tip is the ability to select not only direct offers but also categories. Then, when a new offer is added to or withdrawn from a category, it is automatically added to or deleted from the SmartLink.

Direct links work great when you’re starting out and don’t know which offer works better because offer rotation reflects A/B testing, which is done in the background by automatic algorithms to determine the top-performing offers.

The next time you want to do a split A/B test an offer without changing the tracking link, take one offer that you know works well and perform a test on the other two. 

It’s ideal for improving overall traffic monetization.

Scaleo‘s affiliate software is not the first tracking software to provide smartlinks; but, it is the finest, and here’s why.

Our technology optimizes the monetization of clicks, or, to put it another way, the system optimizes a specific goal. For example, the goal could be to maximize the conversion rate. If your affiliates are media buyers, they can place a direct link to the media buying tool they use.

Simply create the link, copy it, and put it into your traffic source. The SmartLink will only display the highest converting offers for your selected factors like location, carrier, or operating system. For example, suppose affiliates do not utilize another tool and instead send traffic from a network to our affiliate marketing software. In that case, they can place the link directly in the ad server as a destination.


Affiliate Software such as Scaleo uses direct links to select the offer to which the end-user will be redirected based on the optimization type and filters selected by the affiliate. The offer that appears may have the highest conversion rate, maximum profit, or maximum revenue, but one thing is certain: working with SmartLink will increase your chances of monetizing your click.

Thanks to SmartLinks, you can make sure your links are not only getting monetized properly (and you don’t send traffic to a dead end), but you will also see an increased ROI and better performance as you go.

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