Affiliate marketing is the best revenue model there is. It is easy to start, does not require a large investment, and you do not need to do much.

It is, therefore, not surprising that many people want to start with affiliate marketing. Not only is it super cheap to start, but you can also scale up infinitely if things go well.

5 Ways to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Wherewith eCommerce and dropshipping, you have to do a lot of purchasing (especially in advance). You can sometimes have trouble scaling up (because you have to wait for a new delivery).

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But, you don’t have these problems with affiliate marketing.

Want to start affiliate marketing too? In this article, I’ll share some very good ways you can get started with affiliate marketing!

5 Examples of how affiliate marketing is applied

In the video below, I immediately give you five examples of how affiliate marketing is applied.

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1: Build a great authority affiliate website

One method that I am a huge fan of myself is setting up an authority website.

profitable affiliate marketing niche
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I believe that this is the most profitable way in the long term and that you will benefit the most in the long term and earn the most money.

An authority (affiliate) website is a site that deals with a major subject, such as the niche ‘losing weight’ or ‘making money.’ You could possibly go even more specific, for example, ‘grow abs,’ but this is already going to a niche website.

5 Ways to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing - affiliate links

You start with a good, short, concise domain name that radiates authority. Think of a domain name like ‘’ or something along those lines. Then you will blog and create content about relevant search terms so that you will get visitors. In your content, you refer to relevant products by means of your affiliate links.

This is, of course, a somewhat short and concise explanation, but this is the bottom line, and in practice, it is not much more difficult than that. You just need a lot of patience. In the long run, read a number of years, you will be able to make an incredible amount of money with this. In addition, you can also sell such a site for a lot of money.

5 Ways to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

You can expand an authority affiliate website with, for example, a forum, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and eventually even an editorial team that will create content for you!

2: Build a (very specific) niche website

A niche website is basically the same as a large authority website but keeps it within one particular micro niche.

the future of online ads in iOS 14

With a large authority website, you focus on several (large) topics of the main subject. In a niche website, you mainly deal with very specific topics on a niche website.

An example of this is that you start a niche website about growing abs. You focus your content on this in particular and only post content about it. Your target audience is as many times smaller than you would target the entire weight loss/fitness/health niche, but your visitors are more targeted.

This makes it easier and faster to rank in Google, and it is easier to promote products because your visitors are already so specific. Your website will then become the # 1 website about ‘growing abs.’ The disadvantage is that you are very tied to the niche, and you cannot really get much more visitors because there is only a limited search volume.

3: Start a review website!

A very simple way to start affiliate marketing is to set up a review website.

3: Start a review website!

Because of this, you will mainly get visitors who are actually interested in the product, and therefore already want to buy. So you mainly get ‘buyers’ to your website.

For example, you can start by setting up a website where you will review products in a specific niche. Think of home gym equipment. You will then review as much fitness equipment as possible on your site. This way, you get an increasingly higher ranking on the fitness articles, and you constantly get people to your site who are interested in buying the product.

They already know the product and only need to be persuaded to buy the product. They can easily do that with your affiliate link.

4: Start with Facebook ads

One way that is often not really taught is to use Facebook to start affiliate marketing. It’s fairly simple, and you don’t rely on organic traffic from Google.

4: Start with Facebook ads

Broadly speaking, it works as follows:

  1. You choose a product to promote
  2. Creates a relevant Facebook page
  3. You create an ad and set up your target group so that only relevant people see your ad
  4. People click on your ad and are redirected to a special landing page – this could be an opt-in or a click-through page
  5. Then people come up with the final product, and they can buy the product or fill in their details so that you get paid per lead

Note that it takes a lot of testing before you make a Facebook ad profitable. In the beginning, it is mainly about collecting a lot of data and seeing which advertisements and target groups work well.

affiliate marketing - Start with Facebook ads

Once you know this, and you know what you can spend before scoring a commission, it is, of course, only a matter of scaling up.

5: Start a YouTube channel

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? After Google, YouTube is used a lot.

youtube for business

You can, therefore, use YouTube to get started with affiliate marketing. This actually works the same as methods # 1 and # 2 (setting up a (niche) website), but then you do it with video.

So you are going to make all relevant videos about the topic of your channel, and in the description, you refer to the mentioned products with your affiliate link.

Note that you actually have to provide value. The more valuable your videos will be, the more views you will get, and also, the more people will like and trust you.

Because there is even less competition on YouTube, you will score more easily than on Google.

Conclusion: How To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, just start, keep working, and think long term.

The most important thing about all of this is that you are going to start something and keep yourself busy with it.

5 Ways to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Try to do a little bit every day; by keeping busy, your project grows, and you keep yourself sharp.

Take a look at what something can do in a year by doing something and creating content every day. Affiliate marketing is a revenue model that requires a fair amount of patience, but it can really work passively for you once it is up and running.

What are you going to do?

Last Updated on August 11, 2023


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