Affiliate marketing is finally out and thriving. As consumers gradually turn from regular digital advertising to trustworthy product reviews for a more well-informed purchase, it’s sure to grow in the upcoming years, and with that, the development of technology to assist its rise such as affiliate software online. 

Numbers from Statista claim that in the US alone, affiliate marketing expenditure is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, a great leap from 2017’s $5.4 billion. This means that more and more businesses are beginning to realize that focusing on affiliate marketing solutions will benefit them in the long run as they continuously plan to expand their enterprise. So, is affiliate marketing worth it?

affiliate marketing statistics

To efficiently harness the power that affiliates bring, business owners must acquire a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor conversions, examine data, and optimize the entire affiliate marketing programs. You can do that by enlisting the assistance of affiliate marketing software. Here are some reasons why you need these tools to make sense of the growing marketing scheme. 

1 – It’s the simplest way to execute effective affiliate marketing programs

Every business wants to reach more customers and expand their market, and every business owner wants to do this in the most efficient way. This is why most enterprises are getting started on affiliate marketing and investing in powerful technologies to help them with their growth. 

With an affiliate tracking solution that offers affiliate marketing automation, you can just simply input an offer into your software and assign a payout for partners if they reel in a new customer or a new lead. It can even go as far as paying partners for each download of your enterprise’s application. 

An affiliate software online is an all-around solution for monitoring, analyzing, and enhancing your entire affiliate network. Whether you’re an online shop that’s looking to become the next big thing in e-commerce or you’re an ad agency looking for a platform that oversees all digital media in a single location, you can rely on affiliate marketing software to get the job done and to accomplish it tremendously. 

2 – It makes managing an affiliate network easier 

Forbes predicts a bright future for affiliate marketing, thanks to its clear win-win situation for both retailers and partners, and if you’re reaching more customers through this, then an affiliate software online is the perfect solution for your company. 

Since it can be challenging and cumbersome to manage a large volume of affiliates, advertisers and creative resources, you need the proper technology to lighten the load and simplify the entire process. 

Each affiliate you have is also a venture operating on their own through blogs, websites and social media channels, so it’s best to have tools that cover affiliate marketing automation. You can count on your software’s robust features, pleasing interface and reliable support team to get you through managing your affiliate network. That way, you can focus more on increasing profit and achieving other business goals. 

On the other hand, if you’re fairly new to the scene, you can read this affiliate marketing software guide and analysis to enlighten you on available platforms in the market. 

3 – An automated affiliate marketing software can help you make the most out of your ad performance 

An automated affiliate marketing software is equipped with solutions that rely on AI to make sure your advertisements online are going above and beyond. 

Let’s say you want to make money with every click on your ad or triple your income, you can do that with your affiliate marketing software’s smart traffic redirection. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for strategies to improve your ad performance, your solution can also automatically deliver alerts and notifications on how to do so effectively. 

You also have the option to skip all the manual work surrounding affiliate marketing through affiliate marketing automation, so you can free more time developing and executing solid campaigns that will drive your revenue. 

4 – Tracking becomes a breeze 

In the on-demand economy, every millisecond counts. Any delay could mean a potential customer or lead loss, and if your enterprise can’t afford that. An affiliate software online can supply you with blazing redirection tracking speeds, with nearly 100% ensured uptime. 

Your automated affiliate marketing software can also save you from extra redirects by directly delivering traffic to your advertisers’ landing pages. Plus, it can also unleash all functions of major advertising platforms. 

5 – Most affiliate marketing platforms have straightforward and rational packages 

Most affiliate software online have simple pricing plans for enterprises that want to get onboard affiliate marketing. 

For instance, if you’re a small startup that’s just beginning to grow your company, you can subscribe to the cheapest package to make sure that you still get affiliate marketing tools that fit your budget and align with your organization’s goals. If you’re already an established brand that’s looking to expand through affiliate marketing, then you can take something a bit more upscale complete with upgrades. If you’re running a complex network, there are customizable options as well as more expensive plans that include all core functionalities that may suit your affiliate marketing programs. 

Some providers of automated affiliate marketing software are also flexible enough to provide the option to charge you monthly or yearly. Some don’t even require a credit card and allow you to cancel anytime, if you find yourself dissatisfied with their services. 

The best ones usually run on conversion-based pricing to make sure that you get the bang for your buck. So if budget is a top concern for you when considering an affiliate marketing software, don’t fret. Most platforms have a solution and package fit for all organizations, regardless of size. 

Affiliate marketing automation is the future of affiliate marketing 

Scaling is vital to any business. Transparent statistics and evaluation, as well as streamlined processes, are also integral in achieving optimum growth for any venture. You can have all this and more when you subscribe to an automated affiliate marketing software that can help you in facilitating, monitoring, analyzing, and simplifying online ad campaigns in real-time. 

A huge number of businesses are beginning to see the benefits of affiliate software online, so try and get started with yours today. 

Last Updated on January 17, 2024


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