Are you tired of bot traffic and want to address it using ISP/Carrier Targeting

Besides the option to target GEO Locations (Country, Region, City) and Mobile (iOS/Android) or Desktop traffic, you can also target your traffic based on ISP or Carrier.

You can find this option at the “Targeting” tab, within the Offer-Edit page.
Simply select “Connection Type” and pick from the available options.

  • None (all traffic is allowed)
  • WiFi / Cable / DSL / Other
  • Mobile Internet

For Mobile Internet you have an additional ability to choose one or multiple mobile carriers:

You can also leave the Mobile Operator (Carrier) field blank. The offer will then accept all mobile operators, but won’t accept WiFi / Cable… etc.

Note: In order to get a list of available carriers, please select the GEO first and hit “save”.
Clicking on the field Mobile Operator (Carrier) will now show you a list of available carriers for this Country.

Why is Carrier Targeting Important?

If you are in the affiliate marketing business, you know that most of the time, you cannot market the same product to all the people worldwide. You may want to target specific counties simply because the affiliate payout is higher, or you may want to address the audience that you know your product will convert well with. 

Either way, this is an extremely useful option. GEO targeting based on carrier or ISP makes it easy for you to run campaigns in a specific country only without paying or dealing with lower quality traffic that does not convert. But, this is not the only case in which ISP targeting can come handy. You can also use it to filter certain sources of bot traffic and ultimately click fraud.

Prevent Bot Traffic With ISP / Carrier Targeting

What do you need to know about bot traffic?

The JS Bot Builder project helps JavaScript developers to easily create and deploy their own bots for use with the Microsoft Bot Framework. I’m not sure what to do. Amit Diwan from Microsoft announced the Bot Framework for developers and his team to learn more about developing your own simple bots and how they work. The bots use Microsoft’s bot framework, but they’re not the only ones out there. 

You can also use filter scripts to block various websites, domains, and users that affect your traffic, recommendations, data, and revenue. CloudLayar works by channeling all traffic that reaches your website through a special filtering system that denies access to bots and DDoS attacks and only allows legitimate traffic to the website. 

Scaleo, on the other hand, has its own AI-based algorithm to filter and catch bot traffic in real-time. 

Some bots use the browser’s user agent, while others try to pretend to be legitimate websites, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Opera. There can be a wide range of bots, from automated espionage bots to Trojans – barebone-enabled browsers. 

How to prevent hackers from ISP targeting?

In the first case, a hacker can prevent an ISP from intercepting targeted traffic data for events and perform a denial of service attack against the ISP’s LI infrastructure. DDoS prevention solutions can help relieve your team by giving you the ability to distinguish good from bad traffic and create the capacity needed to fight large volumes of attacks. 

In the second case, the footprint of a DDoS attack can be distributed so that the volume of attacked traffic does not penetrate the target (s) individually. Although the total number of attacks on data traffic may have been enormous compared to the victim’s resources, it may force the victims to significantly reduce their performance or even to stop providing services. 

With the right mitigation strategy, you can fight off DNS attacks more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

To determine whether bot traffic is a problem, have a look inside Scaleo’s dashboard, bad traffic will be highlighted in red color. If the bots are not real users and do not convert, they are unwanted clicks. Filtering traffic from your Google Analytics account would not affect your actual sales rate. Make sure you find out how much traffic you are targeting in your metrics and who follows you by checking what metrics you are targeting and how long you are looking for. 

ISP vs. Carrier Targeting?  

The first thing you have to decide is whether you are targeting the ISP or the carrier IP. In this case, we will create a filter to exclude all traffic from the filter for your ISP and your organization. Before we overhaul ourselves, there are several rules for dealing with bot traffic, such as rules-based on user agents, provider-based rules, and call bots. We will explore these topics in our other blog posts, so stay tuned!

Last Updated on November 28, 2023


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