Custom parameters in iGaming affiliate marketing are no longer a fancy feature but a must-have base for reliable and comprehensive campaign tracking. iGaming is a complex and fast-paced environment, and staying ahead of the game requires access to collect accurate and insightful data. That’s where custom parameters in affiliate reports come in.

What are custom parameters? Custom parameters allow you to track and analyze specific data points related to your affiliate program.

With this information, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to optimizing your campaigns and ultimately achieving success in the iGaming world.

Custom Parameters in Affiliate Reports

Custom Parameters in Affiliate ReportsDescriptionHow It Boosts iGaming Success?
Traffic Source 🌐Identifies the origin of the traffic.Target high-performing sources.
User Location 🌍Geolocation of users.Focus on profitable regions.
Device Type 📱Mobile, Desktop, Tablet.Optimize for the most used devices.
User Behavior 🛍️Pages visited, time spent, etc.Improve user experience.
Conversion Rate 💹Percentage of clicks leading to actions.Increase ROI by focusing on high-conversion strategies.
Bounce RateVisitors who navigate away after one page.Aim to lower this rate for more engagement.
New vs. Returning Users 👥Ratio of new to returning users.Retain players & attract new ones.
Game Preference 🎰Which games are most popular.Push more of what’s working.
Bonus Utilization 🎁How often bonuses are used.Offer more targeted bonuses.
Payment Methods 💳Types of payments used.Simplify & diversify payment methods.

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Traffic Source

The traffic source parameter tells you where your website visitors are coming from. This could be organic search, social media, email marketing, direct traffic, or other referral sites.

Why’s it important for iGaming?

Knowing your top traffic sources helps you understand where to double-down your marketing efforts. If you see that a specific blog post or social media campaign is bringing in loads of quality traffic, you know it’s worth investing more in that channel. More targeted traffic often leads to better engagement and, ultimately, higher conversions.

User Location

The User Location parameter pinpoints the geographical regions from which users are accessing your site.

Why does it matter in iGaming?

It helps you determine where your most engaged and profitable users are. For instance, if you find that a significant chunk of high-value users are from a specific country or city, you might decide to create region-specific promotions or content. This localized approach can massively boost user engagement and ROI. Plus, it can inform legal considerations around gaming in specific jurisdictions.

Device Type

The Device Type parameter sorts your users based on the device they’re using to access your site: Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet.

How does it fit with Scaleo and iGaming?

Scaleo’s tracking capabilities can help you break down this data effectively. Knowing which devices your audience prefers allows you to optimize your iGaming platform for those devices. If you see that mobile users are more active or profitable, you might want to invest in a mobile app or make your site more mobile-responsive. This ensures a smooth user experience, keeping those dice rolling and the cards flipping, no matter the screen size.

Conversion Rate

The next parameter is Conversion Rate, which measures the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, like signing up or making a deposit.

Why is Conversion Rate so important in iGaming?

Understanding your conversion rate is crucial for knowing how effective your user journey and marketing campaigns are. With Scaleo’s robust analytics, you can easily track this metric and even break it down by various factors like traffic source, device type, or user location. The insights will help you refine your iGaming strategies to maximize conversions. So, if you’re in the iGaming space and want an affiliate marketing software that offers detailed, real-time analytics, look no further than Scaleo.

Average Order Value

The next parameter is Average Order Value (AOV), which calculates the average amount spent each time a user makes a transaction on your iGaming platform.

Why AOV Matters and How Scaleo Fits In:

AOV helps you gauge the profitability of your players. Higher AOV usually means more revenue for each user acquired. With Scaleo’s in-depth reporting, you can segment AOV by different metrics—such as user location or traffic source—to tailor your iGaming promotions more effectively. The idea is to target users who are likely to spend more, thereby boosting your overall profits. Scaleo makes this an almost turnkey process, letting you focus on scaling your iGaming empire rather than crunching numbers.

Customer Lifetime Value

The next parameter is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), which estimates the total revenue a customer will generate for your iGaming business over the entire course of their relationship with you.

Why CLV is crucial in iGaming?

CLV helps you identify how much you should be willing to spend to acquire a new customer and still turn a profit. Scaleo’s analytics suite allows you to track this crucial metric across different customer segments, campaigns, or time periods. Knowing the CLV enables you to refine your acquisition and retention strategies to focus on the most valuable players, maximizing ROI. Scaleo simplifies this complex calculation, so you can keep your eyes on the jackpot—growing your iGaming business.

Churn Rate

The next parameter is Churn Rate, which tells you the percentage of players who stop engaging with your iGaming platform over a specific period.

Why understanding Churn Rate in iGaming is important?

Churn Rate is a big deal because it directly impacts your revenue and CLV. A high churn rate could signal problems with user experience or customer satisfaction. Scaleo helps you track this metric closely by providing detailed analytics. You can segment the churn rate by different categories, like traffic source or player behavior, to pinpoint issues and fix them. Scaleo’s analytics offer actionable insights, so you can minimize churn and maximize player retention. You keep the players playing, and Scaleo keeps the data flowing.

A win-win!

Conversion Rate

The next parameter is the Conversion Rate, which is the percentage of visitors to your iGaming site who complete a desired action, such as signing up or making a deposit.

Why Conversion Rate and Scaleo Go Hand in Hand in iGaming?

Conversion Rate is the pulse of your iGaming business. A higher conversion rate usually means your site is effective at turning visitors into players. Scaleo’s robust tracking features let you monitor conversion rates in real-time and by various factors like source, campaign, or landing page.

By understanding which elements drive the most conversions, you can optimize for more effective results. Scaleo offers intuitive dashboards to visualize these insights, making it easier to act fast and tweak for better performance.

New vs. Returning Users

The next parameter is New vs. Returning Users. This metric separates your iGaming site’s visitors into two categories: those who are experiencing your site for the first time and those who have been there before.

Why New vs. Returning Users Matters in iGaming?
Understanding the balance between new and returning users can shed light on your marketing effectiveness and customer retention. New users indicate successful acquisition efforts but may have higher churn rates. Returning users, on the other hand, signify customer loyalty but could indicate a plateau in acquisition.

By closely monitoring these metrics, you can tailor marketing strategies for each group. For example, for new users, you might employ “welcome bonuses,” while for returning players, you could offer “loyalty programs.” It’s all about knowing your audience and catering to their specific needs and behaviors

Bonus Utilization

The last but not least parameter is Bonus Utilization, which measures how often players use bonuses, promotional codes, or special offers provided by your iGaming platform.

Why Bonus Utilization Matters in iGaming?

Monitoring Bonus Utilization can offer insights into player engagement and the effectiveness of your promotional strategies. High utilization rates indicate that your bonuses are hitting the mark, encouraging players to engage more with your games. On the flip side, low utilization might mean that your offers are not compelling enough or are not reaching the intended audience.

By keeping an eye on this metric, you can optimize your bonus structures and promotional campaigns to maximize player engagement. For example, if Bonus Utilization is low, you might want to reconsider the type of bonuses you offer, their frequency, or even the channels through which these promotions are communicated.

Gaining Sharper Insights with Customizable Reports

So… You’ve successfully integrated custom parameters into your affiliate reports. Now, it’s time to take things to the next level and create customizable reports that give you sharper insights than ever before.

By utilizing custom parameters, you can now filter and organize your data into specific categories, allowing for more detailed analysis of your affiliate program’s performance. This means you can finally say goodbye to sifting through mountains of irrelevant data and focus on what really matters: boosting your iGaming success.

Customizable Reports: Your Secret Weapon

Customizable reports are your secret weapon for gaining insights that your competitors can only dream of. You can filter your data using custom parameters by specific variables such as date ranges, device types, and geo-locations. This means you can get a clearer picture of how different demographics are interacting with your affiliate program, and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

But that’s not all. With customizable reports, you can also view your data in a variety of formats including pie charts, bar graphs, and line charts, making it easier to spot trends and patterns. This means you can quickly identify what’s working and what’s not and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaign performance.

Data Analysis: Making Sense of the Numbers

Customizable reports are a game-changer when it comes to data analysis. By breaking down your data into specific categories, you can gain deeper insights into how your affiliate program is performing. But it’s not just about organizing your data, it’s also about analyzing it in a way that makes sense.

With customizable reports, you can now see the bigger picture without getting lost in the weeds. By viewing your data in different formats, you can spot trends and patterns that might not have been obvious before. This means you can optimize your affiliate program based on real data, and not just guesswork.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start creating customizable reports today and gain the insights you need to take your iGaming success to the next level.

Tracking and Optimizing Affiliate Campaigns with Custom Parameters

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step by incorporating custom parameters into your affiliate reports. Now, let’s talk about how they can help you track and optimize your affiliate campaigns.

Tracking parameters are the backbone of affiliate marketing. Without them, you can’t accurately measure the success of your campaigns or know which strategies to optimize for better performance.

With custom parameters, you can track specific actions and behaviors of your audience, helping you understand what’s working and what’s not. Whether it’s tracking clicks, conversions, or engagement, custom parameters give you the flexibility to track the metrics that matter most to your affiliate program.

But it’s not just about tracking.

Custom parameters also allow for in-depth data analysis, providing insights that can help you make informed decisions for campaign optimization. By identifying trends and patterns in your data, you can adjust your strategies and optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Parameter Tracking in Reports

Parameter tracking in reports takes your affiliate program analysis to the next level. It enables you to see how specific parameters affect your campaign performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for optimization. For example, you could track the performance of different creatives or landing pages to see which ones are driving the most conversions. With this information, you can adjust your strategies to maximize your results.

Don’t stop there.

You can also use custom parameters to segment your data and target specific audiences for more effective marketing. This could be anything from demographics to user behaviors, giving you a personalized approach to affiliate marketing that yields better results.

Optimizing Affiliate Reports with Custom Parameters

Optimizing affiliate reports with custom parameters isn’t just about data analysis. It’s also about creating reports that are easy to understand and use. By customizing your reports to show the most important metrics, you can quickly identify areas that need improvement and take action for better results.

So, what are you waiting for? Start tracking and optimizing your affiliate campaigns with custom parameters today. Your success in the iGaming industry is just a few parameters away.

Enhancing Affiliate Performance Analysis with Custom Reporting Parameters

So, you want to improve your affiliate marketing reports and analyze your performance with greater precision? Look no further than custom reporting parameters! Adding these parameters to your tracking links gives you access to personalized data tracking, enabling you to delve deeper into your analytics for improved campaign optimization.

Custom reporting parameters allow you to track specific metrics and data points that are unique to your affiliate marketing campaigns. By using these parameters, you can create tailored reports that reveal the insights you need to make better decisions and optimize your campaigns for success.

Personalized TrackingCustom reporting parameters allow you to track data points that are unique to your campaigns, enabling you to gain personalized insights into your performance.
Deeper AnalyticsWith custom reporting parameters, you can delve deeper into your analytics and better understand what’s working and what’s not in your campaigns.
Improved OptimizationCustom reporting parameters enable you to optimize your campaigns with greater precision, yielding better results and higher conversions.

Custom Analytics for Enhanced Performance Analysis

Using custom reporting parameters is just the beginning. You can take your affiliate performance analysis to the next level by utilizing custom analytics. Custom analytics allow you to analyze data beyond traditional metrics, providing you with a more comprehensive view of your campaign’s performance.

With custom analytics, you can track custom events, gain insights into user behavior, and measure the effectiveness of your content and campaigns. By leveraging these insights, you can make smarter decisions and optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns for long-term success.

  • Track custom events and actions to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your content and campaigns with custom analytics tools.
  • Make smarter decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using custom reporting parameters and custom analytics today to enhance your affiliate performance analysis and take your campaigns to the next level!

Unleashing the Power of Data Segmentation for iGaming Affiliate Marketing

Congratulations, affiliate marketer! You’ve made it to the exciting world of iGaming. But to truly succeed, you must not only work hard, but work smart. And that’s where data segmentation comes in.

With data segmentation, you can slice and dice your performance data into smaller, more specific subsets. This allows you to target specific demographics or user behaviors more effectively, increasing your chances of success.

Personalized data tracking is the key to data segmentation. You can track user actions and behaviors by implementing custom parameters and segment your data accordingly. For example:

New vs. Returning UsersUnderstand user behavior based on whether they are new or returning to the site.
Geographical LocationTarget users based on their location, allowing you to create tailored campaigns for each region.
Device TypeTrack user behaviors based on the device they use to access your site, such as desktop or mobile.

By using custom parameters to track this data, you can create highly targeted campaigns that are more likely to yield results. And with personalized data tracking, you can continue to refine and optimize your campaigns over time, ensuring maximum success.

So don’t be afraid to get creative with your parameters and segment your data to unleash the full power of iGaming affiliate marketing!

Implementing Custom Parameters for Effective Affiliate Program Analysis

You’ve set up your affiliate program and have a solid group of affiliates promoting your iGaming products. But how do you know if your program is performing to its full potential? This is where custom parameters come in, allowing you to track individual affiliates and measure overall program effectiveness.

With custom parameters, you can add unique identifiers to affiliate links, enabling you to track click-through rates, conversions, and other performance metrics for each affiliate. This data can then be used to optimize the program, identifying top performers and areas for improvement.

Custom ParameterDescription
utm_sourceThe source of the traffic (e.g., affiliate website, email campaign)
utm_mediumThe type of marketing medium (e.g., banner ad, text link)
utm_campaignThe specific campaign or promotion (e.g., summer sale)
aff_idThe affiliate ID number

By using custom parameters, you can also segment the data to gain a deeper understanding of performance based on different parameters. For example, you can compare the click-through rates of affiliates from different sources or analyze the conversion rates of affiliates promoting different campaigns.

Custom parameters provide invaluable insights into your affiliate program’s performance and allow you to make data-driven decisions for optimization. So start implementing custom parameters today and take your iGaming affiliate program to the next level!

Making Smarter Decisions: The Future of iGaming Affiliate Reports

There’s no denying that the iGaming industry is constantly evolving, and as an affiliate, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve. Fortunately, custom analytics and advanced reporting tools such as Scaleo are here to help you do just that.

With the help of customizable reports, you can gain sharper insights into your campaign performance. Custom reporting parameters allow for personalized data tracking, providing you with a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. Armed with this knowledge, you can make smarter decisions about campaign optimization and boost your overall performance.

Optimizing Your Campaigns Like a Pro

Speaking of campaign optimization, custom parameters play a vital role in this area as well. By tracking parameters in reports, you can accurately measure conversion rates and pinpoint areas for improvement. With this data at your fingertips, you can tweak your campaigns for maximum effectiveness and start reaping the rewards of your hard work.

The Power of Data Segmentation

Data segmentation is another area where custom parameters truly shine. By segmenting your data into specific demographics or user behaviors, you can create highly targeted marketing strategies that are sure to hit the mark with your audience. This level of personalized data tracking can take your iGaming affiliate marketing to the next level and drive even more traffic to your campaigns.

Tracking Affiliates for Maximum Impact

Of course, it’s not just your campaigns that need tracking – your affiliates also require attention. Implementing custom parameters allows you to track individual affiliates’ performance and measure the overall effectiveness of your program. With this data in hand, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your program for maximum impact and success.

So there you have it – custom parameters are a game-changer when it comes to iGaming affiliate reports. Leveraging advanced reporting tools and custom analytics allows you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions about your campaigns and programs.


Custom parameters are crucial for achieving success in the iGaming industry. They allow for tracking specific data points, which in turn enables more accurate analysis and better decision-making. With custom parameters, it becomes possible to create customizable reports that provide sharper insights into affiliate performance. By segmenting data based on user behavior or demographics, more effective marketing strategies can be developed. Lastly, the implementation of custom parameters allows for thorough analysis of individual affiliate performance and program effectiveness.

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