White Label Affiliate Marketing Software – Why It’s Important?

White Label Affiliate Marketing Software

White Label affiliate marketing software, who is it for, and why do you need it? “White Label” means that one business manufactures products, services, or SaaS, and another company may market them on its own behalf. Today, we’re going to talk about how this model can be used in affiliate marketing and who can use it.

Although most entrepreneurs may rightly believe that they are the ones who have the best solution to their business problems, given that they are ‘entrepreneurs,’ the solution they come up with may not always turn out to be promising and viable. 

As an entrepreneur, you can get caught up in a variety of loopholes, such as not being long enough on the market, which can make you commit errors that others have already learned and mastered.

This is particularly true when you’re dealing with affiliate marketing. 

Therefore, to prevent pitfalls, the safest way out is to look for a white label solution

Because, why reinvent the wheel..?

But, let’s first have a look at what it is.

White Label in affiliate marketing

A ‘White Label Affiliate Network’ refers to an eCommerce affiliate program where an affiliate markets a product/service on its own website instead of referring it to the original service provider or seller. Like every affiliate scheme, the affiliate is paid on a per-sale basis.

White Label Affiliate Marketing Software

While the name of this approach may sound a little odd, it is, in fact, very plain. All you need to do is put a page filled with useful content (links to online stores and services, coupon and cashback deals, or other common products and services) in your ad room. Users will click on certain links and position their orders, and you will receive a certain percentage of their order amounts or a set sum for each order as a reward.

But what’s the difference between White Label and standard affiliate marketing? White Label is an out-of-the-box option for being an affiliate without any further production of your own. 

The White Label solution also contains the following elements:

  • The Showcase page. This is a tab that is visible to users. It can be lined with items, discounts, or cashback deals. It typically includes all available deals grouped by categories (brands, product types, common products, hottest offers, etc.), instructions on how to use the page, and some content related to the subject.
  • The “Back” side. All deals (goods, discounts, cashback services) are offered by advertisers in the form of XML feeds and must be modified on the websites where they are posted regularly. With a White Label affiliate network, the data is updated automatically, which ensures that the publisher does not need to manually upload product feeds to the web on a regular basis.
White Label Affiliate Marketing Software
  • Support. In addition to technical assistance, you need to be able to offer customer service. Customer service is absolutely important if, for example, you create your own cashback site, as you would have to respond to customer requests for their cashback status.

In other words, if you add White Label on your website, you’ll get a completely featured affiliate store with goods, discounts, or other services. It will also increase your traffic through SEO optimization and become a tool to monetize this traffic.

Here are some of the advantages that will certainly persuade you to ‘white label’ your affiliate program:

1 – White Label affiliate marketing software is fast and easy to brand

Generally, white label affiliate marketing solutions are ready-made and fully incorporated, making it possible to quickly and easily brand a specific product or service in addition. It will help you develop your own brand and identity and get back on the playing field.

2 – White Label affiliate marketing software is time and money-saving

As a business owner, promoting and selling goods and services on your own may turn out to be monetarily and physically exhausting. However, by going for a white label affiliate approach, you can save a lot of money, effort, and time that can be spent elsewhere. Businesses interested in seeking a solution on their own should not forget that creating architecture, planning, constructing, and testing a solution is time-consuming.

3 – White Label affiliate marketing software is keeping consumers satisfied and active.

White Label Affiliate Marketing Software

Customers usually have a common goal; to purchase goods and services that suit their needs. Thus, going for a white label affiliate marketing approach means that you can reach more targeted customers efficiently than the time it can take for the company itself to come up with a suitable solution, as this time period also drives customers elsewhere.

Who is White Label suitable for?

The white label approach would be the most effective solution for large websites with a lot of traffic. Publishers who sign up with Scaleo and opt-in for a White Label solution are websites with millions of views per month. Affiliate shops, discount vendors, and cashback pages put on such sites take less time to get them to the top lines of search results, which means that they start generating revenue much sooner. 

Of course, if the page is correctly incorporated into the website. 

If the page is buried in the footer of your homepage, or the main page does not contain a single link that would lead to it, neither the search engines nor your users would be able to find and use it. 

Ideally, you can make the White Label page look like one of your website’s parts and start promoting it subtly to your users by inserting it into the content. As far as SEO optimization is concerned, it will mainly be carried out by the White Label solution developers.

Apart from content websites, other acceptable ad spaces for affiliate stores as well as cashback and coupon pages are online forums and services. The key requirement is that the ad space is fairly large, and so is its target audience. The newly added page does not encourage your user to go, “What does this have to do with anything?” It is crucial that there is a strong theme-based link between your website and the White Label page—even if that connection is not overly direct.


All in all, white label affiliate networks enable companies to make use of their branding to sell a product/service without investing significantly in technology or infrastructure, in addition to growing consumer conversion rates. At Scaleo, we promote social media networking and help affiliates thrive with our accurate affiliate monitoring tools. Please contact us for more details and check out our features page.

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