Affiliate marketing for onlne casinos – why it’s the ultimate strategy? While there are numerous methods for promoting an online casino, affiliate marketing has proven to be the most effective. 

Of course, SEO, PPC, media advertising, displays, and other offline activities should all be part of the overall strategy (after all, diversity increases your chances of success) — but when we compare investments and results, affiliate marketing frequently wins the ROI competition. 

Let’s go over what affiliates are, what benefits they bring to an online iGaming business, and how to find the best affiliate marketing software for your casino.

Who exactly are affiliates?

Affiliates are individuals who use their websites to direct visitors to your online casino. 

While it may vary in other industries, affiliates in online gaming are frequent players themselves. They typically have extensive experience as online casino users and run blogs or live streams to share their gaming experiences with other players. 

Casino affiliates may have experience in online casino operations as well as knowledge of the other side of the business. Affiliates (or professional affiliate companies) are not strangers to the world of iGaming and are well-versed in its intricacies.

Affiliates build trust among players and attract a large audience to their websites by providing accurate information about the various online casinos on the market and sharing gambling tips and tricks.

They achieve high search engine rankings through skilled SEO, link building, and the use of online forums.

When an online casino operator decides to buy casino traffic, essentially, it can only come from paid ads or affiliate partners, so he doesn’t have much of a choice.

Affiliates generate traffic for online casinos by displaying links and banners on their own websites. They may utilize banners that prompt immediate action, such as registering or depositing at a specific casino. The key point to remember is that casino affiliates attract highly relevant traffic with higher conversion rates, resulting in more depositing players.

Affiliate websites all have one thing in common: they all contain extremely useful information, such as iGaming guides, reviews and online casino rankings, and as a result. They attract users who search for the best casino to play at and then play after clicking the link. 

However, their general approach may differ. 

Portal-like affiliate websites target a broad audience and cover everything related to online gambling, such as AskGamblers or LCB. Then more niche websites specialize, for example, in UK-licensed casinos or Bitcoin-focused casinos — for example, BitcoinBuster or Bitcoin Chaser.

What do they get in exchange?

Affiliates are compensated for the traffic they send to casino websites. There are numerous models for rewarding affiliates.

1 Revenue sharing

Under this model, affiliates are paid a percentage of the casino’s net revenue generated by referred players. Many affiliates prefer this model because it provides long-term (often life-long) income. It is also a good option for operators because affiliates are motivated to bring quality players who will generate revenue for the casino on a consistent basis. The commission you pay an affiliate varies. 

The majority of casino operators take an individual approach. Some valued and trusted partners are eligible for up to 50% commission with no negative carryover.

2 Cost per action (CPA)

This is a model in which a casino charges a set fee to each player. It can be a reward just for signing up, but most of the time the player must deposit and/or wager a certain amount before the affiliate is paid. 

The rate can be flexible for casino operators, increasing as the number of players referred by the affiliate grows.

3 Combination models

As previously stated, casino operators frequently employ tailored approaches to high-profile affiliates. They can, for example, offer a revenue share model and CPA, or even negotiate certain upfront payments in exchange for long-term participation in casino revenue. 

The more flexible you are in your relationship with affiliates, the larger your network will be, and the more opportunities you will have to profit from these win-win partnerships.

Why is affiliate marketing so successful?

Affiliate marketing has several undeniable advantages over other methods of online casino promotion:

Performance-based compensation. 

It is always easier to pay for something you already own than to make an upfront investment with no guarantees of success. Affiliate marketing is entirely performance-driven, ensuring a high ROI. Even if you pay a high CPA or commission to an affiliate, you know your revenue is higher. You receive 100% relevant traffic that converts into actual sales.

Measurable progress

“How do I know which marketing activities are effective when I invest a significant amount of money in them?” You can build a posh stand and send half of your company to a gaming conference, or you can buy a bunch of advertising articles in the media, but how do you know how many players come as a result? You can calculate and compare the amount invested and the amount earned up to a single cent with affiliate marketing, giving you a clear picture of your returns.

Tracking is straightforward.

If you use an effective affiliate system (online casino software typically includes an affiliate module that allows for easy management of their affiliate programs), you can evaluate the performance of various affiliates. You can even monitor your casino’s performance on various affiliate websites. You can use this data to improve your understanding of which ads and banners work best for you and adjust your affiliate program accordingly.

Reputation and online visibility. 

Because successful affiliates usually have a good reputation in the world of iGaming, being advertised on their websites increases the fame and credibility of your casino. It contributes to the brand’s strength and leaves a lasting impression on those in your industry.

How do you find the right affiliates?

There are several approaches to forming long-term alliances with affiliates.

Include information about your affiliate program in iGaming-related media resources. There are those who compile lists of the most profitable affiliate opportunities, so try to publicize your affiliate program and make it appealing to prospective affiliates.

Attend specialized exhibitions and conferences. Throughout the year, several affiliate conferences take place in various parts of the world, with the most well-known ones taking place in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Malta. Affiliates attend these conferences to share their experience, learn about new iGaming legislation, and learn about new techniques in their business, as well as to make new deals with casino operators. 

That is your opportunity: through word of mouth. The more industry contacts you have, the easier it will be to expand your affiliate network.

How do I choose the best affiliate marketing platform?

For doing an effective affiliate marketing for casinos, a solid technological solution is required. Affiliate software should be simple and easy to use for the operator and the affiliates. On the market, several stand-alone software solutions for affiliate marketing can be integrated into the online casino software that you are using. It is also possible to create your own system based on your specific requirements.

However, choosing an affiliate marketing platform that meets industry standards and meets your needs may be the most viable option. Companies that provide online casino software typically create flexible and user-friendly affiliate systems that take their clients’ expertise and preferences into account. 

They are driven to provide an effective tool within their platforms that assists operators in getting the most out of their affiliate marketing strategies.

Try Scaleo – Online Casinos Affiliate Solution

If you are looking to implement an affiliate marketing program for your casino, give Scaleo a try. Our advanced tracking and analytical tools designed for the gambling industry will empower you to manage and optimize your affiliate efforts effectively. 

With Scaleo’s affiliate solution, you can kickstart a successful affiliate marketing campaign and turn your casino into a thriving hub for gambling enthusiasts!

partner marketing software for igaming industry


Overall, keep affiliate marketing in mind when selecting a casino platform, and make sure your software provider is on your side when it comes to integrations. 

Online gambling is a unique industry that is heavily reliant on external factors such as government regulation, banking, and financial issues — which is why developing an effective marketing strategy is not as straightforward as it is in many other business industries. 

With many traditional promotion methods no longer available due to legal restrictions, affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most dependable and transparent methods of propelling your iGaming website to the top and increasing profits. With the right tools and integrations on your side, as well as top partners promoting your brand, you are on a bullet-proof path to success!

Last Updated on January 19, 2024


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